University of San Diego essay sample

How does University of San Diego stand out among all of the other colleges to which you are applying?

Finding a good college to study is a complex task since a number of institutions have to be examined and their values have to be weighed and compared. I believe that I have accomplished this task since I have chosen an institution I would love to apply to – it is the University of San Diego.

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One of the major reasons for me to choose this University was its long-lasting traditions and dedication to its students. Even though it is primarily positioned as a Catholic University, they acknowledge students of all faiths. Since I am an international student, it is vitally important for me to engage into the perfect environment where I would be able to communicate with other students with international backgrounds. Numerous students from all over the world become students of the University of San Diego every year, and this proves me that it is an outstanding institution that would allow me revealing my talents and developing my skills in the best way possible. Moreover, the University offers a great opportunity to the people with various traditions to share them by contributing to the inner university community.


University campus is also attracting me due to its unique features. Due to its special approach to students and authentic identity it is named one of the nation’s top university’s capable of making changes. I believe that this will help me develop my leadership skills to the new extent. Considering I already have leadership experience and I am capable of quick learning, I would also be able to contribute to the student community by sharing my knowledge and leadership experience with others. To prepare to my professional career, I wish to practice being a leader among students, and this should be something I will use later on in my work. Finally, I look forward to gaining valuable experience of teamwork that I may attain by studying at the University of San Diego.