Composing a why NYU essay

If you are planning to apply to New York University (NYU), you should submit common application materials, as well as the supplement by NYU, which comprises a short essay. The following article is devoted to the most important Why NYU essay prompts that are supposed to be well aware of if you want to become a student of this educational institution?

Why NYU essay: Essential prompts worth considering

Below is one of the NYU essay prompts for the year 2019:

We would like to find out more about your key interests in NYU. Could you indicate what has motivated you to apply to our institution? Why you have been interested in a specific campus, college, program, school, and the field of study? We would like to understand why you have made up your mind to choose NYU? (300 word maximum)

Besides the standard “why and what questions, the NYU prompt provides you with a clear hint what you should make your emphasis on.

Specifically, NYU wants that you dwell on what has drawn you to “its specific campus, college, school, program, or the field of study?” 

Take into account that you should discuss all your ideas in the NYU context. Evidently, if you are interested in this educational institution because of one of its ten undergraduate schools, then that is of great significance to NYU; though, the same issue can concern its campus, programs, or fields of study.

For example, if you are crazy about studying theater and everything related to it, you would not dwell on that you would like to attend NYU as you adore theater, and that NYU has many theater programs and is in New York, the city with numerous theaters. Such a description could be referred to apply to other schools or colleges. Instead, you should focus on particular details about certain professors or classes, or other unique opportunities that NYU can provide (for instance, the ability to organize different fascinating projects or performances, etc).

The following prompt can also hint at a few other directions that you could go with the “Why NYU essay of yours:

Why have you showed your interest in a specific school, campus, program, college, or the area of study? If you have decided to apply to more than one, explain to us why you are interested in those additional fields of study or / and campuses.

If you are sure of what you would like to master in college or have chosen your major, you should follow a specific route in your NYU essay. This implies indicating specific professors, programs, classes, or how you see that NYU could support your academic plans or career.

On the other hand, you may be unsure what you would like master in college. In such a case, you are recommended to focus your essay on how your studying at NYU will assist you in exploring many different things to find your specific passion or interest.

Last but not least, if you know pretty well that you would like to spend time abroad while in college where NYU has a few campuses, you can make emphasis on your interests in keeping obtaining an NYU-level academic education in another state.

Why NYU essay topics: What is worthwhile paying attention to 

As briefly discussed in this article, you can choose to write on the following topics in your piece of writing, such as specific teachers / programs, courses or other opportunities provided by NYU.

We will analyze some of the topics in detail and draw you attention to some specific aspects to pay your attention to in your future Why NYU essay.

Topics that should be avoided

What you are recommended to avoid gushing on the location of NYU.

Recollecting the time when I applied to this education institution, the why NYU essay prompts were that we should avoid focusing your essay on the city of New York itself:

“Many students make up their minds to apply to NYU due to the location of New and city itself. Apart from the location of New York, please explain why you consider NYU will be an ideal match for you in the future.”

It is ok to dwell on how living in New York can provide you with access to numerous opportunities that related to your course at the university (e.g., you may gain an amazing and unique internship for theatre or journalism). However, you should clearly focus your essay on the program at NYU exceptionally, with the location of New York (and its opportunities / chances) being an additional benefit.

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Why NYU essay: Summarized tips

  • Carefully study the descriptions of various schools / programs / colleges. This will assist you in figuring out which you would like to apply to and what makes the chosen one interesting and worth applying to. Make a wise choice.
  • Read through the catalog of coerces and choose professors in the departments you are very interested in. According to the NYU Admission blog, students should not go overboard in indicating exactly what specific course you would like to take with what specific professor and at what specific time. Consider that you should show that you are well aware of different things that you could learn, master or contribute to your knowledge, skills or experience while at this institution.
  • Make specific emphasis on different extracurricular activities that you could engage in while at New York University. Consider that you should not only devote all your time to the studying process but also to other people. For instance, if your major is theater studies, you could participate in plays organized for children. Or you can work in the center for people with different disabilities.
  • Take into consideration that you should clearly present your key goals and priorities that you would like to achieve or realize while studying at New York University. It should be clear from your essay that you are well aware of all essential things that are going on at NYU and how you could be involved in some of them.