UC Essay prompts: A detailed guide for successful writing

When you read the article below till the end you will be well aware of the UC essay prompts and will thus be able to cope with this essay type successfully. Professional writers prepared the guidelines and tips; so be sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. However, before starting focusing on how to write the UChicago essay, it is essential to investigate what the UChicago essay is.

What are UChicago essays?

Before we focus on identifying what types of essays are called UChicago essays, you should be aware of the writing prompts and rules applicable to them. Overall, you will have to submit two UChicago essays and you will have to clearly address each of the two prompts provided in form of questions below:

  1. Why UChicago? This essay prompt is the one that is the most stable one, as it does not change over the years. Each year, students required to submit UChicago prompts have to deal with this question and provide a logical and fluent composition on the reasons for choosing UChicago. This essay prompt should be definitely included and clearly addressed. Particularly, when you are working on this prompt, you will have to provide an essay where you explain why you would like to be enrolled in the University of Chicago. When providing your argument and supporting reasons, try to be as persuasive and strong as possible. You need to present clear reasons why it is important for you to enter Chicago University. You need to pinpoint to specific features of the educational establishment, which will help you to grow professionally and academically. Moreover, you will also have to focus on your personal qualities as well as hard and soft skills that will be beneficial for the university. Concerning the UChicago essay word limit for this prompt, it is suggested that the overall prompt length should not be more than 250-500 words.
  2. Extended essay writing. In the second prompt, you have to choose one from the given six assignments. You are free to choose any one of the six given. While the first prompt never changes and you can well prepare for it, the second one is different each year. The UChicago essay word limit for this prompt is 650 words.

How to address UC essay prompts?

This section focuses on a clear and detailed explanation how to address each of the Chicago essay prompts. These tips will be particularly beneficial for any student willing to enter the University of Chicago. Our professional writers will provide you with fresh and unique ideas concerning your writing and will also give tips on what to avoid in your writing.

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Strategies of writing

Prompt 1:

When you start working on this essay prompt, you are expected to provide solid and clear reasons on why you are choosing the University of Chicago. Why UChicago essay should definitely include such information as to what you hope of acquiring when studying at the university, how the university will help you achieve your goals, etc. In other words, the admission committee wants to know for sure why the University of Chicago is better than the other educational establishments you are applying for. Therefore, be as clear and persuasive as possible. Provide solid evidence and clear argumentation.

Why do they give this prompt each year? First of all, the admission committee wants to know for sure that you want to study specifically at the University of Chicago. They want to see that you are really motivated to enter this educational establishment. Moreover, the admission committee wants to know you closer as a personality, thus they want you to discuss some of your character traits, values, and skills that make you stand out among the other applicants. Furthermore, they also want to check how hard working, persistent, and diligent you are, and how well you can cope with different assignments, work under stress, and manage your time. Additionally, when the admission committee is reading this prompt, it is clear for them which students have conducted an in-depth research about the university since it is evident by the way students match their personal qualities to the requirements of the university. For example, when writing this essay, you may specifically mention what courses you would like to enroll in the University of Chicago as well as what extracurricular activities you are passionate about.

What questions you should ask yourself if you are writing on your style and mode of learning:

  • What are your personal values?
  • What are your skills that particularly help you to achieve success in studies?
  • How well do you balance socializing with academic learning?
  • In what way do you care for yourself when you are snowed under different assignments?
  • What motivates you to continue studying?
  • What are you good at?
  • In what subjects do you face difficulties? How do you cope with challenges?

What questions you should ask yourself when addressing some aspects connected with your community:

  • What type of people I like? What type of people do I interact and communicate most with?
  • How can you improve life in the community?
  • How can you strike a balance between studying and helping the community?

What questions you need to ask yourself when you write about your future:

  • What mark do you plan to leave in the world?
  • What would you like to accomplish?
  • In what way could you make the world a better place?

Make sure you also relate your potential future accomplishments to the courses you intend to take at the University of Chicago. When working on these UC essay prompts, be sure to connect the experience you may gain from studying to your future work. For example, if you are interested in studying international relations, think of what you could accomplish in terms of this discipline. In general it is highly recommended to make the essay as specific as possible and write in clear and comprehensive language.

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Prompt 2:

You need to choose one from the six UC essay prompts. This is an extended essay assignment, which means that you need to express your creativity, originality, and unique mode of thinking. When working on these UC essay prompts, you need to leave your comfort zone, as there is a probability that you have never worked on such topics in your life before.

Be sure you are well aware of what the admission committee wants to see in the response to the second prompt. According to the University of Chicago requirements, here you do not need to focus on the University of Chicago and its importance for your academic life and your future career. Here, you need to demonstrate who you are as a person as well as what qualities and skills you possess. Moreover, you need to reflect on what is important to you in this particular period of life and in the whole life in general. So, among the three important essay aspects that admission committee wants you to address in the second essay prompt are the following:

  • your personal life story of who you are and where you are now at this point of your life;
  • relevant facts about your personality;
  • demonstration of your thirst for knowledge and gaining more and more academic competence.

So, when you are writing about yourself and your personality, make sure you outline the key aspects of your life and how they molded you as a person. Moreover, focus on what you like to learn. Last but not least, make sure you concentrate on what accomplishments you want to get in your future.

Afterwards, make sure you clearly pinpoint what you love to learn and that you love studying in general. Mention some specific course you have taken and mention some former experience you might have had. Also, focus on your interests and passions.

To conclude, as you see, the University of Chicago application differs a lot from applications to the other educational establishments. Working on UChicago prompts requires quite a lot of time and perseverance. Therefore, make sure you carefully read all the instructions given and follow all of them, including the requirements towards the UChicago essay length. Make sure you highlight what a valuable asset you will become to the University of Chicago when you manage to enter it. Make sure you emphasize on what the university will gain if it has you on campus. Best luck to you in all your accomplishments. Hopefully, these strategies and tips for successful writing will greatly help you deal with this task. If needed, do not hesitate to ask for professional help with UC essay writing.