Prose Essay: Intricacies and Simplicities of Writing

Writing a prose essay may not be your cup of tea because not everyone is a born writer. The paradox is that some really smart students with amazing imagination cannot compose a proper prose just because they tend to express themselves through poetry. If you are a student of Arts and Literature, you may have a choice even to create your presentations on the subject using poetic structures. Yet, you cannot rhyme all your homework. Another type of anti-prose students is non-literary young scholars who prefer practical research to mind ramblings.

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What Does Prose Mean? The Opponent of Poetry and Even More

If to express it in simple terms, we can perceive prose as an antagonist of poetry. So, can everything that does not have rhymes be called prose? If you study Literature, then you know that there are free verse and poetry in prose. Still, the main difference between the poetic prose and academic prose writing is in the satiation or presence of metaphors or metonymies. Typically, college essays are based on proof-seeking investigations rather than ambiguous metaphoric connotations. Only some narrative and descriptive essays can encompass literary devices if the task is to embed creative experiments. In any case, it is an exception to the rules. Your professor has to be inventively open-minded to allow you to compose poetic presentations on a not very poetic subject.

Unlike poetry, prose is a broad term, as it can include regular essays, scholarly papers, non-fiction, fiction, governmental documents, etc. The distinctive aspect of prose is the absence of line breaks. When writing a verse, you end the line in accordance with the chosen meter and rhythm. Poetry is limited by its structure. Prose can be completed when you run out of reasoning or ideas. However, if prose is not an authorly fiction, it is also limited by the specified word count.

It turns out that both poetry and prose have own limits, but their structural components are diverse and cannot intersect. It is easy to recognize what poetry is and what prose is, even when rhymes are excluded.

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What is the Prose Essay? It is Mostly about Investigating Fiction

You might not agree that we can categorize every essay as prose. If to delve into the content of a full-fledged prose essay, it will archetypally explore a subject close to literature, arts, and culture. For instance, if your assignment is to scrutinize a play, a short story, or a novel, then it belongs to a prose essay writing. Written works on some historical speeches can also be deemed as prose essays.

Sometimes, you are even allowed to insert literary devices in your essay, but you cannot do it chaotically. Every figure of speech ought to be a part of your academic analysis. When exploring a fictional piece, you would have special prompts from your professor, asking you to research an author’s writing style, the chosen motives of the storyline, the roles of protagonists and antagonists, as well as compare the settings, if there are diverse intersections of time and space, such as inverted chronologies.

When you write poetry, you concentrate on the subconscious images and on the flow of ideas, which is controlled merely by rhymes and rhythm. When you write a prose analysis essay, you dedicate much time to reading, unraveling symbolism, elucidating author’s reasons and concepts, etc.

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Difference between Prose and Essay

We can also draw parallels between academic essay and prose itself. When to look at prose as a separate phenomenon, we can discern it as a written language, which can take any form, beside a poetic one. An essay can be any written composition, which is aimed at the exploration of a specific topic.

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How to Write a Prose Essay? Tips Every Student Is to Be Aware Of

  1.  Learn to Comprehend the Prompt and the Essence of the Passage

It is impossible to analyze a work of literature or its alternative if you fail to understand the message of the passage under analysis, as well as essay prompt itself. Your argument of an opportune literary analysis is to be based on evidence. The main tip here is to grasp the prompt carefully, highlighting and jotting down every special paragraph. Your aim is to find the most suitable lines, which would reinforce your argument. Even if you have not come up with the argument yet, it is favorable to write down quotes, which would later serve as in-text citations in your composition. Marking up everything that seems to be substantial might be time-consuming, but that is the essence of every in-depth investigation.

  1. Construct Seamless Introduction Backed by a Coherent Thesis Statement

You may be already exhausted of the constant professor’s reminders about the importance of thesis statements. Yet, this the uniting force of your successful beginning, as it keeps the ideas in your introduction somewhat “glued”. So, you stick to your purpose and avoid thought deviations. A strong thesis statement helps you focus only on relevant concepts. Also, it is recommendable to maintain the attention of your target audience.

  1. Choose Distinct Argument-Supporting Examples

If you wish to know how to write a good prose essay, you have to be able to distinguish and evaluate particular literary fundamentals. So, we come back to the necessity to quote the selected excerpt. Our tip within a tip is that it is preferable to choose brief quotes, as lengthy ones may interrupt the general flow of your thoughts and weaken the potential of your arguments (showing that you seemingly lack ideas). The same is with the in-text citations’ balance – do not include too many quotes, even if they are short. Jamming quotes into one paragraph only undermines you as a prospective writer. Prose essay writing is all about coherence; disrupted illogical details will make your paper neither poetry nor prose.

  1. Connect Your Evidence Through Elucidation of the Relevant Details

In the connection with the prior advice, mere citing will only hinder the progress of your ideas’ generation. Thus, you have to elucidate major details of the issue under analysis. Also, it is beneficial to provide food for thought for your readers as if you presented all your arguments in front of the audience. Write as if you were about to get involved in heated debates while steel keeping the leading role. Thus, you cannot simply provide raw examples without proper explanations.

  1. Work on Your Concluding Part: Make it Insightful but Brief

The fundamental part of your prose essay is the main body where you explain every step of your research supported by the explicit arguments. Hence, conclusion might seem to play only a supplementary role. So, you ought never to underestimate the strength of the concluding part – mainly, the effect it can have on your readers. The conclusion is the section where you can impress your audience with the newest research prospects within the same field. It is not only about summing up; it is about endowing your subject matter with the future. When concluding, you also have to get back to your thesis statement, approaching it from an alternate angle and finally proving it.

  1. Mind Your Grammar and Paper Format

Imagine that you wrote a thought-provoking thesis statement, presented numerous compelling arguments, collected evidence, and summarized your ideas like a pro… but when you revise your work, you suddenly notice grammar mistakes that spoil the overall impression. It is good if you can edit all your mistakes, but sometimes you need a helping hand to assess your work from a fresh perspective. Also, having a good grammar means balancing between excessive sophistication and intellectual simplicity. So, you have to pay attention to your prose essay format, which has strict rules and boundaries. Read the formatting style instructions not to make accidental errors.

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