Impact of Technology on Long Distance Relationships


Technology refers to the modern use of innovation in all spheres of life. These areas of life entail social circles, political as well as economic circles. Long distance relationship, on the other hand, entails individuals engaging in romantic affairs, but the same individuals reside in different geographic life. The essay intends to examine the effect of technology on long distance relationships. Relationships have taken different dimensions due to the growth and advancement of technology. The world today relies on technology ranging from transport to communication and even on trade. These factors have embraced technology fully with great impact on how people relate to each other.

Technology particularly in the sector of communication has transformed relationships between individuals. Technology has changed relationship both positively and negatively. It has improved relationships positively in a number of ways for instance; it has introduced cross-cultural relationships in the world in that those individuals from different cultural backgrounds.


Literature Review

Research on the impact of technology on relationships has been carried over by various researchers particularly Facebook. Technology has introduced a social networking platform upon which individuals interact mutually without distance limitations. Facebook as a social networking site has attracted individuals from across the world. On the site, individuals express and exchange ideas particularly on social matters. This exchange of ideas has largely changed the behavior and perception of individuals on matters to do with social roles and expectations. On Facebook, individuals get to meet new people in their lives and open up opportunities for them develop new relationships.

The advantage of Facebook interaction is that it brings people together irrespective of their races, tribes, religion, social class and geographical position. Individuals only get to know better their online partners upon deeper interactions. Research has also proven that around thirty percent of relationships today have been curved online. Facebook has provided the basis upon which individuals meet in the first place. Online meetings further develop into one on one where individuals meet in person.

The research provided the step that online relationships move from to the last one. It stated that the first step entails familiarization where individuals meet for the first time and familiarize themselves and assess their levels of compatibility. Compatibility refers to the degree to which individuals can accommodate one another especially character wise. Individuals with similar character can be said to be compatible whereas those with contradicting practices stand incompatible.

Researchers have shown that technology has also negatively affected relationships with Facebook standing as an ideal case study. Facebook has exposed individuals in relationships to the outside world that is controlled by what individuals see in others rather than what they know about them. Social sites have also encouraged unfaithfulness in relationships whereby couples or individuals dating use the media to either start or strengthen their illicit relationships.

These online sites also provide a haven upon which individuals engaging in extra-marital affairs communicate to their mistresses or other partners. The social sites offer the users some privacy, which help to perpetuate unfaithfulness in a relationship. Other social sites cited by scholars on the impact of technology on relationships include MySpace, Instagram, Twitter and even the most recent Whatsapp.

Each of these social sites has millions of followers from across the world thus creating a network of individuals sharing common ideas though dwelling in different geographical regions. The social sites have enabled individuals to overcome distance barrier and enhance immediacy in communication. Immediacy implies that sending and receiving of messages or another form of communication occurs instantly just at the touch of a button.

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Research questions

This essay attracts a number of questions that include; does technology have any impact on relationships? Has technology enhanced cross-cultural relationships? Has technology increased same sex relationships? Has technology affected the perception and approach of human relationships?


This research has several hypothesis including, technology has improved human relationships, technology cuts across the world in that every part of the world has experienced technological changes, technology has brought in negative effects on relationships. All these are assumptions that have been made in this research that need to be tested and either proven or rejected. All the above selected hypotheses view technology in terms of communication, which is the main element in this research.

A majority of relationships in the world today, trace their origin on social media. Three out of every ten relationships trace their origin on social media. Individuals in these relationships confirm that their first meeting occurred online. The online meetings and interaction move from general to specific whereby individuals single out each other and advance their interests to the point of meeting.

However, technology has influenced relationships in that it has facilitated the rate and area of interaction thus increasing the number of relationships in general. Technology has enabled online sites such as Facebook and Twitter to rise and provide an ideal forum upon which individuals interact and get to know each other. These interactions have resulted in the formation of new relationships across the globe. In brief, it suffices to conclude that technology has increased the surface area upon which individuals can look for their ideal dating partners. These social sites provide a home that host dating sites strictly established to enable individuals find their ideal relationship partners. All these factors have seen a significant increment in the number of relationships.

