Technical topics for essay writing: Show how modern you are!

No matter how proficient you are at the subject, you may still need some inspiration and even help with the technical topics for essay writing. A list that we have prepared will serve as a valuable assistance to those who want to stand out among the other students and excel in their studies.

Students frequently opt for those technical topics for essay writing that are related to their usual life, and that is a great approach as it makes writing more comprehensible and exciting both for a writer and readers.

  1. The environment undergoes continuous damage caused by numerous factors, and global improvement in the living standards is one of the key aspects.
  2. Has Internet got the capacity of bringing the users closer to each other?
  3. Is life getting more convenient due to modern technology? Did simpler technologies of the past use to make life of people better or worse?
  4. Is there any need in language learning? The ability of computers to translate texts is getting better, so do the children have to study languages at all?
  5. Are there any changes in the working practices and rules at work, which have been caused by information technology in the last ten years?
  6. People are getting more and more dependent on online technologies and gadgets. Can you define this dependence on the Internet and technologies as positive or negative? Explain both the advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Can people exist without mass media and TV?
  8. What are the benefits and negative consequences of using nuclear power?
  9. Communication has become much easier with the development of technology; however, the area of personal contacts has suffered a lot. Nowadays, face-to-face communication is being gradually destroyed by on-screen communication.
  10. Is there a threat that web technologies and networks will replace all kinds of printed media and turn into the only source of information?
  11. Living in a technological present-day world, do you believe that there are certain long-term effects of that? Are the consequences only positive or only negative?
  12. Is the world of modern under-12-year-old children different from the one the present-day college students used to have? What are the differences, and what is their effect on the children?
  13. Is there any modern technology that has a great potential of resolving global problems?
  14. Can social media create problems?
  15. Can social media resolve problems?
  16. Do you think that the tendency of monitoring the access of the citizens to the Internet in China use of social media by the government will remain?
  17. Can cell phones, social media, use of the Internet resources and texting decrease or increase the world? How?
  18. Present a list of implications of the growing globalization tendencies through the use of technologies to the economy all over the world?
  19. Changes in the world of technology are so quick that the technologies, computers, and the used software tend to have more and more technical problems and glitches. What can be done to that?
  20. Is interaction with machines impacted by the peculiar features of social interactions?
  21. Is genetically engineering fine from the perspective of morality?
  22. How can technological progress modify the world for the better?
  23. Is modern school influenced by the digital learning?
  24. Is censorship necessary for the Internet?
  25. Can productivity be improved with the help of digital tools?
  26. Is there any negative effect of new technologies on the humanity?
  27. What will life be like in ten years?
  28. Do you think that implantation of chips under the skin is a good idea?
  29. Can global problems be addressed via video gaming?
  30. Should people of different continents and countries of the world have the same access to information and technological progress?
  31. Is the work of computer different from that of human brain?
  32. Genetically modified food vs. organic food: what is better?
  33. Books vs. blogs
  34. Intelligence: how can it be boosted?
  35. What is the future of the next digital generation?
  36. How is attention of younger generation impacted by Google?
  37. Can modern entertainment sphere be without technology now?
  38. DNA for storage: what are the ethical arguments against it?
  39. Is enormous storage of information a benefit for the humanity?
  40. Can computers think? Will they get more functions in the near future?
  41. Do you think that building robots is a good idea?
  42. Is Google choice of information always the one you need?
  43. Does Wikipedia and websites like that require regulation of content?
  44. Do young people need to learn how to do traditional research today?
  45. Media use: should parents and teachers encourage it?
  46. Digital reading vs. printed sources of information
  47. Reading: does it change in the age of digital information?
  48. Google search: does it change us?
  49. Should the system of teaching undergo changes nowadays?
  50. Will means of travelling remain the same in the near future?

Do not forget that a technology paper should always include a lot of evidence, examples, and details. Some technical topics for essay writing require a lot of skills to be covered fully, while others are much easier. So, it is up to you to decide which one to choose.

A wide range of technical writing essay topics amazes and you will never be at a loss which of the topics to take. The only concern of yours may be that you would find it difficult to decide on only one of them.

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