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World literature definition states that world literature is one of the most precious things belonging to humanity. Thus, it is particularly important to study world literature as it helps understand the way of life of people, who lived on Earth before. Also, literature of different countries helps learn more about these countries, their traditions, their values, their culture, etc. By reading the works of different authors, one will be able to broaden his or her worldview, learn many new things, and become more mature.

Writing a world literature essay is one of the typical tasks in the academic environment. When working on this assignment, you will need to analyze the literature work/works from different perspectives using the expertise obtained in the classroom. This task is not easy as it requires that you ought to have good knowledge of various literary techniques, as well as advanced writing proficiency. If you have never worked on such an assignment before, then you need some help. In our guide, you will find many practical suggestions that will enable you to write a brilliant world literature essay. Follow the tips collected by proficient experts and boost your academic results!


What Is World Literature Essay?

If you are studying literature, then you probably know how difficult it is to write a world literature essay. To handle this task successfully, you ought not only to know the subject well but also to have a high level of creativity and inspiration. What is more, you need to be interested in the subject you are studying. To submit a high-quality paper, you need to be aware of all the features of this task. In particular, you may need to pay attention to the following things:

  • In-depth analysis of various literary works;
  • Unbiased opinions gathered from credible and up-to-date sources;
  • Critical assessment of the work analyzed.

World Literature Essay Topics Our Experts Can Work With

Now that you know why is world literature important, you need to familiarize yourself with the main principles of choosing a good topic for your essay. When it comes to writing a world literature paper, it is important to choose a good topic as it influences the entire writing process. Thus, you need to select the one that fits your interests. Also, the topic has to enable you to find enough evidence to support your statements. If you lack interesting ideas for writing your essay, you may take a look at the topics collected by talented writing specialists working at our legit service for many years.

  1. Social injustice in Oliver Twist. What are Dickens’s perspectives?
  2. Discuss liminality in Hugo Hamilton`s The Speckled People;
  3. What are the characteristic features of Sherlock Holmes` image?
  4. Analyze the achievements of the Literature Nobel Prize winners of the 21st century;
  5. Discuss the main themes and stylistics of Paolo Coelho’s Alchemist;
  6. Analyze the concept of humanity in Huckleberry Finn;
  7. Description of class, race, and gender in Kincaid’s The Autobiography of My Mother;
  8. The Old Man and The Sea. Discuss the concept of friendship;
  9. In what way did Homer describe natural forces?
  10. Discuss the main characteristics of children’s literature;
  11. Analyze the influence of Mark Twain on literature;
  12. Compare and contrast the concept of the Biblical Flood of Noah and the Gilgamesh Flood;
  13. Analyze the role of the Bible in world literature;
  14. Analyze Birds without a Nest by Matto de Turner and its key themes;
  15. How did the events of World War II influence world literature?
  1. Discuss the Motherhood themes in World Literature;
  2. Investigate the concepts of guilt and judgment in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter;
  3. Analyze the Outsider by Albert Camus;
  4. Why the works of William Shakespeare are still popular in the 21st century?
  5. Analyze the Journey motif in world literature;
  6. Compare and contrast Achilles from Iliad and Gita from Gilgamesh;
  7. Discuss the influence of Clarisse on Montag in Fahrenheit 451;
  8. What makes Homer`s stories so powerful?
  9. Discuss the influence of Frankenstein on world literature;
  10. Analyze the popularity of Fyodor Dostoevsky in world literature;
  11. Discuss religious controversies in John Milton’s Paradise Lost;
  12. Analyze the main themes uncovered in Othello;
  13. The concept of the individual identity in Post-World War II German literature;
  14. Discuss the main themes of The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World by Nawal El Saadawi;
  15. What are the problems conveyed in The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald?

We are confident that our topics will help you create only the first-class world lit papers, which will bring you the best grades. You have to realize that world literature is particularly important for understanding the actions, words, and ideas of other people. By reading more works, you will be able to increase your vocabulary and improve your critical thinking. So, do not be afraid of writing about world literature. By applying a considerable amount of time and effort, this process can be very enjoyable and hassle-free.

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How to Write a World Literature Essay?

Let us have a closer look at the step-by-step guide that will help you organize the writing process in a proper way:

  • Select an appropriate topic for your paper. If your teacher has provided you with a list of topics to choose from, we strongly recommend you focus a subject you are passionate about. Such an approach will enable you to get emotional pleasure from the writing process. After you have chosen a good topic, you may move to the next stage;
  • Collect enough materials for writing your paper. No matter what topic you are uncovering in your paper, you need to back up your ideas with appropriate evidence. It will add accuracy to your work;
  • Pay attention to the history of your work. By giving your work a historical basis, you will need to focus on political, cultural, or social aspects;
  • Create an outline before you start working on your paper. A well-structured outline will greatly facilitate the writing process. Think about the issues you are going to discuss in your paper and put them in your outline in a logical order;
  • Make sure to explain your opinion. Even if your paper includes appropriate evidence from outside sources, you ought not to be afraid to provide your personal opinion about the work as it will demonstrate your understanding of the subject under study, as well as your creative thinking. What is more, to support your ideas, you will need to include textual evidence from the primary source. Do not forget to cite the quotes in accordance with the formatting style requested;
  • Follow the prompt. Most probably, your tutor will provide you with a prompt and a grading rubric. To bring you a good grade, your write-up is to follow the prompt precisely;
  • Make sure to review your paper before its submission. After your draft is ready, you need to review it to double-check if it is free from logical inconsistencies and other flaws.
  • By following the suggestions mentioned above, you will be able to create high-quality papers. We strongly recommend you practice a lot in writing about the well-known masterpieces of world literature as it will boost your writing capacity.

World Literature Essay Structure

The structure of a world literature essay, as well as many other pieces of academic writing, includes three main elements.

  1. Introduction. The main purpose of an introduction is to present the topic to the reader and provide him or her with the appropriate background information. Additionally, you need to include a central idea of your work, which is called a thesis statement.
  2. Body paragraphs. In the main body of your paper, you are to provide a thorough analysis of your topic paying attention to every single detail. This part ought to comprise several paragraphs and each of them is to uncover the sub-topic related to a thesis statement. The way your main body is written and structured depends on the essay type required. For instance, in a persuasive essay, you will need to develop convincing arguments whereas a compare and contrast essay has to explore the key similarities and differences between two or more literary works.
  3. Conclusion. In the final part of your essay, you will need to wrap up your analysis by summarizing the main issues discussed. A good conclusion is always brief but powerful as it has to make a good impression on the target audience.
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