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A marketing plan writing service comes in handy for students who do not know how to write a great marketing plan of exceptional quality. As a rule, effective marketing plans belong to the type of business writing that can advertise some products and services or provide some information about them in order to reach the target consumers. Normally, a marketing plan also includes a specific course for action in case something about services provision needs to be altered.

Parts of a marketing plan

General summary of the discussed business model

If an entrepreneur is not aware of the business plans and strategies, it is virtually impossible for him/ her to achieve business goals. As such, when writing an executive strategy, it is essential to focus on the background information what kind of business it is and what it deals with. Moreover, it is crucial to focus on aims and objectives of the business under discussion. When summarizing the company’s case, a person writing a marketing plan should also take into consideration the company’s values and pinpoint to how the brand functions taking into consideration all values.


A strategy to follow

It is essential to define the product strategy that should take into account customers’ needs. As such, writing great marketing plans presupposes a detailed survey or investigation of the target audience.

Among the information needed to be investigated is the following

Services and products in availability

Businessmen should have in-depth understanding how their services and products can reach the target clients. Provision of quality products and services to customers is just one part of the marketing plan to attract new customers. Apart from the provision, the services and products should be affordable. In other words, the consumers should be able to reach the products and services and obtain them. Customers’ interest can be attracted with the help of advertising, sales, special offers, and other methods.

Pricing strategy

Depending on the price, a specific product can become either popular or extinct. Price is one of the marketing mix elements that provide revenue. Each brand, product or service should be designed in such a way that it can bring profits. What is equally important, it should manifest a specific sum of money that customers are willing to pay.

Product awareness

Make sure you will make your target audience aware of the product or service you plan to launch. Think of the strategies you will apply to make the product or service well known and reach its customers. You may have the best-quality products in the whole industry but if you do not advertise yourself, nobody will know about your business.

Who will get advantages and benefits from your offer?

The fundamental elements of a marketing plan are targeting, segmentation, and positioning. Actually, the consumer pool you target will be decisive for the overall price of services or products. The prices may eventually change.

Short-term and Long-term goals

Businesspersons should clearly identify their financial objectives, mission, vision, and marketing aims. It is important to be clear about how the brand, product or service can satisfy the needs and desires of the consumers. At the same time, entrepreneurs should be aware that they will not gain immediate profits. Make sure you plan your strategy and have a clear set of short-term and long-term goals.

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SWOT analysis

Before composing your final marketing plan, you need to create a draft version of one. You need to carefully study the situation on the market in order to know how to provide the best marketing plan and avoid potential risks and problems. In the pilot version of a marketing plan, it is essential to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a specific business idea. In other words, you are recommended to conduct a SWOT analysis.

PEST analysis

PEST analysis enables you to foresee how your business may run under challenging or changing economic conditions or financial instability. When conducting a PEST analysis, you have to focus on political, economic, social, and technological aspects.

Full marketing plan example

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Difference between real and academic marketing plans

One of the main differences between a real business marketing plan and an academic one is that the latter may deal with a hypothetical company or a hypothetical business scenario. When seeking for supporting data, academic marketing plans can rely more on some academic research than real business statistics and data gathered through real interaction with business persons. 

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