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The National Honor Society (also known by the abbreviation of NHS) is one of the largest nationwide institutions for high school students. The organization has a considerable influence on many high schools across the country as it has its department in virtually every high school. For high school students, it has become really prestigious to be a part of the Society’s programs. As such, the membership in NHS is strongly valued. Only the most successful students are accepted to the National Honor Society. NHS essay tips provided by our professional writers will prove to be beneficial for many students as they need to write specific essays to be enrolled.

On the whole, enrollment of candidates is based on such criteria as:

  1. Academic record and the overall academic accomplishments;
  2. Leadership and team work skills;
  3. Service (particularly participation in the civic service);
  4. Characteristic traits.

As you see, to become a full-fledged member of the Society, it is important to be enrolled in a specific service in your community, at school or other institutions. As such, the candidate wanting to enroll in the Society and get a membership should demonstrate that he/ she is not only a bright student but also an active citizen. If you look through the information about the NHS provided on the Internet, particularly browse about the membership and the Society’s participants, you will find out that all of them actively participate in the civic life and help their communities, schools, and other institutions. To become a member of the NHS, a student is required to submit an NHS application essay, outlining the reasons and motifs of wanting to join the NHS. Moreover, a student should clearly pinpoint to why he/ she deserves being accepted.

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NHS essay tips: Strategies on how to succeed in writing

  1. One of the most fundamental NHS essay ideas is to emphasize that you meet the requirements of the Society and can be accepted as one of the candidates. Therefore, you have to provide justification for your claims to make sure you have vividly discussed all your strengths.
  2. Highlight on your academic success. Particularly, provide relevant information about your academic report and other accomplishments. If you have been engaged in some preparation courses, you can indicate this information as well. Make sure to mention your grade point average.
  3. The next strict requirement when writing your National Honor Society essay is to be honest and provide only credible information about yourself. Therefore, mention only your real accomplishments. Moreover, focus on your personal characteristics. The admission committee will be definitely eager to know what interests you have, what skills you possess, what experience you have, etc.
  4. Place a particular focus on your leadership skills. Apart from merely mentioning that you possess leadership skills and know how to lead, organize, and manage a team, pinpoint to how exactly you did it in specific circumstances. Moreover, emphasize on the core skills and knowledge you have obtained from your leadership experience or interaction with others.
  5. One of the NHS application essay tips that will help you achieve success in writing is to pay attention to your personal qualities and pinpoint to your strong character and resilience. You need to underline what personal qualities make you fit the position and what will change if you are enrolled in the NHS.
  6. The core points your admission committee are interested in are your personal experience. Therefore, if you could provide a clear description of your experience of being enrolled in some civic membership, it would be definitely a huge plus to your essay. If you have been working at a specific organization, please indicate what exactly. Moreover, mention what projects you managed or took part in.
  7. It is your choice whether to work hard on the development of a logical and concise NHS essay structure. Still, you should realize that your essay should be comprehensible and easy to read.
  8. If you have sufficient time, try to write your paper in drafts. This approach to writing will ensure that you will provide a successful paper since you will be able to revise, edit, and proofread it carefully.

On the whole, there is no single algorithm or strategy how to write a successful NHS essay but all the abovementioned tips aim at helping you succeed.

NHS essay tips on proper paragraph organization

I. National honor society essay introduction

It is always hard to start. However, it is essential to overcome your procrastination if you want to succeed. Very often, the main reason why many students fail their essays is because they do not have sufficient time to work on them. Therefore, overcome the fear of the blank page and just start writing. When working on your introduction, make sure you can attract attention of your target audience. Therefore, start with some quote, a funny or controversial fact or some shocking claim. Before switching over to the development of body paragraphs, make sure you finish the introduction with a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement.

If you do not know what to start with and what background information is worth including, start with the very climax of your personal story. This way you will surely maintain your readers’ attention. Among the commonly known hooks are questions, quotes, statistics, as well as numerical data.

II. National honor society essay main body

When you are writing the NHS essay, make sure you base your body paragraphs on the following four pillars of NHS essay:

  • The excellence in attaining scholarships and your overall academic accomplishments should demonstrate that your GPA is not less than 3.0 out of 4.0. As such, your application package should contain your school transcript. Besides, when developing the essay, it is advisable to discuss what subjects caused you trouble and how you overcame it. To highlight your academic excellence, you can mention your experience of tutoring younger students and helping them with their classes.
  • Emphasize what community service experience you had and in what way it contributed to the development of your professional and personal qualities. You can illustrate specific experiences of yours as well as provide some letters of reference from your counterparts, supervisors, colleagues, etc.
  • Exhibit your leadership skills, particularly how well you can organize some work or lead some process. Moreover, pay specific attention to problem-solving skills and in what cases you used them. Be specific when providing examples. It is essential that you describe them in detail and provide as much information about your experience as possible.
  • Discuss your disciplinary record. It is particularly important to pinpoint on your reliability, honesty, politeness, and respectfulness. It is also necessary to mention specific cases where you demonstrated your virtues.

III. National honor society essay conclusion

Your closing paragraph should not be lengthy. It is important that you pinpoint to the already mentioned facts and re-emphasize the most important ones. Be sure not to introduce any new information but to restate your main findings. Highlight once again why you are the one worth of being chosen for the enrollment. State precisely what will change when you become a member of the NHS Society. Pinpoint to how the membership of the NHS will impact your life, particularly what spheres will be influenced and in what way. Make sure that there is no “So what?” question left once you have written the essay.

Hopefully, the tips proved to be beneficial for you and they will help you provide a high-quality NHS essay.

NHS sample essay

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