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Before submitting an essay, students need to make sure they read their work carefully so that there are no mistakes in it. Usually, the last step in the writing process is the proofreading stage, but some students do not have sufficient time for this. Additionally, there are students who find it difficult to spot their own errors, which can mean the time they spend on editing is wasted. It is for this reason that many people look for expert proofreading assistance to ensure their papers are error-free.   

How a professional proofreading service can prove beneficial 

Using our reliable and on-time proofreading service means the instructions you provide will be fully taken into account. You may specify any style of citation and give us any other instructions related to your assignment. Your order will be meticulously reviewed by our agents and we will identify a proficient editor to check and correct your texts. Our Editing Department is made up of highly qualified and vastly-experienced editors, experts who are conversant with all the popular citation styles, and who will polish your written work until it is perfect. Regardless of what academic institution you are attending, our expert editors understand what today’s professors look for in terms of formatting, style, grammar, and other critical areas that have an impact on your final grading. Consequently, you may be sure your papers are in good hands with EssaysService.com.


Our company’s website is easy to use and navigate. You should not experience any difficulties in placing your order(s) because our online ordering process is very straightforward. So, if or when you need really good professional proofreading and editing assistance, you are only a few clicks away. We are certain to be able to identify an experienced editor for your particular project because the proofreaders and editors we employ are the best in the business.    

The very first step in placing an order with EssaysService.com is for you to provide our proofreaders with all relevant and necessary details. Please make time to describe what you expect from our proofreaders. Remember to attach or upload the paper that requires editing when you are submitting your order. There are certain fields on the order form that you will need to complete such as your educational level (e.g. high school, university, college, and so on), the topic, and the deadline or level of urgency. Before you place an order, you are welcome to submit a free, no obligation inquiry online or get in touch with a member of our customer support team to find out the exact cost of your editing order. Alternatively, you can take a look at the price list on our website. Make sure you select the right options to calculate the cost of the service you require. 

Once your order is successfully submitted, you will be asked to make payment. We can promise you that we use only the most reliable and trustworthy online payment systems. Hence, you need not worry that any of your personal or financial information will be compromised. We do not share confidential or sensitive information with any other parties. We accept all the main debit and credit cards. Please feel free to get in touch with our customer service representatives if there are any questions, concerns, or issues you need assistance with. You should note that our proofreading and editing services will only become accessible to you when we receive payment for your order. Provided everything runs smoothly, we will notify you by email when your order is successfully submitted and we have verified it. Therefore, you should monitor your email at regular intervals in case there are any messages or updates from our customer service representatives. 

A helpful messaging system

Our professional proofreading and editing service is extremely convenient, not least because we offer a highly-effective messaging service that enables you to communicate directly with our writers, editors, proofreaders, and support personnel. When they are working on your paper, your assigned proofreader may have certain questions for you. In such cases, they will send you a message requesting clarification. Likewise, customers sometimes require updates on their order’s progress or they may wish to clarify something. Hence, you should find our efficient messaging system a great help when you want the best possible grades. 

A mobile-enabled website

Our company always keeps up-to-date with the latest innovations so we have made it possible for students to order papers from their tablets or cell phones. Therefore, you can order papers wherever you are. All you need is access to the Internet to reach our writing, editing, and proofreading services. Our mobile-friendly website allows you to send assignments from your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. Regardless of whether you are walking in the park, or sitting in a cinema or café, you will be able to access our website and our services. 

The option of revision

In the event you buy custom papers from EssaysService.com or use our editing services, you may request a revision at no extra cost for up to two (2) days after receiving your paper. You will, however, need to provide specific evidence to show how we overlooked any part of your instructions. If we receive your revision application in this timeframe, your paper will be revised free-of-charge according to the deadline you specify. Our expert writers, proofreaders, and editors can handle any instructions and we are confident you will be pleased with the assistance they provide. Even if your assignment is very complex and it is required in a very tight deadline, you need not worry because we will complete the work to a high quality standard. We certainly understand how difficult it is to compete in the online editing and writing industry. Therefore, we only hire the most qualified and experienced people and this has enabled us to succeed and stand out from other providers.

