Broadway Care

With the advent of technology it is very important to implant technological aspects in every business. It is true in the aspect of the Broadway Café, and at a point of time it was one of the hotspots as it was the only coffee shop of the area. But since the last few years the business has been declined. Below there is a plan of making the Broadway Café popular. The plan contains redecoration and addition to the basic plan of the café. But most important of all, it looks to implant technology in all the operations of the café (Steenkamp, 2005).

As per Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model there are several very important aspects that every organization should remember and this is the same in the case too. The management has to know who their basic customers are and their abilities, which is what amount of money the customers want to spend when they are in the café (Heerde, 2004). The supplier power and the employee strength are two very important factors, as if they are looking to increase the business, they will have to employ more people to maintain the spot and supplies will have to increase (Sun, 2005).


In 1952, there were very few cafes through out the country, but right now there are a number of cafes and most importantly a number of them are multinational brands, so it is really hard to compete with these organizations. It is important for the café to work on its old reputation, and build on that. The café can not directly compete with these multinational organizations but they can surely look forward to renovate themselves. There are certain aspects of the café that needed to be redecoration and certain aspects should be kept intact. The basic premise will be the same with some additions like cyber café, snooker table etc. Several new dishes can be added along with the old dishes, and it will be a pleasant surprise to the customers. And it must be marketed in a planned way to reach the customers who never visited the place (Campbell, 2009).

Using Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage:

It is very important in recent times to use technology in whether business one is in. At the very beginning the café should get a website. The website should be catchy and address the location, the history and the different facilities that the café provides to its customers. Along with that it is very important that some online advertising campaigns of the café should start, along with communities for the café in popular social services networks. This will highlight the presence of the café in the web-world, and youngsters who are the most important users of the web-world will get in touch with the café, and business will increase. Technology has to be used in an intelligent way so that it can be used for the benefit of the company. Some times offers can be given and it will be a good way of promotion. It is very important to keep a data base of the customers and some times discounts can be given to the regular customers who will make them to come to the place more and more and ultimately it will increase the business (Arora & Henderson, 2007).

Improving of Services:

It is one of the most important aspects for the café to improve its services so that it can be termed as a spot where old sensibilities are kept in a modern wrapping. And this can be the tagline of the café too. The company will look to increase its menu as well as its services. Initially it served coffee and tea to its customers and it had a full fledged bakery in it. It also served soups and salads to the customers. The café can start serving breakfast to the customers. And in doing so several new recipes have to be included in the menu and it will need chefs who are capable of cooking the dishes as per the taste of the customer (Steenkamp, 2005). But the management has to keep in mind the basic dishes for which the café was famous and must not side line them in order to make way for new products. A healthy combination of the new world dishes and old world magic, along with friendly service is the potential ingredient for the success of an eatery.

Try to Create Loyal Customers:

The grandfather had a terrific memory and he used to know all the customers. But here the new management has to manage a database and try to recognize the faces and choices of the regular customers. It will increase the hospitality quotient of the spot among other things, and make the customers feel that they are privileged which is one of the most important things in the hospitality sector. The loyal customers will not only be regular but they will also talk about the café and it will be considered as invaluable word of the mouth publicity (Sun, 2005).

Along with loyal customers there will be several new customers, and it is important to try to make new loyal customers, which is a very important aspect of the hospitality sector.

Starting to Use Technology in the Running of the Business:

In the 21st century technology plays a pivotal role in the business. There must be a number of computers in the café that will help the management to do a number of things. They can store their menus and processes, the accounts, the salaries and all the stuff, and also they can set up a wireless connection which can help the customers to use internet in the café. But most importantly it will take the working process of the café to a new level, a level which is one of the most needed factors in recent times (Steenkamp, 2005).

The café can also arrange for an internet café for its customers where they can surf the net, and it will be some thing to look out for. It will be one of the main attractions for the young generation (Heerde, 2004).

Keeping the Old Sensibilities Along with New Facilities:

Before planning for the renovation of the café one has to remember that the café has a legacy, and that is the most important aspect of the café. The old world charm must keep intact and this will attract the old customers to the café. Along with those new technologies, like wifi facilities, internet café and all can be included to attract the new generation. There can be some new instruments for time pass, like a snooker table can be put in the café, which can be a source of earning money too.

Choice of Employees:

For the smooth running of any business it is very important that it have the right employees. At the time juncture the café must recruit some new faces that will help the café to go to a new dimension. But it must not lay off the old employees too, as they will be a very important part of the schemes. The old customers will feel comfortable while interacting with them and it is really needed in the aspect (Campbell, 2009).

On the other hand the new employees will be familiar with the new additions and they will help the café to help maintain those additions.


Advertising is a very important factor in the success of any business venture. Earlier the word of the mouth publicity can be sufficient for any business, and it had happened for the café too. But a sufficient amount must have to be spent for the publicity of the café. The regular yellow pages and all other general advertising sources should be used, along with online and audio-visual promotions. This will surely make the customers to take notice of the café at the first place (Steenkamp, 2005). And if they like the café then the word of the mouth publicity will come to the front. It can be a proper contrast to the general multinational restaurant chains and this can be done for the good of the restaurant. It is understandable that a general concern can not have that financial strength to fight against the big chains, but they can become a friendly substitute to those, and the café must aim to do that only in the advertisements and their day to day operations (Arora & Henderson, 2007).

The idea of business has been changed with the passage of time and technology. Now, cutting edge technologies and break neck competition in the market has shocked most of the businesses, and it is in the time the organization is thinking of a complete renovation. It takes a huge investment for renovation and unless the investors are absolutely sure about the success of the venture will not invest in the proposition. One of the interesting things of the café is that though it lacked business in recent times it carried out its operations so it never faded away from the public memory, at least to the known customers. So it will be a pleasant surprise to them.

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