The definition of what is really real is when it kicks back after you kick it, these definition is based on the observation of what we see everyday observations and the entire process that facilitates this sophisticated scientific process.  In fact, we see things just because they bounce some light from them into our eyes or the objects has the ability to emit its own light otherwise if objects were to stop either of them mentioned processes then they would remain invisible (Matts, 2003)

Not all occurrences in real life are reality, some are human constructs such as space, time and motion, they do not actually exist but we have brought them to being so as to serve us in our own unique ways, they are not real, they do not kick back. In fact, no one can kick them.


What is the stuff that can never be destroyed? Matter? Energy? God? Spirits?

Among the stuff listed none can be destroyed. Matter cannot be destroyed nor created but only undergo nuclear transmutation through matter mutation to different atom and in the process release tremendous amounts of energy in the form of heat. The only way in which matter can be destroyed is if it falls into a Black Hole and whatever remains of it there after is its gravitational effect on the rest of the Universe. Matter is thus a form of energy and can never be destroyed. On the other side energy just like matter can never be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another (Norriss , 1993).

Spirits are existing in many different kinds of creatures in their supernatural forms. My interviewers claimed to have witnessed a form of spirit in their stay, some even communicate with the spirits and use them to cast other spirits which attack people. They noted that not all spirits qualify to be bad spirits.  The spirits are drawn to the physical world by negative energies and cause all sort of bad happenings. When expelled are not killed neither destroyed but change their form as they find new areas to rest on they. Some spirits can be extraordinarily powerful and they can’t be changed except by their own thought and will say some of the people had got a chance to interview. Those who try to exorcise demons find it very had to drive them away.

God cannot as well be destroyed; He owns everything on earth and in space and all the respondents agreed that even without much discussion.

With all these considerations, I came to the conclusion that matter is the only stuff that can be destroyed but on condition that it falls into a Black hole whereby it freezes out completely.

The cosmos, and  purpose

The Cosmic is a set of laws are a characteristics of the One Universal mind. They operate uniformly throughout the universe. They referred to as Universal laws or laws of nature, since they function anywhere and everywhere in the entire universe. That is to mean that the cosmos is ruled by these natural laws. The reality of the cosmos is actually non-physical and does not imply that it is not real. The purpose for the existence of the cosmos is that it is self-existent. In fact the universe exists for itself without a purpose, nothing existed before it which could have led to its being.

Everything in the universe exists within and that could be the source of its purpose. In my opinion, the cause and purpose are concepts that cannot be applied to the cosmos; the universe embraces all the time and all that existed, exists now and shall exist are controlled by the universe (Hawley, & Katerine, 1998).   

Some cosmic laws apply and can be confined to certain dimensions; the laws in are living potentials in every dimension in that they exist in the Mind or beingness of God. Cosmic laws are immutable, unchangeable not by any being or by the Cosmic Itself. There is nothing impossible to God about the expressions of life, however, the one thing impossible for the Cosmic is that it is unable to change its very nature and the laws of its existence. Everything in the universe is governed and controlled by Cosmic laws, these laws are always working consciously or unconsciously of them or not.  They are usually known by their effects and having their origin in higher dimensions (Hawley, & Katerine, 1998).    

The human being

A human being is an extinct member of the family Hominidae. The members are characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage. Man is a source of all eternal problems that the universe is facing currently. The essence of human being comprises the spiritual sphere, the mind, and the bodily organization. Human beings act in the forms determined by the whole development of history. For this reason a human being is a bio-social being and represents the highest level of development of all living organisms on earth. The human being is the only social forms of life, communication and consciousness. As an organism, a human being forms the natural interconnection and obeys its necessity. At the personal level a human being is social (Norriss , 1993)

Biblically, the human being is the creation of God, who was created in His image. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them.” (Gen 1:27).  Being in the image of God, the human person ended up occupying a unique place in creation and God had a special friendship with man that was established. The human is the only that can share, the knowledge and love of God’s, and he is not just something but someone.


In conclusion, the of reality of the existence of cosmic is a very unknown phenomena that is understood by very few people among the  participants who I engaged in my interview.

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