Writing a reaction paper in APA format

If you are studying at such an educational institution as college, there is a huge chance that your professors will ask you to work on writing a reaction paper in APA format. The majority of the students refer to this type of written task as a response essay or paper as well. These types of the written tasks reflect what students should focus on in them. They should first read an assigned book or text, see a film or a documentary, and give their clear reaction or response to it.

Like other written assignments that students will frequently be assigned in their educational institutions, for instance, colleges, it is not a huge issue why they have been assigned such piece of writing as it is a serious problem how to complete them following all the requirements and format set. 

Thus, how should students complete a reaction paper? Do they know of various guidelines in composing this piece of writing that should be kept to? Why not seek professional custom reaction paper writing help if you are unaware of how to write it in a decent way. It is worthwhile stressing that we have prepared a detailed guide for you. Please read this article till the end to grasp the key ideas.


How to complete an introduction for a reaction paper

If you stick to the steps indicated below on how to compose a reaction paper or response paper, you will be capable of completing your written assignment easily. This scrupulous guide will make emphasis on all the aspects, comprising how to prepare an introduction for a response paper.

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A few topics for a reaction paper for psychology

Before you commence your work, you should choose a topic that emphasizes your understanding of the text read. If your professors have not provided you with the list of the topics so that you will be capable of choosing from, please consider a few indicated below:

  • Chile obesity as a consequence of parental negligence 
  • Hyperactivity in children: Biological, environmental, family, and psychological factors
  • Ethical, legal and religious features of adoption
  • Causes & consequences of split personality in adults and children
  • Signs of sexual abuse
  • Signs of cyber bulling

Whenever you choose the topic that emphasizes on your reaction can also assist you in writing an introduction, as well as thesis statement. 

Reaction paper sample to read for free

Writing a reaction paper in APA format: Key features

The first thing that you should do is to summarize the text by composing a reaction paper outline format (or you may refer to it as a sample). Creating your reaction paper outline will help assist you in being concentrated and in keeping your ideas in a clear order. Furthermore, it allows using highlighters while you are reading the text in order to show the key points that you would like to utilize in your summary.

After you have read the text suggested or chosen, develop a detailed summary considering the highlighted points. Consider including in your summary such pieces of information as:

  1. The title and the author (publication date and the publisher or publishing house)
  2. If your professor has assigned a video podcast or a film, you should include its company or producer. Some films have subtitles. Thus, you can easily quote whatever you consider suitable.
  3. If you use the quotes from a book or article, always indicate the exact number of the page. 
  4. Focus on the most important ideas or thoughts and indicate the content that supports some of them.
  5. Avoid getting too informative in your summary. Always make emphasis on the most significant facts and ideas.
  6. Double-check your syllabus in order to ensure that you are utilizing the correct formatting style required by your professor. Search for the questions that you could focus on in accordance with your writing task. 

Your professor would like you to include the following info into your reaction or response paper

When you should compose a reaction essay in such science classes, as psychology or humanities, your professor can require that you should do this following the APA formatting style. The abbreviation “APA” stands for the American Psychological Association. If you should keep to this style, take into account that there exist the well-established guidelines on APA reaction paper writing. The following format differs from MLA. If you have never utilized it before, it is advised to practice it while working on your APA reaction paper outline.

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Some of the basic aspects of writing a reaction paper in APA format:

  • Title Page: every title page should have a running head at the very top of the page. On the first page, the words “Running head” ought to proceed the title of the response paper. Consider that on the other pages, the word “Running head” should be omitted and only the title of the work, types in capital letters, should be indicated.
  • Abstract: This element should present a summary of the information presented in your reaction paper. It should follow the title page. 
  • The paper itself: Take into consideration that there should be the following elements, including an introduction with a clear and unique thesis statement, a main body, and a conclusion. 
  • References: Every source utilized in your response paper should be listed on the resources page. The word “reference” should not be bolded. It should be centered on a separate page. All references used should be provided in alphabetical order. Take into account that the first line of every reference should be flush left.
  • References should not be on the reference page only. They all should be cited in your response paper. You should follow the APA style of formatting while completing your references.

The APA response paper layout should be daunting whenever you first compose one, but if you commence by breaking it down into several smaller steps, it could be easier for you, and in the future, you will be excellent at completing response papers. 

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