U.S. Presidential Candidate: Hillary Clinton

The former first lady and the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running for president for the second time seeking to defend middle-class Americans and realize all the set goals in the shortest possible terms. In 2012, she lost the Democratic fight to the current national leader Barack Obama. Nowadays, Clinton is considered the favorite in the race for the right to represent her native party in the elections of 2016. The paper seeks to examine the representative from the Democratic Party- Hillary Clinton, her biography, position on domestic and foreign issues, public support, favorable and unfavorable features of the female presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947. She is 68 years old. Clinton is the wife of the 42nd President of the USA Bill Clinton. She was raised in the conservative household adhering to traditional Midwestern values. Clinton belongs to the upper socio-economic class. Her father was of Welsh and English descent while her mother was of Dutch, French-Canadian, Scottish, English, and Welsh descent. The Democratic presidential candidate grew up in a Methodist family. She is a conservative Christian. Since childhood, Hillary has organized the charity events held in the local Methodist Church. The presidential candidate graduated from Wellesley College and the Faculty of Law at Yale. Hillary Clinton was an intelligent, dedicated, and diligent student. Persistence and determination that parents instilled in their daughter became the key to her success in studies and political career. In 1973, she received a Juris Doctor degree and got a job in the Children’s Defense Fund. Nowadays, Clinton is an American politician, former U.S. Secretary of State, and presidential candidate. She is a member of the Democratic Party and considers herself a modern progressive American woman, who protects fundamental human rights and freedoms. She also believes that that the nation will finally build the friendly and democratic society and help people regardless of their social status, age, and race to take advantages and get vital tools to lead a productive life. Hillary Clinton also believes in the necessity to bring practice and philosophy back to the U.S. politics.


The Democratic candidate urges to develop an adequate bankruptcy reform and balance the budget to cease falling wages and rising costs and claims that today’s economy is not working for the middle-class families. Therefore, policymakers have to take urgent measures. The candidate also urges to look back to the 1990s to recognize the fiscal responsibility taken at that time. Hillary Clinton also considers that the successful functioning of an economy for eight years not sufficient. She calls to use taxes to upgrade critical infrastructure and pay off the national debt immediately thus safeguarding the next generation from the burden. Despite the fact that the economy creates consumers, it cannot create citizens, and therefore, investment in people is crucial. Hillary Clinton believes that incentives are much better than the market recovery. She also wants to impose higher taxes on rich people and allow illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship. 

The presidential candidate claims that in addition to the moral and economic issues that the climate change generates, it also poses a great challenge to the national security. Therefore, Hillary Clinton highlights the necessity to safeguard the homeland from extreme weather conditions through radical global and domestic actions. I believe that the country will lead these efforts, and never deviate from the intended path under her leadership.

The presidential candidate wants to have nearly 50% of female officials working in the public service by 2050. She also pushes for the privacy bill of rights and seeks to eliminate the illegal trafficking of people. Clinton regards human rights as women’s rights and vice versa. She wants to make abortion rare by promoting adoption care. The candidate values people’s choice despite its tragic nature. She does not want the government to intrude and influence someone’s decision. The presidential candidate prioritizes green energy and favors the expansion of Affordable Care Act signed into law in March 2010.

Hillary Clinton opposes the agreement on the Trans-Pacific trade partnership between the United States and eleven countries of the Asia-Pacific region as she fears of job losses and harm to the U.S. consumers. In her pre-election interview, she has expressed her dissatisfaction with what she learned about this treaty. Clinton is concerned as the agreement does not raise the question of deliberate undervaluation of exchange rates in order to achieve advantages in trade. From the very beginning, Clinton has said that the country needs an adequate trade agreement that will create jobs, increase wages and strengthen the U.S. national security. She also finds such issues as America’s exceptionalism, military expansion, free trade, and avoidance of foreign entanglements controversial.

Hillary Clinton regards the national security as the core value and the focus of her political campaign. She believes that if the U.S. authorities follow own principles on the way towards the set goal, the entire nation will join them. Clinton also advocates global cooperation in the fight against terrorism and seeks to intensify efforts aimed at ceasing terrorist recruitment and promotion of extremist ideals. As the national leader, she will keep the country strong by following principles and values. Clinton does not support Iranians in their attempts to elaborate a nuclear weapon. She also seeks to defeat ISIS and other foreign terrorist organizations that bring harm to the global community. The Democratic candidate believes that the set goals can be reached only through the joint efforts of partners, societies, and national leaders. Hillary Clinton will try to deter Russian aggression in Europe and the whole world, as well increase the cost of Putin’s actions.

I think that the presidential candidate has significantly benefited from her recent debate performance. According to Kopicki and Lapinski, she hits 50 % support during the last poll. Today, female, male, black, white, old, and young voters maintain the representative of the Democratic Party. Clinton’s supporters positively assess her leadership skills and empathy. She is also tough with new ideas and initiatives. American citizens believe that the victory of the first female candidate will be historically significant. One may cite her rich experience, intelligence, competence, perseverance, and capability to move forward overcoming obstacles as the favorable features of the member of the Democratic Party.

Some experts regard Clinton’s vulnerability as an unfavorable feature of the candidate while others consider that her victory will lead the USA toward oligarchy, and they also fear that the managerial elites will grab more power from the nation. I think that Clinton’s critics do not trust the Democratic candidate as they consider her dishonest due to the fact that she is currently under the FBI investigation.  The majority of Americans (56%) think that Clinton cares only about the issues and needs of people from upper class to which she belongs.

The supporters believe that the female candidate can be far more effective than Barack Obama. She does not believe that the current national leader can unite the two leading parties. Owing to her qualities, she can find a consensus with colleagues and partners, and pull the levers of power in a more effective manner. In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is the strong and influential leader, who facilitates changes in how Americans conceive of government role, free market, and the course of international affairs.

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