Personal Leadership Philosophy

Many people believe that leaders are born while others believe that leaders are made. The most important matter is that leaders should have the necessary skills that are required to lead other in an effective way. Leadership is a process whereby one person or a group of people influences the others towards achieving the set goals of an organization. In gone days, men dominated the field of leadership. In the recent world, women are actively involving themselves with leadership. It is an issue that has made leadership more of a call than a responsibility. As a leader, I have an objective of ensuring that I portly good traits and conduct myself as a leader so as to achieve success. The paper will analyze the servant leadership model as a leadership philosophy that I would like to practice as a woman leader in the society.

Leadership philosophy makes individuals focus on themselves as leaders. It links their brains with the expectations that they have always had from their leaders. As a result, they are left with the responsibility of working as the servants of their subordinates through fulfilling the expectations of the society. Therefore, the leaders are able to evaluate themselves as leaders in respect to how they perform their duties and the level of satisfaction reported by to followers. It is a philosophy that guides the actions of a leader, their behavior, and their thoughts. However, the philosophy of different leaders is influenced by a number of factors. Internal and external factors include; working environment, availability of resources, as well as the commitment of other stakeholders. As we grow towards the context of leading the understanding of leadership grows. In the past, women had rare opportunities in leadership. Today, a growth in the philosophy makes us feel the need to consider women as potential leaders.


To prepare as an effective leader, I took it a personal responsibility to stick on traits that are required for a leader. These are the aspect that others should expect from their leader. For instance, a successful leader utilizes the servant leadership model while conducting herself. I took the model from all the other models to study it and exercise its teachings as a servant of the people. As a woman, it is my responsibility to take care of the others including the unfortunate in the society. To make it a success, I opted to choose specific core values such as being true to myself. It is a trait that makes me make the best choices every time there are options. Another important core is understanding whom I am. Self-understanding helps me use my strength in a positive way and make a point of improving my weakness. Integrity serves as one among my strongest values. It enables me to respect the others and the rule of law hence doing as expected. Love is a value and a principle that makes it easy to work with others. It keeps me moving especially during challenging moments. Loving my job makes me innovative and creative. It enables me to deliver without many challenges. I always base my work on hard work and service to the other as a commitment.  I am a leader who is always willing to learn more from both my superiors, as well as juniors. I rely on books, search engines and advice from others. The willingness to learn more keeps me growing, unique and outstanding. Throughout my practice, I work with courage and determination.

My personal working definition of leadership is the ability and willingness to serve and influence other towards achieving specific goals of a group or organization. The course has influenced my perception of leadership, as well as my definition of leadership. It has made me understand that to achieve success in leadership, a leader must be a team player. She must be ready to learn more and more every day. It calls for research and learning from the others. The course has also enlightened me that leaders fail not for lack of skills but for minor omissions and errors.

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