How to write stanford roommate essay: Strategies for successful writing

If you wonder how to write Stanford roommate essay, this article will definitely come in handy for you. After you read this article, you will have a clear view of what a Stanford essay is as well as when and why it is written. So, if you are interested in this topic, you are welcome to investigate it in depth with our company’s professional writers.

First of all, it is essential to explore what a Stanford roommate essay is. A roommate essay Stanford is a type of academic essay that is written as a letter to your potential roommates in Stanford University campus. This academic assignment is required alongside your application essay and application form. The main purpose of working on a Stanford letter to roommate is to describe yourself as a person, your character traits, as well as other details that may be relevant for your roommates to be aware of. The objective of this piece of writing is to help your potential roommate understand who you are as a personality.

You should consider that the examiners from Stanford University value a lot when students submit a Stanford roommate letter along with the application form and admission essay. The university’s administration worry a lot about the climate in the university and care about creating a really friendly atmosphere in the university as a whole and on campus in particular. Therefore, if you want to get enrolled and if you want to have a good reputation, be sure to work on the Stanford roommate essay diligently. Try to provide a unique and original essay highlighting your best qualities as well as strengths. Make sure your potential roommates understand what kind of person you are and how to deal with you.

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Tips on how to write stanford roommate essay

You can start working on your Stanford roommate essay only after you have passed all entrance tests and you are ready to focus on your personal qualities and demonstrate what kind of a roommate you can be. If you do not know where to start so far, read the following tips prepared by expert writers from They will definitely help you deal with the task.

Tip 1 Tip 1. Try to think from the perspective of an admission officer

You may have already read your essay aloud to your friends, group mates, relatives, and family members and they may have said that the essay is literally brilliant. Still, think of what the admission officer may tell you. Will he/ she be as excited about the essay? Try to put yourself in the shoes of the admission officer: if you were him/ her, how would you evaluate your essay? What would you like or dislike? If everyone from your nearest and dearest approved your paper but you did not get that approval from the admission officer, do not be in a haste to judge them. One of the reasons why it may happen is because your family members may be rather subjective when expressing their opinion. They know you, they know how hard you try, and they definitely think that you have written a great paper because they have nothing to compare your essay to. However, when it comes to a professional admission officer, please keep in mind that he/ she is more experienced and professional in this sphere. Therefore, he/ she may have a different opinion.

Tip 2 Tip 2. Work on an essay plan before writing the paper

Make sure you go through the pre-writing stage and compose a detailed outline or plan for your admission essay. It is important to go through this stage and never undermine the importance of designing outlines. You may spend more time on working on your roommate essay plan but you will surely be able to develop the essay ideas in a faster and easier way.

Tip 3 Tip 3. Think of the essay structure in advance

This tip is closely linked with the previous one but there is one vivid difference: here you need to provide an extended outline, which serves as a backbone to your essay. In other words, it should not be some general essay plan but a detailed outline with topic sentences, supporting evidence, and closing sentences. When working on the essay structure in advance, keep in mind that you will have to develop the introduction and conclusion as well.

Tip 4 Tip 4. Make your essay more personal

Make sure that you write in a direct and distinct way. Reflect on your personality, particularly focus on your personal traits and characteristics as well as particular skills. Think of your essay as a means of getting acquainted with your potential roommates. What would you tell about yourself first and foremost? Are there things that you are afraid of letting in? Why? Try to maintain your uniqueness and originality. Focus on your interests, passions, and dreams. Talk about your hobbies. Try to be as open and friendly as possible.

Tip 5 Tip 5. Be brief and specific. Do not be afraid to delve into details

When you write such a personalized essay, it is crucial to be brief and concise. Generalizing is not the best option here. One of the best Stanford roommate essay tips is to be specific and provide real-life examples from your experience. Just be sincere and honest in what you write about.

Tip 6 Tip 6. Think of all the benefits you could bring to the university

If you want to tell the admission committee why they should enroll you, simply think of the reasons why you would be valuable for the university. How could you be useful and beneficial? What could the university acquire if you were enrolled? If you manage to answer these questions, you would be able to provide convincing arguments as to why you are worth accepting. Here be sure not to lie but be sincere about your motifs to enter. If you want to focus about some of your possible contributions to the university’s life, be sure that you do not promise what you cannot do.

Tip 7 Tip 7. Organize the paper properly

If you ask someone how to write Stanford roommate essay successfully, one of the best answers you could get is if you hear, “Just organize your essay well.” Really, essay organization can be called effective only when it is clear. Try to devote a single paragraph to a specific idea that you choose to focus on. Make sure your paragraphs are more or less equal in length. Moreover, make sure that you do not jump from one idea to the other but that you properly discuss each idea in depth.

Overall, if you want to succeed in your Stanford roommate assignment, make sure you revise it properly before submission. Proofread and edit it carefully in terms of content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Read again your Stanford note to roommate essay and double-check whether all aspects have been clearly mentioned.

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Sample Stanford roommate essay

Sample Stanford is what you need to understand how to write essays. The sample Stanford will help you improve your writing skills and become a good writer as it will give you an understanding if how to write good, what tone to stick to and how to remain creative all the time. Our sample Stanford or any other sample essay is your way to success.

To My Roommate!

Considering the fact that we are both here, I can assume that we both did a good job and now a new stage in our lives begin. It is difficult for me to predict whether we will get along or not, but I want to believe that we at least will not hate each other and will not spoil each other’s life.

Just kidding! People often tell me that I am a friendly person and I truly want to believe it is true. So, to make it easier for you to get to know me, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about who I am.

My father used to tell me that I am a citizen of the country but not of any particular state. It is not only because of his patriotism but also because we had to move a lot. My father is an engineer and his services are often required in different places. As a result, we have lived in six different states till now. I cannot call such life experience very pleasant but I can definitely call it valuable. Changing places has made a flexible person and I can easily get used to a new environment. Anyway, I will not bother you to death talking about my life experience (I can do it later!) and just tell you something about myself.

I am a talkative person and I like positive people. Considering my life experience in Chicago, I can say that I love when it is warm more than when it is cold. I like Yankees and I also found of swimming. Well, I guess we can discuss things we like and dislike later (it will sound better in a form of a dialogue) but what I want to say is that life has taught me to be nice to people, as I still remember how important it is when strangers are nice to you. So, if you prefer aggression, I am not the right person to share it. Looking forward to having fun with you!

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