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The Environment

Every new day all over the media, there is always news about different meetings held by either the powerful countries or even involving other countries. This meeting are about how environmental pollution has affected the life of every creature in the whole world.


Puritans and American Literature

Among the first colonists who became the founders of America, there were a lot of Puritans. All of them came to the New Continent for diverse reasons. It is…


Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh is one of the renowned photographers who have contributed to the historical development. He has done a lot of work in his career and has made history interesting. Yousuf sacrificed his life and was ready to die and let the world know the importance of peace.


The Nature of Reality in Star Trek

The question of reality is one of the most difficult issues in the Star Trek’s universe, since it also represents such philosophical themes as the interaction with other creatures, the nature of God, the boundaries of time and space, and the conflict between real and virtual…


Female Hip Hop Subverts Patriarchy

Lisa A. Lewis remarked in her book Gender Politics and MTV: Voicing the Difference that when MTV was identifying its audience, it targeted primarily the youth and as a result white male teenagers (32). As a result, both female performers and black musicians of both sexes did not have a platform for their representation.


Fairytale Character Analysis

Thousands of young girls all over the globe go to sleep every night and their parents read them a fairytale, usually a magic one and with a happy ending. Very often, the main character of the story is a beautiful princess or woman who has a hard or at least not perfect life, but overcomes all the obstacles and meets her true love.