How To Write A Great My Favorite Book Essay

The process of writing a My Favorite Book essay may seem to many quite an easy task. And partially it is so. It’s pleasant to show the world the found pearl. Still, how can you make your audience understand, what you have understood about the book, and feel what you have felt while reading it? Right. First, you need to understand what is so special about the novel you admire. And this entails a careful analysis of the text. You will have to use your analytical thinking skills to find out what makes this text so valuable and special. In addition, you must use your writing talent to present your ideas and “findings” in such a way that every reader understands you fully and correctly. Oh, that’s a big piece of work, you would think. And still, this list is not complete. If you are a student, you need to strictly follow the rules of academic writing. The quotes should be formatted according to a specific citation style. The paper should be free from grammar and stylistic errors. You should structure your text correctly.

Now it doesn’t seem so easy to craft a good essay on favorite book, right? But don’t get discouraged. The article you are reading now was created by a team of gurus in custom academic writing; and it will equip you with the knowledge needed to create an interesting, engaging, and flawless essay. Read on to find out what novel to choose for your paper, the steps you need to take to create one, and the professional book essay help you can get if needed.


The Overview of Book Genres to Write Your Favorite Book Essay

When it comes to choosing a book genre, there is no universal advice. You need to look through our exhaustive list of genres to find an exciting page-turner that would fascinate you and inspire you for writing a My Favorite Book essay of yours. More so, you will understand once and for good the difference between a mystery and a thriller. You will be able to explain why sci-fi and fantasy are not the same things. So, let’s get down to it!

1. Classics

For most people, these novels are a sort of retro readings, usually assigned at secondary and high school (looking at you, Hemingway). Decades and even centuries ago, these books were groundbreaking stories. They have influenced several generations, guiding people in their attempts to become better versions of themselves and highlighting the vices that society ceased to see. They continue to be the foundation for what we read nowadays.

2. Action and Adventure

Adventure and action novels keep the reader on the edge of their seat till the last page. You will be excited as your favorite hero will constantly find himself/herself in high-stakes circumstances. The main character will have to reach a certain goal but will be always put in dangerous and risky situations (The Call of the Wild, Jack London). Often, this genre overlaps with others such as crime, mystery, fantasy.

3. Detective and Mystery

It’s hard to find a person who would not find pleasure in reading the criminal riddles written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes). The plot is always based on a crime that the main character (often a detective) must solve or foil.

4. Comics or Graphic Novels

This is one of the most colorful and entertaining sorts of reading. Short, engaging, sequential panels that represent separate scenes along with written narrative illustrations are easy to perceive and comprehend. All the dialogues are presented in “word bubbles” next to the characters. Tired of traditional comic books? Try Japanese manga like Naruto. This is also a decent choice for the essay on My Favorite Book.

5. Historical Fiction

Fond of One Hundred Years of Solitude? Then historical fiction is your genre. The time period the authors of such novels use is often the past several decades. And their stories are often told against the background of important, real historical events.

6. Science Fiction

The genre of Sci-Fi is often confused with fantasy. Meanwhile, the books written in this genre mainly highlight the themes of technological development and future science. There are many dystopian and apocalyptic novels like 1984 by George Orwell in this genre.

A quick tip: if you choose to write about this book, you will not wonder how to write about a book in an essay as there are many free essay samples online that discuss Orwell’s 1984.

7. Horror

Want to de frightened to death? To instill a sense of fear in both the protagonist and the reader, novel writers often exploit paranormal and supernatural activity in morbid stories that are nevertheless, often close to reality. Sure, Stephen King is the guru of horror fiction.

8. Suspense and Thrillers

Not to confuse such novels with mystery books, you should know that in a true thriller the main hero tries to catch or overcome the criminal to save and protect themselves rather than stop a certain crime. The authors often use cliffhangers and lie to create tension, while deceiving both the protagonist and the reader. Have you ever turned the pages of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn? This is also a good choice for a student who wants to write My Favorite Book essay in English.

9. Literary Fiction

Many book lovers often think of literary fiction as a genre, that broadly includes many others. Still, this notion refers to the artistic style of an author’s writing. Such novels tell stories that present personal (or sometimes social) commentaries on specific topics and are created to evoke deep thoughts and meditation (The Dutch House, Ann Patchett).

10. History

These texts capture and display a specific event / incident / moment in time for the purpose of enlightening and informing the reader, considering all parts of the world at any given time (The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Alison Weir).

11. Romance

The genre that drastically differs from the previous one. Romantic novels tell us the love stories of the main heroes. They make our hearts warm and tender. This type of fiction is wide and includes a wide variety of sub-genres. Be careful, not every sub-type is a good choice for a My Favorite Book essay. While you can choose a contemporary romance, historical, or paranormal genre for your paper, steamier erotica is not an option. If you’re in need of any recommendations, Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory is a good option.

12. Short Stories

These texts are significantly shorter than novels, but they comprise many of the genres, discussed in our article. The peculiarity of this brief prose is that each text focuses on one theme only and highlights a series of brief scenes. Sometimes, such stories are compiled into extensive collections like Florida by Lauren Groff.

