How to Write an Essay


Essay writing is a crucial skill in the pursuit of academic excellence. It is employed in all areas of study right from the languages where it is an integral part to the sciences where it is thought by men that essays are not supposed to be used. This therefore means that for one to be able to move through the education system without facing many difficulties, it is necessary for them to have all the skills that are required in the writing of credible essays.

The composition of credible essays takes effort. The students are required to know the proper arrangement of material within the composition called the essay. Material arrangement means the student should be able to put material that is meant for the introduction at the introduction which is basically the beginning of the essay. The body part material should also be correctly positioned as well as the conclusion.

 They also need to have a deep understanding of language because at the end of the day it takes language to put the collected material across. Expansion of the points that are raised in support of positions taken and theses formulated calls for language. With all these elements, one should be able to come up with a good essay.


How to Write an Essay

Essays have become a critical part of the school system. It is not possible to come across a subject that does not have essay writing as part of its exercise. Even mathematics as well as all the sciences have essays that students need to write from time to time. This therefore means that the knowledge of essay writing is indispensable. Essay writing involves the gathering of all the required information that is connected to the topic, if it’s given, or choosing a topic first in cases where it is not given. The information is then organized into the presented after a brief introduction and the essay is closed or ended using a conclusion. In a detailed manner, below is the way in which an essay is written (Wyldeck, 2008).

The step in the writing of an essay is the choosing of a topic in cases where it is not given. Then the information that is required in the writing of the essay is collected from the relevant materials such as books and the internet. This process of information collection for purposes of essay writing is called research. The successful collection of information is followed by the arrangement of the information in a chronological manner.

The next step after the information has been organized or arranged in a chronological manner is to write the information. This part of the essay is called the body (eLibrary). It contains the major content and the defense of the thesis if the essay is developed around an essay. Also, if the essay is meant to prove a certain point, the evidence or supporting points are explained here. The points are explained in a deep and clear manner such that whoever is reading the essay can easily understand the point. It is a normal practice to dedicate each point to one paragraph but if a second paragraph is required for more clarity, then it will do no harm (Savage &Mayer, 2006).

The last step in the writing of an essay is the concluding part

This is sometimes called the summary but both the summary and the conclusion can appear in an essay. The conclusion normally has the major content of the entire essay in a brief manner. It also has the position that has gotten more weight from the evidence especially in argumentative essays. The writer of the essay can also state the personal view on the issue in the conclusion.

In conclusion, writing essays is an integral part of school life. It starts with topic selection if the topic is not given, assembly of the required material and writing the essay starting with an introduction followed by the body and then the conclusion.

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