Technology has also led to an increase in the vice of same-sex relationships. Technology has created a forum upon which individuals exchange ideas on matters of relationships. Some of these forums promote same-sex relationships that have caused an uproar in different parts of the world that still stand opposed to the idea. Even though some countries have accepted and fully embraced same-sex relationships, other still stand opposed to the idea and even have laws in place to handle those found engaging in such practices. Technology has thus ensured that such ideas cross over boarders to reach individuals irrespective of whether the laws of a given country forbid or allow such relationships.

Technology on the hand strengthened relationships in that individuals in relationships use technology especially in communication to strengthen their bond. Couples living in different places even thousands of miles away from each other due to various reasons that range from academics, work among other factors can use modern technology in communication to keep their relationships active. The use of Skype or even Facebook in communication ensures that individuals in relationships remain in active communication. Active communication strengthens the bond between the individuals in the relationship. This has also increased the success levels of many relationships. Success levels, in this case, refer to those relationships that end up in marriage or exist in the same state but with satisfaction.

Technology has also enhanced the growth of virtues such as trust in relationships. Unlike before when one could lie about the actual place than he/she is, currently it has become a bit tricky to lie about the exact location. This is because the technology used in communication can easily reveal one location. Due to this factor, individuals opt to stay true to their word, and this promotes honesty and trust, which stands as essential elements in relationships.

Technology has also had a positive effect on relationships in that it has provided a flow of information to those in relationships. Technology has enabled the flow of information from one person to another on matters to do with relationships. Experts have a platform upon which they provide their expert advice on matters to do with relationships. This relationship tips from the experts have improved how individuals relate to relationships thus helping to build strong relationships. This tips provided by experts range from how individuals ought to treat each other while in a relationship to how they ought to correct each other in case of a misunderstanding arising. The relationships tips target different audiences and gender, but the message bottom line remains improving the relationship.

It is also worth mentioning that technology has improved long distant relationships by ensuring that individuals can travel from far off places to spend time with their partners in the relationships. The use of modern technology such as the planes, private jets among others have facilitated movement and made it possible for individuals in the relationship to spend time together even if they stay far from each other. Thus, technology has enhanced together in long distance relationships.

On the other hand, technology has had its negative effects on long distance relationships in that it has provided a basis upon which individuals in different relationships compete. They compete in the sense that one will want his/her counterpart to do exactly the things as done in a given relationship that she might have read somewhere on online sources. This manner of comparison brings internal conflicts that eventually may end up breaking these long distance relationships.

Technology has also caused problems in long distance relationships in that individuals can use the same technology to track down their partners in the relationships and monitor their movements, and this is common with insecure husbands or wives. This kind of monitoring has its downside in that it helps build mistrust and even turns one into a slave. Monitoring a spouse movement may turn ugly especially if the individual in question realizes that he/ she is being monitored.

However, it suffices to note that even though technology has posed various challenges in long distance relationships, the advantages of it far outweighs the disadvantages. Therefore, technology ought to be viewed as an acceptable and welcomed change. Proper use of technology can help individuals in a long distance relationship enjoy their relationship irrespective of the distance that lies between them. Technology, in other words, has helped couples in a long distance relationship to conquer the distance barrier.

Technology has also opened up the world for the establishment of cross-cultural relationships a phenomenon that never existed before. Establishment of this kind of relationships helps to fights vices such as racial segregation that has been a big challenge in the world today. Technology has provided a platform for interaction that does not segregate individuals as long as one follows the rules and regulations that guide a particular online site.

In conclusion, technology has given a fresh breath and hope for long distance relationships and from the trend it is possible that more is on the way coming as innovations keep coming every day. Proper use of technology strengthens the bond in long distance relationships and reduces the traditional loneliness that defined long distance relationships. Technology has brought individuals in a long distance relationship closer to one another more than before. This means that even these individuals might still not meet physically, and technology has ensured that their communication remain as immediate as possible and also traveling for the purpose of meeting takes the shortest time possible.

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