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Top 10 Writers

The writers working for our agency are without exaggeration our most valuable asset. They have an essential mission, i.e. to create exclusive pieces of writing for our customers. Their work is both engaging and complicated at the same time. The success of our clients’ assignments as well as our reputation depend on our writers’ understanding of the importance of strict adherence to the provided guidelines, proper communication with the clients if needed, and thorough research. To ensure that we will manage to achieve the desired success, we employ highly proficient writers who successfully pass the whole rage of tests. Before accepting the applicants into our online team, we thoroughly check their skills and test their knowledge. Additionally, our quality control agents monitor their performance regularly to be certain that the papers they write are outstanding in all aspects. The most accomplished specialists are included in the “Top 10 Writers” list and get access to work on VIP orders.

Thus, if you decide to use the VIP services offered by, you can be confident that your assignment will be done by on of our best experts. The assigned specialist will have the respective skills, knowledge, and experience to handle the task efficiently.

VIP Support

The agents comprising our support team work 24/7 and are ready to help you tackle any issues and process all your requests. If you desire to find out how to get our VIP services, detect the cost of your assignment, provide additional instructions, etc., contact our support representatives immediately. One more thing which you should know is that you can communicate with the specialist working on your project by using our messaging system. This channel ensures quick and effective communication and does not require using any intermediates.

You will be provided with prime customer support if you use our VIP services. It means that your requests as our VIP client will appear on the top of the list and our representatives will respond to them in the first turn.

Get Your Paper Proofread by an Editor

We are focused on providing our clients with impeccable papers. For this reason, we have established the department that not only monitors our writers’ work but also ensures the produced papers comply with the imposed requirements. Additionally, the department makes certain that the created texts are original, error-free, and formatted according to the specified reference style.

The VIP orders are assigned to our highly qualified editors to ensure our customers will receive the papers without any mistakes.

Extended Free Revision Period

It is natural to make mistakes even for ingenious specialists. However, we are not ashamed of admitting our mistakes and are ready to correct them free of charge. Hence, after your deadline expires, you will have 2 days to look through your paper and request a revision if there are obvious reasons for that.

If you are our VIP client, you will have an opportunity to get your paper revised for free within 4 days after the due date. Make sure not to waste this period of time. Examine your work thoroughly to be able to give your writer detailed revision requirements if needed.

Extra Check for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious academic crime and our writers do realize this. To make certain that the produced texts are original, we scan them by our computer program. As to the VIP orders, they are scanned a couple of times to exclude any errors. On demand, we can send you a report on plagiarism.

SMS Notifications

Being our VIP customer, you will receive SMS notifications concerning the status of your assignment. Thus, you will know when your writing project is completed and ready for download. Such an option is very convenient, especially when you have several orders placed on our website. Now, you do not have to remember all your deadlines.

Advantageous Affiliate Program

Participate in our affiliate program, get a special discount code and send it to your friend. In terms of our affiliate program, you will obtain 10% from each order placed at our site by your friends on your recommendation. In addition, each of those whom you invite to us will get a generous discount on the first assignment ordered from us. The more acquaintances you refer to us, the more money you will earn. Thus, participate in our superior affiliate program and generate great profits!

Progressive delivery

Delivering orders in parts or progressively is a special type of service that offers. This delivery method helps customers to better manage any orders that are longer than usual or more challenging, e.g., those with around 20+ or 10+ pages in (respectively) double or single line spacing.

Read about: “Discounts for new and returning customers”

Our process for sending/delivering drafts/parts*:

  • Agreed deadline/urgency level is 4 days or less: We send 25% (Part One) of your paper on or prior to the expiration of 50% of the order’s deadline, e.g., suppose order deadline = 2 days and order size = 20 pages. In these circumstances, you receive Part One i.e. 5 pages of your paper upon expiration of 1 day of order deadline.    
  • Agreed deadline/urgency level is 5 to 11 days: We send 25% (Part One) and 50% (Part Two) of your paper on or prior to respectively the expiration of 25% and 50% of the order’s deadline.
  • Agreed deadline/urgency level is a minimum of 12 days: We send 25% (Part One), 50% (Part Two), and 75% (Part 3) of your paper on or prior to respectively the expiration of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the order’s deadline. 

For a minimal fee of just +15% you get more benefits and more flexibility.

* Where a customer wishes to receive their paper(s) by an alternative means, we will work out a personalized solution according to that customer’s preferences and the unique requirements of their order. In cases like these, the details can be discussed and agreed with the manager who is monitoring progress of that order.

Help with shorter orders – Additional writing services

Customers with shorter orders i.e. less than 20 pages may benefit from the options below:

Get one-page summaries of your paper(s)

We provide summaries as an optional and additional service. By this, we mean you can request a brief and concisely written summary of an entire paper (in just 1 page) so that you can see what the main points are at a quick glance. This useful option should suit customers who are working on research tasks/projects that need to be reported on.

Get a one-page draft of a “Work-In-Progress” paper

With’s draft service, it is certainly possible to receive a paper as a one-page (1 page) draft, e.g., in 300-word format (double line spacing) or in 600 format (single-spacing) once half the order’s deadline (50%) has expired. So, as an example, if an order has an urgency level equal to 4 days, you get your draft paper in 2 days. 

Extended revisions

Working with, you are given a guarantee that we will revise any paper at no additional cost for a standard period of 48 hours (i.e. up to this time) after we deliver your order. The “extension” service lengthens revision time to 14 days (i.e. any time up to this time)!

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