Solar System

The belief was first stated during the seventeen century and has through small  changes. The system is believed to have begun as a nebula that began to rotate and disintegrate as a function of Natural forces of attraction. As it rotated faster, it formed a protostar which was surrounded by a Circumstellar disk (Woolfson, 2007). The middle of the rotating nebula was warmer than the edges. Gradually, small bodies known as Planetesimals began to develop with dust particles sticking to each other. Inside these planetesimals that developed at the middle circumstellar disk were elements that were full of rocks e.g Iron and silica which boil at very high temperatures (Woolfson, 2007).The matter that was   expelled  inner parts started piling up in the external planetesimals. Some rocky elements, gases and Ices formed the external planets. Due to the natural forces of attraction, the planetesimals allegedly crashed or get close to one another.

Formation the Solar System

The continued crashing of planetesimals led to the formation of planets. As time the planets ‘gravity caused most of the two together. The solar system became fixed owing to the setting up of the major planes. The sun is up to date encircled by Small dust particles said to have been left behind after the Solar system formation. This explanation has one major weakness that dust particles have to come together (accretion) in order for planetesimals to form (Woolfson, 2007). The particles of dust that ought to have formed the solar system might have just interacted. The pattern that might have occurred in the rotating disk of the developing solar system was given by matter contained in the rings that encircles planet Saturn. The particle would still interact or explode as they conflicted violently could they have been moving faster.


Despite there being no basis to believe its claim, the nebula hypothesis remains a story of what must have occurred (Therese, 2004). Revolving of the forming system has caused an additional challenge to the development of the solar system.The  law of conservation of angular momentum claims that due to movement of more quantity towards the sun, the mass must rotate faster. You can easily Demonstrate the law of conservation of angular momentum by just sitting on a chair stretching your arms and legs and let someone move you round, then put your arms and legs together and let the person move u round a second time u realize that the speed is higher in the second scenario than in the first one. This should have been the same case with the sun in the nebula explanation.T he sun would have rotated much faster than it does if the nebula explation was precise.The sun contains 0.02 angular momentum and 99% weight of the solar system. To get rid of this evident problem, evolutionalists suggest a process of magnetic field braking (Therese, 2004).

It was for magnetic field to happen in order for the nebula hypothesis to be taken, its precise details are still argued about though. Kuiper belt objects and Comets are also as a result of the supernatural formation of the solar system   (Therese, 2004). Periodic comets are believed to have come from a region of space in our solar system shaped more like an eclipse than a circle which is similar to an asteroid (Kuiper belt) found on the outer parts of planet Neptune’s orbit (Woolfson, 2007). Comets that surround the sun for a period longer than 200 years are believed to have their origin in the immense spherical cloud surrounding the planetary system. This is a hypothetical sphere of icy bodies (Oort cloud) that have been seen by anyone (Woolfson, 2007). Irrespective of this fact, Page 742 of the Woolfson text records that this cloud encircles the sun together with the eight planets and all celestial bodies can and navigate up to half distance towards the closest star (Woolfson, 2007). The scientists  reasons that the content of this cloud remained after the solar system. The scientists get to understand more about the universe especially its history through the study of this distant matter. The bodies in this spherical sphere complete one orbit around the sun in a few  million years owing to their very slow speed in doing so.

Though nobody has seen the oort cloud it is said to be big in size, surrounding the solar system, to have remained after the sun together with the nine planets and all the celestial bodies took form and that it takes many milliona years for its contents to go round the sun (Therese, 2004).  This is incontrovertible truth  set  suit the particulars which have been perceived. This leaves us with the question “at makes it necessary for the revolutionalists to invent the Oort cloud?” Some parts of the comets are blown away by the solar wind as it goes around the sun (Therese, 2004). The discarded parts are seen generally pointing back along the comet path This body loses approximately 1% of its weight every time it goes round the sun. Halley’s Comet loses weight regularly as it goes round the earth every 76 years; this means that if Halley’s Comet has been existing since the beginning of the sun , the nine planets and all the celestial bodies.  This is 4 billion, 500,000 years down the line. Then, it would have lost all its weight billions of years ago (Woolfson, 2007).

