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Article critique outline writing is a difficult task regardless of the subject. First of all, it may be a challenging task if you are not good at a particular topic. In order to get the task done, you must have a deep understanding of a topic you are going to critique. Otherwise, your arguments may be weak. The other reason why it may be difficult for a student to complete the assignment is that it requires critical thinking, as well as application of knowledge in academic writing standards. As a result, many students tend to entrust their critique writing tasks to a professional writing company. It is a good choice if you want to get a high quality piece of writing without making much efforts.


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Reading actively, reading properly

  1. Review the article more than once to understand its meaning.

When you are reading the article for the first time, particularly if you plan to write an article critique, your task is to understand what the writer is trying to say. What is the key message? What is the main theme of the article? See if the article has a thesis, since it will become the backbone of your article critique.

  1. Review and re-read the article once again.

You will need to be patient and read the article once more. It is important, because now you will pay attention to the details of the author’s argument.

Also, you will mark the most valuable messages and instruments used by the author to deliver the message. Answer some of the following questions:

  • who are the target audience?
  • what is the main argument?
  • what is the author’s intent?
  • is the argument logical and consistent?
  1. Choose markings and create legends for them.

Legends and markings will guide the writing process, as you are working on your article critique. Legends are unique, like you. Choose any, so that you could make a difference between meaningful and meaningless information. For example, underline the most important passages. You will use them or cite them directly in your paper. At the same time, circle meaningless or confusing elements. This way, you will see the amount of information you have to support your critique.

  1. Develop a preliminary list of concepts and meanings to guide your article critique.

Once you finish reading the article, you will have an initial impression or opinion of the author’s argument. However, in order to fix or cement it, you will still need to read the article three-four times. Think about your reaction to the material provided in the article. Then think of other sources or types of evidence you would want to use to support your critique. Do you remember any other instances or sources that covered the same topic? Maybe you watched a movie addressing the issue covered in the article? Think about it.

Critiquing an article: How to collect evidence

Think about the article’s main message. Look into the message and hypothesis presented by the author. See if the same hypothesis is supported in other studies. Review the writer’s message. Do you see it as relevant in a present-day context? Do you see its meaning beyond what the author states in the article? It is important to review the research that was done to develop and test the hypothesis. See if the introduction and conclusion of the article are convincing and evidence-based. Are all elements of the article logically related? Are there any problems, and how might they be addressed?

Review the article once again and check it for possible biases

If the author of the article has an interest or a conflict of interest with other stakeholders (e.g. the target audience), then biases are also possible. For example, the author may want to misinterpret the results of his or her study. The author may also want to ignore any evidence that does not support the proposed hypothesis. As a result, the article will mislead the audience into believing that all hypotheses were successfully supported. It is important to identify and address these biases, since they can compromise the quality of data and research conclusions. As a result, they can also compromise the validity and applicability of the study findings.

Do not Ignore the Importance of Style. Of course, you may think that the quality of evidence is the most important aspect in an article critique. However, you should not disregard the way it is written. That is, the quality of language, the stylistic elements and techniques used, and the complexity of the article’s language against the needs of the target audience – each of these aspects must be addressed when working on an article critique. For example, what is the author’s tone? Are there any colloquialisms or non-scientific terms used?

You need to review and evaluate the style, because any consistencies can influence the readability and integrity of the study material. For example, if the article is written in a tone that is too much optimistic and bold, and the quality of evidence is meager, it can create a controversial impression. It may also be misleading for the reader. This is why it is so important not to forget about style.

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