My Hero: Bill Gates

Bill Gates is well-known as the mastermind of the computer programs technology . He was born on October 28, 1955, and he has been the head of the Microsoft Company for more than twenty-four years. The heroic development that is changing the socioeconomic life is connected with his name. The launch of the program Windows in 1995 has improved the business area as it is simple to use, especially with the help of graphical user interface. As a result, he is regarded as the computer legend. He is well-known as the head of a multi-billion dollar company. Besides his love to computers, Bill is a family man who is good at housekeeping. When Bill is at home, he prepares hamburgers for his three children.This article focuses on the inspirational life of Bill Gates, one of the most successful innovators of all times, and on his personal strengths, professional character, and criticism from other people.

Personal Strengths

Ambitious and Determined

Bill makes inestimable efforts to realize his dreams. His solo efforts culminate the technological trends of the 21st century. He is so determined in carrying out an independent research that he works throughout the night on a diet of pizza and soda. His determination has landed him attractive positions. These include the chairperson of Microsoft, co-chair of Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation, CEO of Cascade Investments and chairperson of Corbis. He is also very determined to achieve his desires. For these reasons, he dropped out of college to pursue computer works. It is not even clear how much he is worth regarding monetary value.

Generous and Kindhearted

Together with his wife Melinda, they formed Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation. Through this organization, his generosity and kindheartedness becomes evident for people. The charter of the foundation does not allow for individual grant provisions. However, non-governmental organizations receive considerable amounts of funding. For example, it is necessary to mention the program for appropriate technology in health located in Washington.

Bill Gates continues to be a hero because of his financial support of charity activities. He is involved in Grand Challenges Programs in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Health. These are programs aiming to address the needs of developing countries. Projects include the research of new vaccines, drugs, diagnostic and treatment products.

Professional Character

Teamwork Ability

Bill Gates believes in the power of teamwork. He combined efforts with Paul Warren to launch Microsoft. These are versions of Windows that are running on the majority of computers today being the replacement of MS-DOS. Further revelations make it possible to use these operating systems in business servers, mobile phones, and cash machines. Major improvements have been carried out to enable features like multi-tasking, plug and play. He has also collaborated with his wife Melinda Gates to form Bills and Melinda Foundation. Melinda advocates for adoption of family planning in developing nations. She is the driving force to ensure that women are in a position to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their reproductive health.

Responsible and Strong Willed

His accomplishments display his heroic traits and impressive success. Gates is so strong willed that he helped eradicate polio cases in India. This was enabled by him by extensive funding of the works undertaken by more than two million workers. It was ensured that every child is vaccinated against the disease. Bill Gates is a role model for people as he passionately donates billions of his money to charity.


As a hero, he has influential works through his books The Road Ahead and Business@ The Speed Of Thought. It is amazing that even though the books are among the best sellers, Gates opted to donate the proceeds to various non-profitable organizations. This is aimed at promoting the use of technology in education.Bill Gates’ works have such a positive impact that they are well received even by his critics.

Corbis is a comprehensive digital website owned by Bill Gates. It is an archive of photos and artworks from different collections all over the world. Through this website, he is changing people’s thoughts about computer use. In addition, he initiated the usage of personal computers as a practical device for commercial and home purposes. He is also responsible for primary strategies and broadens the company’s range of products.

Skilled and Business Minded

Bill Gates is not only a hero, but he is also skilled and business oriented. He spearheaded the commercialization of the operating system. Although Apple Inc. has seemingly been a fierce rival and a competitor, as the head of Microsoft, he invested $150 million into Apple. These were efforts to help Apple to buy its declining stocks. Moreover, Microsoft’s commitments to continue applications development for Apple’s hardware have turned out profitable, because Internet Explorer is bundled into the system.

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Sarcastic and a Critic

On the other hand, Bill Gates’ traits that portray him as a hero are often criticized. It is normal for him to keep on interrupting a presentation with ridiculous comments. He is also a perfectionist in rebuking his subordinates who keep on procrastinating business issues.These are traits of a hero who wants to ensure the company is running with up-to-date trends. He does not take advantage of his affluence to jeopardize the smooth running of the operations.

A Philanthropist

As a philanthropist, Gates has fused donations with Warren Buffet to continue charitable activities . It gives out at least 5 % of its assets each year to ensure that there is more funding to help developing countries. Together with other founders, Bill has divided the foundation into four core divisions. These include public relations, finance, administration, and human resources. To ensure that the philanthropic efforts are achieved, the Gates’ charity activities are further classified into three grant programs: global health programs, a global development program, and the United States program.

The heroic traits are seen in his efforts to boost the education sector. Through the University of Washington, the department of global health donations is leading studies to increase the accessibility of higher education. In partnership with the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation is continuing to allocate funds to control and eradicate major tropical diseases. There are attempts to reduce HIV transmission by funding scientific research to develop new and improved condoms.

Other multibillion companies and organizations should follow the example of Bill Gates. Although most of his charitable deeds are carried out through the Gates Foundation, the impact it has on people’s lives is immeasurable. Bill Gates has taken an extraordinary step of not keeping all the riches to him. It is heart touching to give out personal cash to make other people’s lives change for the better.

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