Interesting Essay Topics about Marketing

  1. Evaluate the fundamental elements of customer satisfaction.
  2. How does marketing influence modern economic strategy?
  3. How do companies use marketing to attract more customers to the advertised products?
  4. How does customer loyalty influence the amount of sales?
  5. How can brands help enterprises achieve business success?
  6. Determine the starting point of marketing. Support your thoughts with compelling arguments.
  7. Should the firms merge or keep merging marketing and sales?
  8. Explain whether the push marketing is effective or useless means of advertising. Note that this is one of the essay topics about marketing that are often assigned to students studying such an academic discipline.
  9. How can different social media networks help companies mount effective marketing campaigns?
  10. How do you interpret the term “marketing”?
  11. Present your opinion on the statement that marketing is the chief item of any enterprise.
  12. What marketing schemes and strategies should companies follow to get access to the international market?
  13. Does shooting celebrities in advertisements help promoting products?
  14. Do social media make any effect on international marketing?
  15. How can you define the notion “green marketing”?
  16. What are the most effective ways of combining marketing and sales that can help businesses achieve the best outcome?
  17. What are the specifics of marketing communication?
  18. Put forward concrete facts to prove the importance of marketing planning.
  19. What marketing strategies and tools can enterprises use to avoid pitfalls which the market is full of?
  20. It is said that marketing is based on the statement that people are what they read but almost always consumers. Make a critical analysis of this statement?
  21. How do you interpret the notion “marketing audit” and how can it influence the development of marketing?
  22. Ethical marketing: its features and functions.
  23. The components of negative advertisements. How often are such advertisements used?
  24. Describe two of the key ways of entering the global market.
  25. The pros and cons of branding.
  26. Talk about the most severe difficulties the companies have ever encountered in the marketing area. Cite vivid examples.
  27. Explain whether the culture can affect marketing. Give examples. By the way, this is one of the most interesting marketing essay topics.
  28. Can famous actors, singers, etc. improve the company image?
  29. The development of the international market.
  30. The influence of sustainability on marketing.
  31. How can brand groups and communities contribute to the promotion of new products?
  32. The role of telemarketing in advertising products.
  33. Marketing innovations and their importance.
  34. What challenges may one face when dealing with marketing?
  35. How can companies lead a successful marketing campaign under unfavorable economic conditions?
  36. Marketing is the factor that outlines the company success. Prove or deny this statement.
  37. Evaluate the duties of a marketing manager.
  38. The marketing tools utilized by Coca-Cola. Explain how the enterprise manages to hold one of the dominant positions on the market.
  39. Highlight the difference between the marketing techniques employed by Coca-Cola and those of Pepsi. Give examples.
  40. What are the specifics of a direct marketing? How can the startups benefit from it?
  41. Analyze a marketing campaign of your favorite brand of clothes.
  42. Imagine that you the manager of the marketing department of a company producing air conditioning systems. Choose a country in Europe and analyze their market. How do you need to advertise the company products to meet the interests of the consumers from both countries?
  43. Assume that consumption plays an important role in developing one’s personality. Analyze the opinion that well-known advertisements are as important as news.
  44. Consumer behavior: what makes people purchase or not purchase products?
  45. Select a successful organization producing watches. Use different kinds of analysis to examine the marketing strategy used by the company owner.
  46. What advice on organizing a marketing campaign would you give to the owner of McDonalds? Briefly describe the areas that need some changes.
  47. What traits should a person have to be good at decision making in the marketing area?
  48. Choose one of the major international companies producing home appliances and assess the marketing techniques they use to understand what makes them #1 on the global market.
  49. Develop a marketing strategy for the company designing clothes for pregnant women.
  50. Devise a marketing plan which your company should implement to occupy a solid position in the industry sector you are working in.
  51. What makes an effective and memorable brand? Identify a couple of key components that help business owners create superb brand names for their organizations. Provide sound arguments to back up your ideas.
  52. Specifics of the marketing policy implemented by Harley-Davidson. What are the key aspects of the company success?
  53. Provide the basic data about the chosen company. You are required to mention the size of the company, the market niche it operates in, the items it produces, the kind of clients it serves, etc. You should provide detailed information about the selected agency to give readers full understanding of the way it works. Strictly adhere to the determined word count to show your professor that you are able to distinguish between important and secondary data.
  54. What is an equality policy? What are its main components? The employers have to abide by the law on equality. The employers should be aware of the possible effects of the inequality at work and the way it (inequality) may influence their business.
  55. Pick a national or foreign company operating in highly competitive sector that has already tried a few marketing strategies. Analyze them and explain which one appeared to be most effective.
  56. Present the effect of globalization. Determine its impact on the world economy, separate business entities, global markets, and market relationship between the enterprises. Are there any universal marketing strategies which businesses should follow to resist the influence of globalization?
  57. Take the company the activity of which you are well aware of and determine the extent to which it is focused on the customer. Does the company pay attention to consumer recommendations/complaints?
  58. Can sponsorship in sport be mutually advantageous? Express your opinion referring to respective concepts. Provide illustrious examples.
  59. The CIS and the countries comprising it.
  60. The novelties in the marketing area. What are they about?
  61. Create a paper 1000 words in length performing a thorough analysis of the latest marketing tools.
  62. Produce a detailed report on the items than constitute marketing as such.
  63. Scrutinize the studies on working environment and employees’ behavior. Perform a rigorous examination of the research findings and show how the restrictions influence the working process.
  64. Identify the main peculiarities of branding and labeling.
  65. What does a situational analysis serve for?
  66. What research methods, qualitative or quantitative, are considered the most suitable for analyzing business environment?
  67. Web advertisements as a powerful means of marketing. NB: this subject must be one of the most intricate and, at the same time, interesting essay topics about marketing.
  68. What makes firms get into the international market? Pick at least a couple of factors and make their detailed analysis. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of operating on the international markets.
  69. Is branding effective? Cite true-to-life examples to prove your viewpoint.
  70. Talk about the marketing difficulties the biggest international corporations face.
  71. Culture is an integral component of all marketing strategies. Make a critical analysis of this statement referring to marketing methodologies.
  72. Greenpeace and the innovations in their marketing campaigns. Are the implemented strategies and employed techniques useful? Why? Why not? Does the mentioned organization use nay propaganda tools?
  73. Why is it essential for the companies to have a clearly defined marketing strategy?
  74. Analyze a specific business environment and explain what steps different companies take to succeed in developing and promoting their products and services. Highlight different and similar points in those steps.
  75. Iconic brands. What are they?
  76. Celebrities in advertisements. Do they advertise quality products or just help companies generate profits?
  77. Imagine that someone wants to take a specific kind of tea to Brazil. What distribution channels should be used? What is the purpose of creating those channels?
  78. Describe the phases of the market development which countries usually go through. Why is it vital for the marketers to understand the specifics of the economic development?
  79. The companies are forced to embed sustainability into their strategic planning. Can such pressure change the essence of marketing?
  80. Make a detailed examination of the case study presented by major organizations exploring marketing.
  81. Analyze the market which the confectionery companies are operating on.
  82. Company management. What managers should do to make the working process efficient?
  83. Why studying marketing is essential?
  84. Can social networks make the company brand widely known? Provide arguments and examples to prove your opinion.
  85. Marketing is a chief tool for achieving business success. Prove or deny this statement.

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