Columbia University essay

QUESTION 1:- Please tell us what you find most appealing about Columbia and why. (300 words or less)

Prior to making a decision in favor of Columbia University. I studied the curriculum of the psychology program that prompted me to applying for a transfer. I compared it to the other programs and was impressed by the intensiveness of the course selection at the intersection of cognitive and developmental psychology, in particular. I look forward to taking courses in Developmental Psychology, Cognition, and Research Experiences and Methods; this way I would simultaneously combine my academic knowledge with hands-on, pragmatic experience being a research assistant in a professor’s lab in the Psychology department or cooperating with the Nurture Science Program at Columbia University Medical Center. My aim is also interlacing the research with local health facilities located in the city.

Gaining such experience would bring me to a top position in pursuing of my graduate study in Psychology. My ultimate goal is becoming an expert treating disabilities in language acquisition within individuals ranging from infancy to early adolescence. Working with such children, I would like to increase their cognitive and interpersonal abilities through early intervention. Columbia would help me in finding the perfect setting for gaining such aspirations. I look forward to applying to a Ph.D. program and using my research experience for continuation of my graduate studies at Columbia.

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QUESTION 2:-For applicants to Columbia College, please tell us what from your current and past experiences (either academic or personal) attracts you specifically to the field or fields of study that you noted in the Member Questions section. If you are currently undecided, please write about any field or fields in which you may have an interest at this time. (300 words or less)

I call myself multicultural based on my origin; my mother is Spanish, and my father is Indian. After freshman year I left Hong Kong to attend Miss Porters School, a small boarding school in Farmington, CT with a diverse student body. I became a Head of the International Student Alliance just in 2 years, where I constantly worked with international students. Working at this position my interest in Psychology grew deeper as I was amazed at how rapid students’ assimilation to local culture and language was. Speaking with them I discovered that their cognitive thinking was different from mine even though we all were international students. I commenced analyzing the ways genetic and environmental factors could impact language acquisition. Columbia University offers numerous opportunities for internships in social work and psychology which would allow me to acquire the skills necessary to pursue my professional interests.


While at Syracuse University, I have developed a strong foundational knowledge of basic Psychology that enables me to research deeper within developmental psychology and the psychology of childhood. I gained this knowledge by attending a Psychology of Human Behavior. Applying to Columbia University, I express my interest in conducting experiments in the areas of perception, learning, and language and wish to study the mechanisms of language acquisition and language disorders stemming from various factors. I have identified the course sequence of Cognition and Psychopathology, the advanced lectures in Production and Perception in Language and in Evolution of Intelligence, Consciousness and Language, and the course in Contemporary Topics in Language and Communication.  Since some neurodevelopmental disorders are genetically-based, I am strongly interested in neuroscience and developmental psychology. I will complete these courses by heavy study of statistical methods and analysis becoming proficient in empirical methods and conducting linear and curvilinear regression analysis.

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QUESTION 3:- Additional information for the Common App:- Please provide an answer below if you wish to provide details of circumstances or qualifications not reflected in the application.(350-400 words)

My teenage years were affected by Hinduism since I was growing up in a family with strict and religious grandparents. They followed the traditional view on the lifestyle of an Indian woman. When I decided to make my path through education in a boarding school, they stopped talking to me. All my explanations were vain since they saw no other way for the girl out of the parents’ house beside the one after marriage. Luckily my parents showed their support and I managed to continue education at Miss Porters School, even though my grandparents were deeply disappointed with my decision and it affected my academic performance. My sophomore year in the US started with my grandfather’s untimely death, followed by being homesick and issues rearranging to a new curriculum.  To make the things even worse, I discovered no support and sympathy from my teachers as they were strict and demanded immediate adaptation to Porters and perfect understanding of how the curriculum works in the country even though I did not have a chance to learn much about it. Such heavy blows made my academic performance fall and I was feeling myself miserable. A year passed before I could fully adjust to the curriculum and return my grades to the level where they belonged. Since I traveled halfway across the globe to get there, I did my best to use every single opportunity possible for taking advantage of the vigorous education offered at Porters. This statement belongs here since I believe it is important to explain why there is a huge gap between my grades during sophomore and junior years. My overall GPA back at high school could have been better; however checking my performance after sophomore year of high school till this point is a real indication of how capable I am of performing at your college. Despite the ups and downs I experienced as a sophomore at high school, this experience contributed to my character making me stronger and persistent in my way to the goal. I became a stronger person in terms of academics and emotions, and I am fully prepared to take on what your college has to offer.

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