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Many students need professional help with motivation letter writing since they do not have the faintest idea how to provide a motivation letter for college or university admission. First and foremost, it is essential to know what a motivation letter is. It is otherwise known as the statement of purpose and while writing it you need to describe your expertise and competence in a specific research field. Besides, you need to clearly identify your personal motivation for entering your chosen institutional affiliation and studying at a specific faculty. Preferably, it is important not only to state why you want to enter but also provide reasoning how you can benefit the academic life of your chosen educational establishment.

A motivational letter is one of the most popular formal pieces of writing you have created so far. Therefore, it is a must that a student spends sufficient amount of time on its thorough preparation. The document is decisive in that your enrolment to the university greatly depends on it. It will be the motivation letter that will decide whether you will be accepted or rejected in your chosen academic institution.


How to write a motivation letter

A motivation letter should include important and relevant details about your personality in relation to your academic achievements, soft and hard skills, and career plans. As it is a motivation letter, there should be clearly identified motivation for entering a specific institutional affiliation. All the details that you provide about yourself should be true and interesting. If there are specific requirements for getting accepted to the university, you need to make sure you connect the narration about yourself to those specific demands, thus pinpointing that you are the one who suits best. As you see, it can be really tough and challenging to present yourself in the best light, so if you face difficulties writing a letter of motivation, be sure that you can rely on expert help with motivation letter writing. Even if you are a bright student, you do not need to be ashamed of the fact that you seek professional academic writing help. The paper is very serious, so it is perfectly understandable that you need some expert support to be sure you succeed.

Tips on motivation letter writing

Help with motivation letter writing: What to consider when writing

  • Do not repeat the information that was already mentioned in the CV, resume or application form. It is tiresome for admission officers to read the same information in different documents. Therefore, make sure you present different information in different documents according to the document specifics.
  • Try to evaluate your motivation letter from the perspective of the admission committee. If you were in their shoes, what soft and hard skills would you look for? What character traits would you value most?
  • Before writing, make sure you thoroughly study the university specifics. Make sure that you maintain focus of your writing depending on what the university faculty is looking for.
  • Carefully think what benefits you will gain if you were enrolled in the university. Formulate exactly why you are motivated to attend the courses.
  • Make a clear and appealing introduction: if your admission committee is not impressed by it, they would not read the motivation letter further regardless of the fact how great it is.
  • Do not get overexcited with willing to include too many points in the letter. Do not try to cover all the strengths you have. Check which of them are related to your specialty. Do not try to make an impression that you are making everything possible to let the committee like you.
  • Share something personal about yourself, such as your interests, hobbies, feelings or emotions about something. Do not elaborate on this aspect but mention it briefly. Try to correlate this information with the requirements of your program.
  • Do not appeal to humor too much. It is important to sound positive but there is no need to utilize humor in every sentence.
  • Do not try to pretend you are some other person. Be natural in what you narrate about yourself and how you do it.

It will be really easy for the admission committee to spot such things. So, instead of trying to live the life of someone else, try to present a vivid picture of who you are and why you want to enter the university.If you have a list of questions you need to cover in the motivation letter, make sure you address each of them. Try not to include any irrelevant or unnecessary information – discuss only the facts you are required.

Do not write your personal statement overnight – if you want to achieve good results and be accepted in the university, make sure you pay sufficient amount of time to work on the motivation letter. Make sure you compose a letter in such a way that it brings the admission committee to your personality.

If it happened that you did not manage to devote yourself enough time for writing, use help of a motivation letter writing service. For example, our service specializes in motivation letters writing, so you can always rely on experts’ help if you cannot cope with the assignment on your own. Just provide your writer with the basic information about yourself and what you would like to include in the letter. can also send you a cover motivation letter example if you want to double-check how well the writers can cope with the task.

Proofread the paper carefully – editing and proofreading are a must. First, do it on your own, but afterwards make sure you seek professional help from someone else, whose suggestions and opinions you value. As an option, you can also seek expert online help from professional academic writers and editors. Professionals in editing will definitely spot even the slightest grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes or other sentence inaccuracies. That is why, to succeed, it is crucial to let someone see the paper with fresh sight.

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Free motivation letter sample to read

How to differentiate a cover letter from a motivation letter?

Despite the fact that they are similar in structure, they have different aims. Motivation letters are written mainly in academic or educational realms, so there exists a variety of motivational letters. For example, one may be required to write a motivation letter for getting scholarship, being enrolled at a college or university or getting internship.

On the contrary, cover letters are mainly used when you are applying for a job. This letter is usually sent as an extra to your CV. In a cover letter, one is required to describe his/ her qualifications and professional achievements.

When you are writing a motivation letter, you provide more solid reasons and justifications as to why you should be enrolled in a university. It is a kind of a supplementary document where you provide more descriptive text about your academic worth as well as qualifications.

When it comes to the process of application, a motivation letter is third most important document within the document package. As a rule, when you are applying for university acceptance, there are a lot of students with the same or similar qualifications to yours, so you need to make it clear why particularly you should be chosen.

Apart from the generally required qualifications and skills, universities are interested in selecting those candidates that have other strengths and soft skills apart from the basic ones. Admission officers are looking for particular leadership skills, ability to work in a team as well as individually, and others.

So, never underestimate the importance of writing a motivation letter. Give yourself enough time for that in order to make a letter of exceptional quality. Follow the aforementioned tips and you will definitely succeed.

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