Helpful numerical reasoning test tips to follow

Below you may find ten useful numerical reasoning test tips and improve your academic and exam results. Note that practice of a question is the key to your academic success. In case your main objective is to increase your performance results and have an access to more tests, you can become a member now.

  1. Read the instructions attentively. Prior to starting the test, you should read all the instructions given to you. While reading the instructions, try to write down the number of questions you will have to answer and the time given to answer them. When you need to give answer to the question, count how much time you can spend on answering each question e.g. 2 minute for one question.
  1. Stick to the time limit. This rule is of vital importance. In case you are not ready to answer a particular question, move on to the next one. Try to answer easier questions first and then return to those answered ones. You may try to guess the answers to difficult questions. Try not to be stuck on one question and keep on moving on. Please note that questions are not always provided according to their difficulty level. That is why try not to panic if the first questions seem to be difficult for you to answer. You are free to mark the most complex questions, answer the easiest ones first and then return to those marked ones if you have time of course. Calm down your nerves and start feeling confident provided that you have made all the preparations to pass the test.
  • Step 1: As soon as you start your test, the very first question will appear. Start reading the table or graph title. It will help you to understand the question context.
  • Step 2: The first question should be read slowly. It will help you to understand what the question is about.
  • Step 3: Check the table or graph and start calculating your answer. The main reason for not investing your time in reviewing table or graph is that they may include so called distracters. For instance, information that is not related to the required answer. That is why try to read the question carefully and that you will understand what parts of the table or graph are related to the required answer.
  1. When you proceed with the next question, you will already be familiar with the data included in the table or graph, which means that you have used your time effectively. Usually, table or graph is associated with 3 to 5 questions.
  2. Calculating skills are of great importance. Make sure you use your calculator. You have to be aware of all functions it can offer. Use the memory and bracket functions while you are getting prepared.
  3. Students have an opportunity to review their previous answers in some tests. In case this is your case and you have finished your test earlier, try to review all your answers. You should be informed about such an opportunity prior to beginning the test. You can write down difficult questions and return to them when you have enough time in order to give correct and well-thought answers.
  4. Usually, numerical reasoning tests are not created to check the student’s knowledge of math. As a rule, such questions require common calculating skills that help to solve a particular task. If you manage to detect what data is related to the required answer, rest assured you will be able to deal with the test questions successfully. Remember that distracters are present in all advanced questions. You need to detect them prior to answering the question. That is why you need to practice answering as many questions as possible. It will help you to improve your analytical skills and increase your academic and exam results.
  5. In most cases, numerical reasoning tests are multiple-choice. Do not panic, show your best skills and pass the test. Solid preparation will definitely help you to give correct answers to all test questions.

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