Information Technology Facts


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft ones said that the world will become ‘Digital at one point’. The 21st Century has experienced a tremendous growth in technology. Nearly everything is done just by a click of a button. While we cannot dispute the fact that not all has been achieved, the current changes in technology , if anything to go by, have simply changed the world into a global village, bringing it just in our hands, and simply walking with the whole world and nearly everything in our pockets. Technological innovation has taken nearly all sectors including medicine, business, agriculture and nature. New ways of fighting crimes have been innovated, internet banking systems and surveillance monitoring all  are sons of new technological innovation. Those diseases which were unable to be cure nearly 50 years ago are now curable, all because of the new technological innovation that is taking place at a very tremendous speed. Such are the kind of bomb throwing changes that are taking place.

While we cannot argue that IT has had so many effects, both positive and negative, the fact still remains that tremendous changes have taken place. With such kind of vast magnitude in changes, this paper is going to determine and examine the effects of technology, IT ideology and then advantages and disadvantages of the internet will be discussed.


There are so many things that can be talked and discussed about technology, however I chose this area of study due to the various challenges facing it, of  course positive and negative. This is also current in the sense that nearly everyone wants to know what IT is all about, what it brings and what it does. Everyone wants to get I T training both at basic and at an advanced level. Gone are the days where only people without book education were seen and viewed as being illiterate.

The 21st new form of illiteracy is whether one is IT knowledgeable or not, the main question being; does one know how to use a computer or not. This has even seen the old generation class struggle because they don’t want to be left behind, everyone wants to move ahead with other. Therefore my fundamental reason  for writing about it is that it is not only an applicable topic, but also a current issue hence before anyone aspiring to become technologically survey should be able to know all that await of them.


Broadly, information technology encompasses and covers all forms and types of technology that are used to store, create, exchange and use information in its different forms whether in visual or audio form. IT as an absolute and proper term, it encapsulates all technologies such as computer and telephony technology.

IT as a modern innovational technology has both been accepted and refused by some people. Those who refuse view it as an element to diffuse their culture while those who accept it view it as an element that is going to make life easier and better. However, almost most if not all institutional organizations have accepted IT. It has become a compulsory module for those wishing to look  and  search  for employment both in the public and private sector. Companies and businesses are targeting the corporate sector where IT experts have poured their knowledge to make life more enjoyable.

Various governments in the world have come up with different methods in their institutions to make sure that people are not only technologically knowledgeable, but also instill strict  use of IT. To prove how this is serious, the government of Russia is going to spend over $2.9 billion in its programme called e-Russia in the next ten years to make sure that Russia is fully electronic. The Russian Government believes that through this programme more job opportunities will be created and competitive skills in technology will increase, hence IT has actually been set as a potential employer more than other sectors.

IT  have  incorporated all fields and sectors in such a way that nearly everything is technologically not left behind. However, we may argue that IT still needs other in order to fully survive. A good example is whereby an IT manager cannot be an effective manager without some business skills. The manager must have both basic and advanced understanding of operations in business so as to be fully effective.

Schools and other institutions of higher learning are making IT a compulsory subject in the sense that by the time a student is through with education at the school they are able to compete effectively with the technological world.


The internet is a connection of computers around the world via a cable through which they are able to communicate and share information. Nowadays the internet is not just used to send information and download files, however it has been made to have possibly everything around the world, both moral and immoral, acceptable and unacceptable to different societies. Therefore being a tool that has everything, it must have its own  pros and cons. Am therefore going to discuss the advantages before embarking on the disadvantages.


The internet being a global tool of information and communication, it has also became a tool for storage of information. Through use of search engines like Google and Yahoo! We can search for everything and get it in less than a second. Apart from searching information we are doing our own academic research, we can also use it to search for products. Through the internet marketing, we can be able to buy and pay for products on the internet and wait for them do be delivered at our doors after 2 days. These does not only save energy going to shops which sometimes may not be stocking the products, but it also saves time to do other activities.

Through internet banking, we can do our bank transfers from one bank to another, even from a bank in one country to a bank in another country. Instead of wasting time going to the banks to fill forms and queue lines which sometimes may be uncomfortable, we can do internet banking in less than 2 seconds. The advantage of using the internet is that the security provided against fraudsters is very strong through provision of passwords. People might break into banks and steal our money but they can’t break into the internet and still it, therefore internet money protection becomes stronger.

Through use of e-mail, we are able to communicate with people and share information. Internet has also helped us to stay in touch with our friends and relatives through chatting via chat rooms. The internet as a social and information source is also used to broadcast news. We can also download various software on the internet which we can use to make our lives even much better. As a source of entertainment, internet can be used for virtually all source and types of entertainment. People use the internet to download music, movies and various games. Some of this come free while others can be purchased online.

The internet has also been used as a source of online education. Nowadays, people don’t need to physically attend classes, but through video and teleconferencing, they can attend distant education and earn their degrees just by sitting at home. Those also who wish to attend organizational meeting but they have not been able to they can still attend the meetings and get the information required. Managers can also give lectures and address the employees of their companies by just sitting in their offices.


Despite the fact that the internet has so many advantages, it also has some  of  which am going to discuss below.

The internet has been used as a system of spamming, where people send many unusual e-mails which clog the entire system. Through spam messages unscrupulous people may send viruses which end up destroying files stored in computers, hence doesn’t really give much security.

Some people also argue that the internet has been used as an element of erosion of culture. Through pornography which is not protected against young people, hence may end up destroying the young adults morally. Another problem is that of internet addiction, which hazardous health wise is. Some people sit in front of computers for so long and it has always been argued that the radiation emitted from the computers is harmful to the eye. Also sitting for a long time in front of a computer is harmful to the spine, for does not allow them to do exercises.


As discussed above, my report has been able to pass through all the landmark effects of technology and the constant use of the internet. It is clear that the advantages of technology, in view of the internet, surpass its disadvantages. The internet to a great extend has changed our lives to a more positive way, and therefore making life more easier.

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