Native english-speaking writers and editors

The online proofreading and editing services we offer differ a great deal from those provided by other online companies. Here is why a lot of students have chosen us. First, we appreciate that proofreading and editing should be undertaken only by those who are proficient in these fields. Hence, we vet every candidate carefully to ensure they are able to complete the assignments that students bring to us. Every writer and editor at EssaysService.com is a native English speaker. Each one understands what is required in modern education in terms of linguistics and writing standards. As a result, it makes no difference whether your assignment is a simple essay or a highly complex history dissertation because our expert editors can identify and correct any mistakes, whether these concern formatting, punctuation, grammar, or other aspects. You may be sure that our company only employs people who are properly certified and can easily handle any task. 

Quality control 

We appreciate that every student needs and expects papers that are beautifully written and perfectly edited. To keep a check on our writers’ work, we have set up a team to take care of quality control. These experts meticulously check all papers before they are sent to our customers, mainly to ensure that instructions have been carefully adhered to. We are confident you will not get the guarantees we offer from other companies. We truly appreciate every customer at EssaysService.com and will not risk your academic success. Hence, we want you to feel free to contact our representatives to ask for proofreading assistance, and we will certainly find a suitable proofreader to assist you. Even when there is little time remaining and your paper is due the next day, you should not hesitate to submit an order through our company’s website. Our expert editors work fast but they do so efficiently. With supervision from our quality assurance team, all orders are completed in timeframe set and in full accordance with the instructions provided.   

A fresh look at your papers

A lot of students depend on professional proofreading because they find it difficult to identify mistakes in their own work. Even good writers who are capable of writing amazing essays, term papers, research papers, and presentations can never be certain there are no formatting, grammar or logic errors in their work. Students sometimes re-read their work numerous times and do not manage to spot mistakes. They then hand these papers in and are surprised to get poor grades because their professors have deducted points for grammar errors. Issues like these can easily be overcome. EssaysService.com is the best place for ensuring your school or college performance does not suffer. Show your tutor that you are capable of perfect, error-free writing by outsourcing your assignments to us and we will polish your work to absolute perfection. 

Should you wish to give your paper a fresh look and to have it checked for grammar and formatting errors, you should ask EssaysService.com for help. We realize that a lot of students delay and procrastinate over homework, thereby leaving very limited time for writing and no time at all for editing. If time and deadlines are against you, just ask us to check your work for formatting and grammar errors. We accept papers on any topic or subject (from art to zoology), and we will return your edited paper in timely fashion. We are entirely confident you will be delighted with the results or, in the event you are not, you may request a revision (at no extra cost) for up to two days after receiving your paper.   

Eliminate the problem of grammar errors

Even very experienced writers can be prone to mistakes through lack of attention or because they are in a hurry. EssaysService.com can edit and proofread any academic text. It is not a sign that you are not a good student if you decide to order any papers or avail of our editing and/or proofreading services. It simply suggests you care about your education and getting good results. Some students do not have the time or skills to proofread their own work. If this applies to you, there is no shame in asking our editors to proofread and edit your papers, and we will not disappoint you. Our online proofreading and editing services are very reputable and very beneficial. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can avail of our discount program. This will save you money on future order. Additionally, our prices are fair given the excellent quality. 

We work hard and are committed to our work

You are probably wondering if there is any benefit in choosing EssaysService.com over other providers. There is a simple answer – order once and you will discover why so many customers keep returning. The writers and editors who work at our company are responsible and hard working, and they can cope with every type of project. Every custom paper is thoroughly tested for plagiarism so the written piece you receive will be genuine and we will even provide a plagiarism report if you request one. So you can be sure you will get an authentic paper regardless of the topic. Where editing is concerned, our seasoned editors will carefully proofread your paper so that it is perfect in order for you to get the best possible marks.

We understand that many students do not always have time to complete several assignments simultaneously. If you choose EssaysService.com, you can forget about all these assignments and proofreading them because our professionals will take care of all these elements. Feel free to send your assignments to us and you will discover what a great online service is all about.   

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