13. Biographies and Autobiographies

The texts from both sub-genres present an official account of the incidents and events of the life of a specific person. Still, biographies are often written by relatives or friends of the person whose life is described, or simply by historians (Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo, Hayden Herrera). Meanwhile, the autobiography is created by the person himself or herself (Me, Elton John).

14. Women’s Fiction

Books of this type are written specifically for the female audience. They usually reflect various experiences of being a woman in a world built by men. Often, the character’s personal growth is stressed. You might be interested in reading The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin.

15. True Crime

How to write an essay on a book that you don’t really like? It’s impossible. You should be inspired by what you have read. And if you haven’t chosen the reading yet, you might want to delve into the world of criminals. Like its much-adored TV counterparts, true crime novels explore and chronicle real crimes in great detail. Their authors will tell you about unbelievable kidnappings, infamous murders, and the cases of serial killers, as in Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow.

16. Cookbooks

A true treasure for those who like to cook. These books are usually created by experienced chefs and offer a collection of recipes that are not only delicious but also good-looking. All the recipes are grouped by themes (Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia Child).

17. Essays

If you have recently read Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, then you should know what an essay is. This is a text, usually written in the 1st person, where the author uses personal experiences to highlight a certain issue or reflect on a topic. Many notable authors such as James Baldwin compile these writings into assemblies of social commentary.

18. Memoir

In its essence, a memoir is also an autobiography. The only difference is that it often doesn’t present a comprehensive and chronological description of the author’s life. It is more flexible and focuses on certain moments and incidents that communicate a certain idea or message to the reader about the book’s writer (Becoming Michelle Obama).

19. Poetry

Though a sole poem cannot be considered the type of text suitable for a book essay format, a collection of poems can. Unlike a novel, a poem has rhythm and rhyme, which are used to carry certain ideas and evoke certain emotions in readers. The message is sometimes crystal clear, and sometimes it is hidden behind metaphors and allusions. The collection of poems by Sylvia Plath will be a good choice.

20. Self-Help

Such publications focus on a variety of aspects, such as financial stability, emotional well-being, and social success, encouraging the reader for self-improvement (Dare to Lead, Brene Brown).

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How to Write About a Book in an Essay

To help you create an outstanding and engaging paper, our best writers have prepared a short but precise writing guide for you. Follow the steps from our guide to create a decent essay.

5 Steps to Follow

  • Determine the value of the book

In your paper, you should explain how valuable the chosen publication is. You are to explain why it is significant enough to write about. A quick tip: your book’s value will be connected with its topic. Ask yourself: what does it teach the reader?

  • Screen various examples

My Favorite Book essays available online will give you an idea of what your own work should look like.

  • Craft a plan

This is the first thing you should write. A good plan will help you not to miss any important elements and facts, and not to be too verbose. You can follow a traditional five paragraphs essay format.

  • Write it!

Write from the bottom of your heart. This is a paper about your favorite, dear to your heart book. Make your reader feel what the chosen piece means to you.

Highlight the things that you really liked. Yes, it is important to follow the teacher’s prompt. Still, you will captivate your reader’s attention by only talking about the things that stand out to you the most.

List the advantages. Stress the book’s pros. Let the class and your teacher know why the book is so special to you. Why it is worth reading. Every good book is a pearl, and your task is to help your audience see how precious your chosen pearl is.

Imagine that you want to sell this book. To make your favorite book essay sound strong you should write as if you are trying to sell the manuscript. Imagine, that you don’t simply want your audience to read your essay till the end, you want them to rush to the nearest bookstore to buy this book.

Write in portions. If you have time, don’t hurry to write the essay in one day. You can write as much as one section in one day. And this will be enough. Give yourself time to think. This way, you will not wonder how to write a book essay.

  • Final step – checks and editing

As soon as your final draft is ready, you should check it. Read it carefully pretending to be someone who has never read this book. Is everything clear to you? If ideas are clear, proceed to spell-check. The paper should be flawless. Make the needed corrections and proofread your document. You can also ask an expert to polish your essay. An experienced custom writer from a legit writing platform will make sure the text is perfect in terms of stylistics, grammar, and formatting.

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Tips from an Experienced Book Essay Writer

Clear thinking is what helps professional custom writers to craft good academic essays. This means you should clearly understand what you want to say. Stay focused. Make sure each sentence is concise and to the point. Follow these rules:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t use extravagant words, elliptical sentences, and hard-to-understand metaphors.
  • Be direct. Short sentences will add to the clarity of your text. Don’t use three adjectives where one will do.
  • Be concise. Don’t repeat what you have already said. Make sure that every statement serves to explain one idea. It should justify its place in your text.
  • Keep it natural. Don’t pretend you are Shakespeare. Be yourself. Free essays on books that are available online are just for your reference, and you should not imitate the style of their authors, too.

Thus, following our tips you will be able to create and turn in an interesting and correctly written My Favorite Book essay. If this formula of success provided by our expert writers is hard for you to apply in practice, don’t get discouraged. This only means that you need a little more guidance and practice. So, if you need professional book essay help, turn to the specialists of

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