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The one who chooses to apply to Boston University is an ambitious and wise person. A degree from this respected educational institution opens up a plethora of career opportunities and job offers. But first, you should be admitted to BU. And an impressive Boston University essay is a must if you want to be successful from the very beginning of your educational journey.

On this page, you will find a great Boston University sample essay that will inspire you and give you an overall idea of how this document should be written. Also, our professional writers provide admission essay question explanations to help you stay on the right track and prevent you from writing about something that will hurt your image as a prospective student. Read on to find out how to write a great BU application paper or a supplemental text and where to buy a Boston University essay of high quality.


BU Essay Question Explanations From Expert Writers

What About Studying at Boston University Excites You Most?

You have probably already understood that this is a classic ‘why’ essay. When writing it, you should pursue two aims: to show your commitment to the chosen school and to talk about what interests you most in terms of studying. Thus, make sure to spend enough time carefully studying the school’s website. This should be mini research about the University, the main principles of its work, cultural and social values, etc. You have to answer only one question posed by BU. So, this is your only chance to impress the committee with your Why Boston University essay. While browsing the website, write down the main info about all the aspects of students’ life. Who are the most popular and respected professors? What do students say about the classes? You may also find several clubs that interest you. In your paper, use this info to show the admissions officer what interests you most and how this university will help you develop your talents and skills. Still, you should write only about the most important things. The paper is supposed to be not longer than 250 words. 

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Additional Info (Optional): What Additional Materials Can Be Submitted

This section is also referred to as Boston University supplemental essay. Here, you should resist the temptation to provide one more essay about your aspirations. The admissions officer may not even take a short glance at this paper if it is too long or off-topic. This section is introduced to allow students to speak about any red flags and other issues in their academic history. This is literally an opportunity to show that a few bad grades or a misdeed included in your disciplinary history doesn’t define you. Adding this section the university wants to make sure a good applicant with minor issues in academic history won’t miss the chance to study there. Most applicants should leave this field blank. Those who need to address some issues in their academic past or students with outstanding achievements should use this space. That being said, this supplemental essay should not be a ‘second thought’. It should present you in a new light, proving that you are a good person and student.

There aren’t many Boston University supplemental essay examples on the web as the information provided in such pieces is very personal and differs from student to student. If there are some average grades in your academic history, you may use this opportunity to explain what has led to your academic troubles. Maybe you had to look after your grandpa who was struggling with an illness, and this kept you from taking more rigorous subjects during the year. Or you may have encountered difficulties in an introductory course, which have motivated you to study hard in the future. Life is life, and you may have encountered all kinds of troubles. Now your task is to present them as your story of perseverance and outstanding resilience. Tell the committee about the lessons learned and how they made you a better person.

There is also another group of students who may benefit from this additional section. These are those who have impressive academic achievements, awards, and outstanding scientific publications. The additional materials you want to submit should be attention-grabbing and impressive.

To get a complete picture of what to write, check the Boston University essay prompt provided by our professional custom writers.

Boston University Sample Essay

There are many financial, social, and private circumstances that motivate people to transfer to other schools, colleges, and universities. Despite the fact that many students support the idea that transferring to a new higher educational establishment is a wrong idea, I believe that transferring to Boston University can continue my long journey on the way to my cherished dream. I have made a decision to transfer to Boston University because I believe that this research university is the smartest choice I can make.

I have decided to transfer to Boston University in order to switch my major to biochemistry. After graduating from high school I made a decision to attend courses at Saint Louis University. However, after the first semester, I took several “gap periods” because I served in the U.S. military and after that, I worked for almost one year at LG Electronics in Seoul. Later, I came back to in order to continue my education. As I returned too late, I did not have enough time to become a student at Boston University. I studied at a small private college but I would really appreciate the opportunity to study at Boston University as this establishment can provide me with unique and unparalleled opportunities. I am convinced that Boston University has justified its reputation long ago because this establishment is included in the list of the most prestigious and recognized universities around the globe. Moreover, this educational establishment offers significant amounts of programs that meet the expectations and dreams of many students who want to immerse themselves in the sphere of science. An interactive and dynamic curriculum gives a chance to every student to get several degrees simultaneously. I have chosen this university because the faculty of this educational establishment employs only professionals, including the winners of the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Emmy Award, and many others. Thus, it is a unique chance for every student to attend classes that are conducted by professors with a worldwide reputation. I would like to study biochemistry at Boston University in order to be well-prepared for Medical College Admission Tests. In addition, I expect that this university will provide me with a valuable opportunity to acquire profound knowledge, get new experiences, and become a professional in a specific field of study.

I would like to state that I have chosen biochemistry at Boston University because biochemistry is one of the central spheres that unites various sciences, including medicine, biology, and numerous environmental spheres. By studying biochemistry at this university, every student, including me, will understand the nature of diverse physical and biological phenomena. Furthermore, profound knowledge in biochemistry will ensure a chance to me to choose from the abundance of fascinating, rewarding, and useful career options. The course of biochemistry at Boston University provides me as a future professional with an opportunity to be engaged in several spheres, including public service, health care, and education. Thus, the list that encompasses career opportunities for people who know biochemistry is extremely long and varied. Even in hard times that involve increased unemployment rates, the chemist still remains one of the most recognized, highly sought-after, and rewarding professions. As far as I know, Boston University is focused on teaching not only theoretical disciplines but effective biochemical practical skills and opportunities. Consequently, independent thinking, a well-developed imagination, and critical analysis will “equip” me with huge opportunities to contribute to the effective and rapid development of biochemistry. As a result, having analyzed the main reasons for my transfer to Boston University as well as my positive expectations, I would like to sum up that switching colleges as well as transferring courses is the best option for me as the irrefutable reputation of Boston University convinces me over and over again that I will definitely turn all my dreams into reality with the help of enthusiasm, hard work, and opportunities that are offered at this educational establishment.

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Final Thoughts

A neatly written Boston University application essay, as well as a supplemental part, can be your lucky ticket for the train called “Decent higher education”. If you are not sure that your writing skills will exceed those of the other applicants, you can always buy a Boston University essay from an experienced writer thus opening a new page in your life.

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