USA in Stress

Most recent developments in the USA have attracted much global attention from concerned parties. The issues that have been in the limelight include health reforms, education, housing, fixation of financial institutions, international relations especially with the Middle East countries and unemployment. The issues have generated extensive public debate spanning across the political divide, social institutions and business. The fundamental explanation to this heightened state of affairs can be traced to the global economic recession in which the United States experienced a fare share of the unavoidable consequences. One outstanding element of the issues facing the US is the fact that most of the outstanding issues reached peak at a time when the new administration led by president Obama came into power under the democratic ticket.  The challenges have led to difficult situations where choices have to be made that are sensitive and not necessarily popular. Given the fact hat most of the democrats are conservatives, there is a feeling that Democratic Party is no longer articulating the views of the liberals and hence it is definitely going in the wrong direction. Due to this, a new party needs to be formed whose main platform will be the redefining of the liberals’’ position on the crucial issues of health and emplioyment.In view of these challenges and the difficulties that underlie the decisions that must be made, considering the tough positions maintained by the majority conservative democrats, and the urgency at hand, the USA is currently in what can be termed as a stress due to the unresolved challenges facing the country. Based on this setting therefore, the future of America will depend almost entirely on a new approach on the key issues of health and employment.

Madison (1962) observes that a republican “must operate within an extensive sphere in order to effect its purposes”. Continued operation on this sphere, he notes will ensure that the people of the republic are in a position to develop a common vision, an opinion which ought to set bounds to every government, and is the real sovereign. Deep research on historical platforms reveals a close relationship between conservatism and authoritarianism. Altemeyer (1998) brings out the view of Right-Wing Authoritarianism scale which provides the strongest calibration of the liberal-conservatism nature and dimension of American politics. Divergence on the scale is the ultimate source of the conservative/liberal views with a resultant positional repulsion on issues whose standard determination is dependent on eco-political foundations.


The democrats hold the position that there needs to be an overhaul of the systems in these issues and more especially on the issue of health which is seen an all time challenging issue in the history of the United States. The democrats feel it is the best things that can happen to Americans and the possibility of guaranteeing excellent health care to each and every American is the main contention. The republicans feel it will be stunningly expensive to overhaul a system that has served the country for many years. The main source of the stress is informed by the fact that the two political wings seem to be on the extreme ends of these issues. On the health issue for instance, the republicans seem opposed to majority of the bill’s provisions, some of them claiming the health bill is disappointing and Washington has failed to listen to what people are saying across the country. This is according to the Senate minority leader Minority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentuky (CNN, 2010).

These hard positions and the constant disagreements on the way forward on issues like health are the bedrock of the eminent stress that America is currently facing. With a population that is reeling out of the economic downturn and massive job losses, fixing of these issues is key to determining the future of the country. The shape of healthcare will be a solid foundation upon which the medical section shall be built on. If America is to have a great future, then there has to be a new party that projects an approach whose ultimate, sincere objective is to ensure that the country’s fundamental issues are fixed. Such a party will have to be founded on sound social and political tenets that will assure Americas of its glory- a virtue that can always be supported. The new party will have to represent the views of the people squarely. The party will mark a new era where decisions are founded on people relationships at all times, considering the stress Washington is having to handle. The problems and standoff in most issues is perpetuated by the saddening fact that most of the politicians from either side of the parties are more interested in shooting down the issues in a show of political might and cheap pride. This is the kind of scenario that makes it a situational call fro a new approach to set the records straight for Americans’ future.  The firm republican beliefs and position is that any move that is aimed at giving the government any kind of control however small it might be is a move towards socialism and communism, whereas the government denies this and has since then moved to exclude the contentious part from the bill. However, as long as the tough positions remain, not only in health reform but also in the other unresolved issues as well, America will plunge even deeper into the stress it is currently experiencing (Watts, 2009).

In conclusion, it is high time America acquired a new party with a totally different approach but one that will focuses on the redefining of the positions on the outstanding issues of health, education , job creation, immigration and others that have caused the heated debate. This must happen with urgency if the future of the country is to be salvaged, considering the current lack of common ground. As the democrats and republicans get busy pulling in different directions, it is the country that eventually bears the consequences of stalled progress and this is what keen leaders must focus on solving. America is in stress that needs urgent unlocking.

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