How to make a poem for college

If you are unaware how to make a poem for college, then you should read this article very scrupulously. Our experts have provided a few useful prompts to assist you in keeping a creative and unique writing practice. If poetry is not your cup of tea, you may always utilize these prompts as a source for your inspiration in composing other pieces of writing, including, short stories, journal entries, essays, novels, or fairy tales. You can regard the following list of prompts in creative poetry writing helpful and supportive as an exercise to develop or contribute to your skills and experience in descriptive writing or applying different stylistic devices, such as metaphors, epithets, similes, etc.


How to make a poem for college: Outstanding poetry prompts

The majority of creative writing considerations or ideas are open-ended and very simple. This provides you with creative and limitless freedom to compose from the poetry prompts mentioned in this article in your own original voice, style, and tone.

If one idea on your future poetry does not dawn upon you, try to make yourself seek parallels / similarities between the prompts and those things which you adore dwelling on.

  1. The Untouchable: is always be out of simple reach.
  2. 7 Days – 7 Lines: Why not compose a poem in which every sentence / line is devoted to seven days of the week. 
  3. Grandfather’s Boat: Make emphasis on a single and unique memory from your childhood, or describe in detail what you could imagine your grandfather’s boat could be compared to.
  4. Walk the Rainbow and Find the Treasure: What would you walk the rainbow and find the most precious treasure? What should it be?
  5. Misfits: What should a person feel if she or he stands out of the crowd?
  6. A Conversation with a Stanger: Commence the first line of your future poem with an ordinary phrase or word from a conversation recently taken place between you and a Stanger.
  7. Signs on the Street: Take notes of the words on the signs or the names of the streets you pass while walking, riding, or driving. Compose a poem utilizing one of such words / phrases you have noticed.
  8. Cold / warm rain: What feelings could you associate with warm / cold rain? Maybe, it could be refreshing glass of cold water on the hottest day in summer, or maybe, you could imagine the feeling when your granny prepared you a warm bath when you were a child.  
  9. Ghost author: Imagine a spirit picking up a pen and presenting flabbergasting ideas on paper.
  10. Lessons from philosophy class: Dwell on any of the concepts used in philosophy, such as “what is life? what is love? etc.
  11. Instagram post: Go to the Instagram account of yours or one belonging to a celebrity or your close friend, and compose poetry grounded on the first photo or post you have seen.
  12. Radio station: Turn on any radio station that you have never listen to before, and complete a poem inspired by the first message or song you have heard.
  13. What if: Write your poem on what if you have not done something or what if you would never have born.  
  14. Under 20 Words: Try to compose a poem comprising only 20 words.
  15. Run out of: Dwell on your feelings whenever you run out of, for instance, patience, courage, desire, or any other things, for example, coffee, sugar, tea, etc.
  16. Alien world: Imagine that you are from Mars and you would like to find out everything about this planet and its inhabitants.
  17. Desperation: Think about the time when you felt desperation, and dwell on this feeling.
  18. Mission accomplished: You are inspired by a task or project to be accomplished. Dwell on your feelings, emotions, troubles or successful moment on your way to your goal.
  19. Contrast and Compare Personalities: What are some key similarities or differences between two human beings? What does it mean – to find a twin soul?
  20. Farewell: Dwell on the time when you should say goodbye to any person you love very much.
  21. Imagine dreadful weather condition taking place indoors: It could be a flood in the bathroom, a hurricane in the kitchen, a sandstorm in the attic, etc.

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How to make a poem for college: Step-by-step guide

Whether you feel inspired to compose a novel poem of yours or you are assigned to do this, it can be very complicated or even problematic to find the right words or phrases. Before you start to work on your masterpiece, please carefully read our guide on how you could successfully write a poem. Our professionals have provided a few step-by-step instructions how you should do this accordingly.

  • Step 1: Read various masterpiece completed by other writers. To find the needed inspiration, have a close look at different masterpieces poems available. To begin with, go to the local library or google in the internet to find certain poems. For example, you could enjoy the dark and mysterious gothic poems created by Edgar Allan Poe, the beauty of nature described by Walt Whitman, or the intensity reflected on paper by Sharon Olds. After you have studied classic masterpieces by well-known masters, have a close look at those poem composed by the modern young people.
  • Step 2: Settle on a specific form. Decide what style of poetry can suit you in the best way possible. If you adore dwelling on love, for instance, then you should try out a ballad. If you prefer math, a haiku would be the right choice. If you like humor or music, a limerick could suit you.
  • Step 3: Think of what is of great significance to you. When you should choose a topic, think of the first thing that dawns upon you when you wake up early in the morning and the last thing before you decide to go to sleep? It could be your desire to do good to other people, for instance, your beloved one, or remembering your grandparents who passed away a few months ago. Do not get worried about what things could be significant to other people – make emphasis on what does matter to you a lot.
  • Step 4: Do not be frightened of blank pages. Learning how to compose a poem for the first time may seem daunting. Do your best to overcome all your negative feelings and commence by writing down a few first words or phrases that are nesting in your head. Take into account that for the first draft of yours, it is not obligatory to have everything right- your goal is to write. Consider that you may always rewrite and then edit your masterpiece in the future!
  • Step 5: Set a deadline for yourself. Creating a definite timeframe for writing your masterpiece will motivate you not only to begin it but also end it successfully. That could be an hour, a day, a week, or a month. Set a deadline that suits your specific timetable. If you refer to it as strict college written task, then there is a chance that you will be capable of staying focused, and have it done accordingly!

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