To be without some of the things you want is indispensable of happiness

Being without some of the things needed in life is perhaps one of the components we really need that is so necessary for our happiness.  When we don’t have something, there is always the feeling that we are not doing well and therefore we find ourselves in deep emotional thought and struggle, in an effort to try and chase for want we think we want. The time element is ever present and the actions accompanied in this chase can even lead to a break down. It becomes extremely challenging when a time comes and we realize that it is taking too long to attain these things and maybe we shall never get them at all. At this point we undergo a state of confusion as a result of frustration and this then impacts so negatively in life. However, this should not be the case because in fact when we lack the things we need in life, it gives us a chance to examine our situations in a more sober way, determine the directions that have to be taken to get whatever we think we want, be contented and strike on, focused and happy all the way with the steps we make in progress, no matter how small or minor they are. The condition of being without the things we need is a necessary part of our happiness and in the long term, it helps us to achieve so many things in life, thus making us feel fulfilled and grateful to what life has to offer.


Life has not been easy and lacking some essential basics and resources has indeed proven a challenge. Every step in life seemed really tough on every account and sometimes it appeared like it will never change. But these conditions have helped improve life in ways that would have never been imagined. Those difficult conditions imparted challenges that called for solutions and the urge to do something abut them. Every small success accomplished was appreciated to the best levels and this provided motivation to do even more so as to achieve much greater success. Motivation brought in inner peace, one that makes the heart calm and satisfied such that even when something lacks, it becomes a source of encouragement because of the sure optimism that with some effort, it shall be available soon. This kind of feeling brought total happiness and composure. At this moment it is clear that doing without some of the things that seemed very important was actually very necessary for wholesome happiness.

The result is that life has improved so much and now most of the things are actually available. Doing without them imparted discipline, dedication, focus and determination; a combination of which brought the ultimate happiness that is pure and truly genuine. Life is now far much better with most of the goals accomplished. The foundation of all this improvement was laid in the lack of some of the things that were necessary, those that seemed too important be absent. The happiness has grown even bigger with these improvements in life because every step of improvement comes with abundant joy, gladness of heart, so full of real happiness. I can confidently say that the present status is so improved and this, undoubtedly, happened because of doing without some of the things needed.  This has translated into an improved quality of life with so many improvements and more happiness. Compared to the time when some of the needed things lacked, a big difference is now clear and it demonstrates the power of this indispensable condition in as far as happiness is concerned. It was the best thing that ever ha happened.

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