Solar System According to the Christians’ Holy Book (The Bible)

For a world that is three mellineums old, this is not a challenge. In their effort to elaborate the existence of the comets in the ancient world, scientists commend that this icy solar system bodies(comets) are constantly expelled from the immense spherical cloud that surrounds the planetary system to mean that there must be new comets that are being added to the universe today otherwise there could be no More comments today. This is because, comets having formed as a result of the heavenly bodies taking form. loses weight after several hundreds orbit  This was enough time for them to lose all the weight leaving the solar system with no Comets. The challenge here is that this elaboration is not based on any observation and it has assumed that the sun and the rest of the celestial bodies have been in existence for 4 billions, 500,000 millions years.  Although most scientists have embraced this model, it is not a very reliable scientific model. Comets show a universe which is only a few years old  We need to talk about the age of the earth and its formation in a special way since this where is we live.

The earth formed as a molten mass that cooled down and formed a crust. This took place during the early stages of the solar system’s formation. The high temperatures were as a result of conflict with the other bodies which surrounded the sun in its initial stages.The third planet from the sun (the Earth) lost its heat and the contents disconnected forming units according to their weights  units with lighter materials moving to the outer parts and the heavy ones to the innermost parts. Again this is contrary to what is recorded in the Bible; it records in Genesis 1:2–6 that the fifth largest of all the eight planets in the beginning a sphere full of water  water Water bodies then comes much later only after the complete cooling of the earth after many millions years. As it is further expounded in text books, the cooling down went on, the formation of the atmosphere took place and the volcanoes dismissed gas into the forming atmosphere. The content of the atmosphere in its early stages is believed to have been: different kind of gases which included nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia etc Oxygent was certainly not a among its contents.

According to many evolutionists oxygen was missing from the atmosphere during its initial stages until after so many years later a bacteria was able to convert carbon Dioxide into organic compounds using the heat from sunlight (photosynthesize) and oxygen started to Slowly gather in the atmosphere (Pater & Lissauer, 2010). The condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere is also as a result of volcanic gas. The atmosphere’s water fell down in form of rain as it cooled down. The first water bodies came up as a result of rainfall which penetrated through the dry ground filling the foundations with water.The living things that were there in the beginning inhabited those water bodies water bodies (Woolfson, 2007).  The basis of the above explanation is the presumption that the theory that the solar system evolved from a hot gaseous nebula is dependable and also that  it is dead chemicals that changed over time giving out life. Failure of the nebula hypothesis would mean the failure of all the explanations that came after it. All these assumptions are found in all the models that makes effort to explain the universes continued being (Pater & Lissauer, 2010).

A certain argument restates that there being no life in the atmosphere to produce oxygen it is factual that oxygen was missing. Existence of oxygen is a chief threat to the ability of chemicals to give life. The factual scenarios for how life originated on earth cannot agree that there was oxygen on the earth during its initial stages since it could have hindered the organic molecules from forming without apparent external cause, this is, non living chemicals could not have given life in the presence of oxygen. It is also explained in the text books that that the rocks that existed in the early past do not show any evidence of there being any presence of oxygen during those early periods. On the contrary, the evidence found in the sedimentary rocks shows that there is no any time in the period of geological history that the atmosphere was oxygen-free (Woolfson, 2007).

Another problem is that the deep layer in the stratosphere which ought to have originated from the atomic number 8(oxygen) which was in the atmosphere formed before the first living things were able to evolve and generate the atomic number 8 which made the deep layer in the stratosphere These differences were found while explaining factually how life was generated on earth. Lastly, we are gong to talk about the moon. The best explanting given by text books is a story about the earth colliding with a mass-sized object. There are possibilities that the moon and the earth formed simultaneously. The fragments that resulted from the conflict between the earth and the moon gathered together forming the new moon and some rocks were also collected from the moon which were dated 4 billions 500,000 years terrestrial assumptions showing clearly that the lunation or the moon and the earth are of the same age in the story of evolution.

This is not different from the ages recorded in the Bible for the moon and the earth; it says that the moon and the earth were formed 600 years ago in a difference of 3 days only. The moon, being the “lesser light” was formed to illuminate the earth at night. We can believe what the writers of the Bible about how God did things over man’s unproven propositions the past that no one can see.  The claim that the lunation or the moon is 4 billions 500,000 years old is debatable This is because the lunation is said to move away from the sun slowly by slowly It is estimated to move 5 inches away each annum which confirms that the lunation cannot be 4 billions, 500,000 millions years old. cannot be There are many challenges facing the realistic description  of the formation of the sun and the rest of the heavenly bodies  as we saw with the big bang theory. This is so due to its failure yo base its opinions on the accurate word of God. It is for you now to choose which one between God’s and man’s view about the formation of the solar system as it is not possible to believe both without compromising one or the other.

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