Information Technology

Management information technology provides information needed to manage organizations effectively it involves three primary resources which are technology, information, and people. with this technology the company will cut cost and also have a future plan on all that it’s going to do. MIS basically base more on what a human manager could do in a firm. This is because it must control the operations in the light of the plans and targets developed in the planning process of the entire firm.

Effective management information systems are needed by all business organization because of the increased complexity and rate of change of today’s business environment and the challenges face by the managers. The important part in all this is the side of the people. With a good manager one will make things work in a very good way. Like Dr. Harrison manager who only thinks of the big money instead of how to invest it and make cash flow go high in the company, he is not showing any signs  of being and excellent manager and with a good system out down here there will be no doubts of failing or getting a loss in a business because the system its self helps in giving the information and also gives direction to the owner so that he or she can know if he is making profits or he is not in any case benefiting from the business.


When choosing a way of managing the business one should use a technology that is more current and make sure that it helps in improving the business as a whole in the present time and also in the future because a business like Harrison’s is to stay for more than five years and the manager should know how it will with the help of the system put down in the organization.

Management information systems are good for any company. I would advise Cullington to strongly allow Dr. Harrison to bring in the use of technology to his firm. The technology will help bring out many things that he did not know. Information systems generally find conflicts during development and can only have a negative impact and cannot be controlled even through effective processes. However, direct impact to project success measures without considering the process.

Conflict is a pervasive phenomenon during the information systems development process]. The sources of conflict during the development process include hostility and jealousy poor communication.  User resistance, frustration and low morale, lack of trust and understanding, personality diversity, and different expectations. The critical role played by conflict in development projects is widely acknowledged in the information systems field.  Unfortunately, our understanding of the impact of conflict on information systems project outcomes is still limited due to conflicting results reported in many companies.

I would urge the owner of the company to choose wisely because having an information system means that the returns are going to be more precise as time management will be enhanced and all that deals with productivity. Efficiency will be enhanced meaning more returns for the owner who wants to stay in business and make more money in any forms of cutting cost and making more profit. Though these may look to be expensive in the short run but it is cheap in the long run because of its importance and use.  The owner should trust the manager (Mr. Cullington) because it seems Cullington would like to improve transparency in the running of the firm. The use of technology should be embraced in the company to improve and reduce running costs. I strongly recommend the use of the MIS for this company.

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