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Content is an essential part of showing a strong and outstanding online authenticity, presence, and reputation. One of the best and powerful tactics for presenting your unique content is by composing blog articles on either a regular or an original basis. Following this tactics gives each blogger a consistent, novel, fresh and fascinating source of unique content for his/ her email letters and allows his/ her to optimize for a huge scope of keywords.

Our blog writing article service has prepared a few practical blog writing tips on how to become more productive and efficient in blog-writing.


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First, you should take a decision concerning what you would like to dwell on in the blog article. The most significant thing that can you help to do this is to refer to the needs, preferences or requests provided by your clients, customers, or followers. Try to predict and consider the possible questions or problems that your followers could ask you. If there are questions that you are often asked, it likely implies there are a great number of people interested in the same or similar questions or problems.

Brainstorm the list of 7-10 topics that you will be able to present this way that you have a suitable and decent backlog of the topics to pick up from when you are prepared to write your next blog.

  • Prepare an outline, which is to be thoroughly considered

Complete the list of the key points that ought to be included into the blog article and then sub-divide them into the themes or arrange them logically to create your outline. For instance, if you are going to complete a blog article on bulling, you would like it to keep to a step-by-step process so as to explain your points to the readers. Consider that the outline you create at this very point can always be contributed or changed. 

  • Understand and apply search engine optimization tools (SEO)

Keep in mind that blog articles are nowadays regarded as a valuable and powerful tool for gaining more traffic to your website by means of search engines. Every article is a splendid opportunity for the optimization of the keywords that you could not normally optimize for on the static web-page on your website. One of the most significant things that you should consider in reference to SEO for your blogs is that you ought always to write for your readers first. All search engines prefer the content that provides some value to the readers, so ensure that you are able to cover the topic that your followers or readers want to read about, as well as that your blog is a useful resource for them. Considering the above-mentioned info, you should focus on the keywords while you are working on your blog. Before you start, it could take you some time to conduct keyword research. Try to focus on several keywords that are often searched for by people and include them into the article content of yours. However, ensure that you utilize those keywords in a natural way. Always keep in mind that your readers / followers are your key priority and focus of attention.

  • Make your content readable and clear

As you commence composing your content, ensure that you break down the text blocks sub-titles or bullet points. On the internet, in the majority of cases people skim or look through the articles rather than read them very attentively, word for word. Thus, consider this when you format your blog. Paragraphs should ideally comprise from to 2 to 4 sentences. The application of bullet points can help you in making your article readable and understandable.

  • Apply images to support your points

Images can break up your text, thus making it clearer for your readers or followers. They can also assist you in illustrating the points you try to highlight. If you apply research or statistical data in your blog, try to include a table, chart, graph or pie-charts reflecting that data or statistics.

  • Inform your readers about what they should do

In the end of your blog, inform your readers / followers about the ways and fields they could apply this information provided by you. Consider that you should avoid any type of compulsion in your blog, as you should decide themselves how and what they do.  

  • Read a few times what you manage to write

Once you have done with your post, try to put it aside for some time and come back to it in a few hours or days with a clear mind and sharp eyes. Read it a few times in order to look for any grammatical or spelling mistakes, as well as to ensure that you have managed to present your points of view in a concise, logical and clear manner. Have a close look at your title and check whether it is possible to insert an essential keyword into it. Ask your family members, teachers or close friends to read your article in order to find some flaws in it. 

  • Refer to social media tools

In order to attract more followers to your website, you should apply social media. Such tools as HootSuite or Buffer may assist you in managing your social media and in scheduling your posts beforehand. You may also add or use sharing buttons on your article by means of such tools as AddThis. In case you make up your mind to become more aggressive in reaching out more followers or readers, you may also run or post ads on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook promoting your blog to the audience with a wide scope of specific interests in the topics that you have been covering.

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