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Exploratory essay samples

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An Effective Retirement Plan essay

The study of economics is quite indispensable from the standpoint of either from a country or an individual. We are in the era in which the world is moving so fast. For a salary individual, the retirement life is great in which he gets relaxed, calm playing with his grandsons leaving all the ...

Cartoon Watching essay

Introduction Children are usually born with innocent minds and purity personified. This makes them to compare to a piece of paper, which everyone that passes by leaves a lasting impression. They have minds not marred by thoughts and practices that are corrupt. This makes children vulnerable since ...

Dealing with an unfair man essay

The entire world is a potpourri of diversified things, in which billions of people lived. Among billions of people, every person has different perception, skills and thinking. This is a natural phenomenon that neither two person’s intentions nor perceptions are same. In this big world, there ...

Dykeman Article: Analysis essay

The Dykeman article contains the results of a study whose purpose was to study the effects of pre- referral tertiary intervention in reducing acting out behaviors of students that had been referred for special education due to behavioral difficulties that had been as a result of the effects of ...

Eye Facts and Fictions essay

Introduction Sight is the ability of the human eye to be able to detect and focus images of visible light. This process occurs because of the light on the photoreceptors found in the retina of each eye. The sense of sight is important to all animals and human beings as it leads them by enabling ...

Government Intervention essay

This paper is about the various factors, which affect the economy and how the government intervention will help eliminate these, shape the economy, and steer it towards the right direction. Long time ago, there used to be law but not followed strictly compared to today’s scenario. One could ...

How to Write an Essay essay

Abstract Essay writing is a crucial skill in the pursuit of academic excellence. It is employed in all areas of study right from the languages where it is an integral part to the sciences where it is thought by men that essays are not supposed to be used. This therefore means that for one to be ...

Language and Culture essay

A language is a mixture of the chronological influences on a culture. Thus, it illustrates the cultural characteristics of the nation communicating that language. Language becomes accustomed to any cultural modifications in the surroundings. Language does not only take words from that languages but ...

Media and Teen Pregnancy essay

Introduction There is increased accessibility by teenagers to media content all over the world and acts a learning tool for their sexuality which directly affects their behaviors socially and sexually. Acquisition of knowledge through the media and has become a place for development that regards ...

Military Recruitment in High Schools essay

Introduction Military recruitment involves a process that requires a serious engagement on the part of recruitment officers, recruits and the families of recruits. The government undertakes the military recruitment exercise as an essential part of its services because it involves the most essential ...

My Family essay

This paper is a journal entry which shall centralize on the movie My Family (Mi Familia). This movie which is of a drama genre was directed by Gregory Nava and written by him and Anna Thomas in the year 1995. The base entry that shall be outline in this paper is affirmation or denial of the ...

Plot Summary of Persuasion essay

This assignment summarizes plots of Chapters 13 through 15 of Persuasion which is authored by Austen Jane (2009). Chapter 13 begins with Anne spending her last days in Uppercross in a mansion-house being of the opinion that she has been of help to Mr. and Mrs. Musgroves. Lousia, who was ...

Slavery and Its Attributes essay

Introduction: The word slave is derived from “Slav”, it is just because; during the middle ages most of slaves in Europe and Islamic World were comes from the Slavic Eastern Europe. It is in the fifteenth century when the slavery became linked with the people of Sub-Saharan African. In ...

Test Questions essay

Give an example of a relational crime and how you think American society can best deal with this behavior. Crime remains one of the most challenging vice not just on the difficulty to solve it but also on the diversity of tis manifestation. Domestic crime can be categorized under ...

The Blithe Spirit essay

Many a time’s things go beyond our repair and we try to seek help from every part of the ambiance anybody who comes across our side. Here is a comedy demonstrate of a disturbed man whose centre did not hold more and opted to happy-go-lucky fortitude. The other part of the comedy is of the ...

The Idea of Attraction essay

Interpersonal attraction is an attraction that occurs between people leading to them becoming friends and ending up in romantic relationships. It is linked to how much a person loves likes, hates or dislikes another person. In a way it appears like a force between people that draws them together ...

The Internet in Uprisings essay

The internet has been used both as a tool for business, entertainment, and acquisition of knowledge. Internet has also been used in campaigns for various causes such as political campaigns, advocacies and other similar causes. The uprising in Tunisia and Egypt has raised a new frontier regarding ...

The Sports Construction of Masculinity essay

 “The Sports Construction of Masculinity” The sporting culture in the today’s society reflects the traditional masculine gender role stereotypes accepted by society. Sports are a tool that creates society’s norms of behavior that contributes to the ideology of ...

The Stories essay

The works of literature, starting right from the days long gone to the present have always acted as a true mirror to the society. In other words, most of the stories written, narrations made and play s which have been choreographed within this fraternity have emerged as a true reflection of what is ...

Violent Video Games and Behavior Problems essay

Introduction The gaming industry is an ever growing one with scores of numerous games being released every day. A major type of these games is video games that have become increasingly popular since their introduction in the 70s. Video games are played by people of all age groups with 20% of all ...

Why does the history of empire and capitalism matter essay

Introduction The term empire is usually described as an entity or state which has powerful politico military command of populace that is culturally and ethnically diverse from the imperial (dominating) ethnic cluster, and the state culture differing that of a federation, is that of a voluntarily ...

Useful Tips on Creating an Objective Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay differs from other pieces of academic writing. Producing this paper means examining a specific issue thoroughly with the aim of representing its essence.

In other words, when you start exploring the matter, you do not know what research results you will receive. When writing any other type of academic paper, your task is to prove or deny a particular statement which is known from the very beginning. As to an exploratory essay, everything is vice versa. You have to create an essay in order to highlight the key point and arrive at a logical conclusion.

Due to the above-mentioned information, the following peculiarities of an exploratory essay can be highlighted:

  • An exploratory essay usually tackles a problem rather than develops a particular concept.
  • This paper examines several ways of solving the addressed problem. It presents the pros and cons of each solution so that it is possible to choose the most appropriate one.
  • An exploratory essay can be written in two ways. First, you may improvise, i.e. come to a valid conclusion in the course of research. Second, you may produce a conclusion and then write a paper fitting it. It should be admitted that the former is more common for preparing an exploratory essay. However, the latter will help you create a coherent piece of writing.

Teachers often assign students to write an exploratory essay to encourage them to learn material on their own. Some students find such a method inefficient, while others state it is rather helpful in investigating unknown subjects.

An exploratory essay should be structured in the following way:

  • Introductory Paragraph

  1. Clearly determine the topic. In order to make a good start, you may cite a quotation taken from a research work, describe a theory, or ask a question.
  2. Explain readers why the presented issue is worth being discussed. Provide several opinions about the subject or suggest your own solutions.
  • Main Body

  1. Provide basic data about the examined matter.
  2. Make a detailed analysis of the opinions presented in the introduction.
  3. Select the method of solving the issue which you consider the most effective. You may also propose your own solution if you think the offered one is inappropriate.
  • Conclusion

  1. Refer to the introduction and make sure you have provided a good solution to the problem. Explain why you consider the chosen approach to resolving the issue suitable.

To summarize, an exploratory essay examines the matter, works out several solutions, and helps readers learn new facts about the analyzed subject.

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