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We are living in the digital age, when people completely depend on written information: texting, messaging, media posts – if something is not written online, it’s like it does not exist. However used to writing modern-day people might be, the necessity to write a full-fledged letter switches their stress mode on because writing short texts filled with abbreviations does not improve their academic or business writing skills. However, there is no need to panic. Just visit our website, say ‘write my letter for me’ and we will do the rest for you.


Writing professional letters is not your cup of tea?

If you have never written similar letters before, you might be totally confused. For instance, people applying for their first career positions will be asked to bring a cover letter and without experience of writing such letters, they might not even know where to start. Similarly, the business environment involves formal e-mail writing, where the knowledge of conventions is indispensable.

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Examples of letters you will be requested to write in the business world

  • Cover letters or job applications. It does not matter if you are applying for your first career position or planning a job change, be prepared to write customized cover letters that will be submitted along with every application. Although you might think that CV and resumes are more important, this is a cover latter that managers and recruiters are going to read first, so you have to make sure it represents you as the best candidate. As if it was not enough, your cover letter has to be properly organized and formatted, probably according to standards proposed by MLA or APA. Since a cover letter is the first step you take towards hiring, you should also make sure it is impeccable, meaning there should be no grammar or stylistic mistakes and it should be creative, though formal. At this point you might be thinking that your application is doomed and you are not going to get the job until you hone your cover letter writing skills. However, there is a way out! Just contact EssaysService.com and say ‘someone write my letter for me’. We’ve got your back! Tell us which position you are applying for, provide us with other relevant details, and our professionals will create a winning cover letter according to your requirements.
  • Letters of recommendation. These letters are also quite common in the business world. Besides, they are very important, so if a colleague approaches you and says “I need a recommendation letter, can you write my letter for me?” you should do your best to fulfil this special request. First, you should know what to say. Second, you should say it professionally. Third, you should meet the requirements to the structure and format. At least this is what someone you are trying to help get a job or scholarship expects you to do. However, being concerned about the quality of the letter of recommendation you will provide is no reason to let your friend down – just recommend them a reliable custom writing company where they can get a stellar letter.
  • Thank-You letters. Most probably, you have written those more than once. Brief thank-you notes for friends and family members are not difficult to write. However, business thank-you letters, which are typically sent via e-mails, are different. Obviously, they should be formal and they require corresponding formatting. Such letters are usually written after successful meetings, to express appreciation, etc. They are tricky because they should remain formal, sincere, and they should not be ‘pushy’. Therefore, if you do not have relevant experience, it is better to leave this important task to professionals. Our experts have been writing letters online for years, so they know how to create powerful thank-you letters that will impress your colleagues and business partners.
  • Other business writing requests. As people climb their career ladders, they face different business writing challenges, the majority of which resembles academic writing because it involves research, citations, proofreading, etc. For instance, it is not uncommon for employees to submit research summaries, create business proposals, or write memos on future policy changes. These can be either letters to colleagues or major announcements that concern the company in general. Should you encounter any difficulties with new business writing requests, just say ‘write my letter for me’ and we will create any piece of writing you need. With our help, you no longer have to spend days to write and print a letter – we will do everything for you while you are solving more urgent issues.

You say ‘Write my letter for me,’ and we say ‘No problem!’ Our team of writers consists of professionals who have experience in different organizational niches, so they can easily help you with any type of business writing. If you need a draft urgently, you can receive it in a couple hours after placing an order and making a payment. We can meet even tight deadlines, so if you need your letter as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Free sample of letter to read

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We can help you with various types of letters

EssaysService.com offers comprehensive writing services, so we can help you with any type of letters you do not feel like writing. If you have tried writing them on your own but they turn out to be less successful than you expected, do not postpone the task any longer. Procrastination triggers stress and we do not want you to experience it. Simply tell us what kind of letter you need and we will write it to you before the deadline.

  1. Urgent letters. Unpredictable circumstances are inherent in the business world. Such circumstances call for quickly written messages. If your business writing skills are not impressive even under normal circumstances, let alone in stressful situations, it is high time to contact our team of experts. They will fulfill your urgent requests and will help you meet your deadlines.
  2. Political letters. If you are a member of an organization, say a community organization, you might be tasked with drafting a letter to the city council, for example, to express your concern about a new policy. Or you might need to write a petition to the legislature. The responsibility in this case is huge because people are counting on you. If you are scared you might let them down, just provide us with the details and we will create a persuasive letter that achieves its purpose.
  3. Personal/Friendly letters. Imagine you are organizing an event and you have to write a letter to invite your colleagues. Although you are inviting people you know personally, the letter still has to be formal and properly structured. We know how to do that, too.
  4. Love letters. Even though they do not belong to business writing, love letters are just as important because they have a huge impact on your life. The occasions are different: you might need to express your feelings, apologize for something, explain how much a person means to you, and so on. If you want to create a sincere and emotional letter that will accurately reflect your feelings, our talented professionals can help you.

Instead of trying to avoid the task and looking for excuses, just contact us now. You can order your letter using chat, phone, or e-mail.

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