Writing business memos: Essential pieces of information

If you are majoring in the field of Business, then you are supposed to be capable of writing business memos in the most effective and efficient way. If you are unaware of all the issues related to the process of writing business memos, then read this article very carefully and scrupulously.

What is a memo for business?

A business memo is a brief document utilized to inform the employees about specific events or activities taken place within a company. A memo is usually characterized by briefness, directness, and clarity. This piece of writing is less formal than a business letter, but it is supposed to maintain a succinct and professional style. Consider that the goal of a business memo is usually twofold: firstly, it is imperative to identify a specific problem, and secondly, it is of great significance to suggest an effective solution to it. Memos can also request or provide factual / needed info. 

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What is the purpose of a business memo?

Every business memo is designed in order to accommodate the readers who would like to find out or need certain information in a quickly and easy way. In writing business memos, it is advised to organize memos to accommodate different types of readers.

Different types of readers

Take into account that the above-mentioned readers have various goals in reading the business memos. Often, they should make policies and take certain decisions that are to be based on specific recommendations or directions indicated in memos. Other readers want to get specific info (evidence) that they need to comprehend and justify a certain policy. Readers can also want to grasp a sense of a specific professional judgment or ability.

While establishing the readers and the purpose of each memo, it is necessary to reply to the following questions, “Who is this memo calculated on for? What should future readers do after they have read this memo? What info will be search for in the memo by the readers?” The above-indicated questions will assist in guiding the structure, content, and style of a business memo.

Key reasons to write a business memo

Consider that it is worthwhile writing business memos due to several reasons:

  • to persuade or justify a specific action;
  • to present a business report;
  • to inform about s certain important task, directive, or policy; 

Regardless of the goals, business memos are subdivided into a few essential segments in order to present the facts or information and to achieve the readers’ intentions. It is worth stressing that efficient and effective business communication is aimed at improving the performance, relationships, workflow, and work distribution within a firm. Take into account that if you are capable of composing high-quality and superb business memos, not only the company but also you would like to become highly productive in reaping lots of various benefits and advantages.

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Memo sample

Writing business memos is not a very simple task at could be accomplished in a few minutes as you should be well aware of such specific features as structure, organization, style, as well as content. We would like to inform you that all our customers are allowed to have free access to the database with a great number of business memo sample pdf. We consider that if our customers get access to business memos, they will grasp the key ideas concerning how to write business memo sample themselves. In case they are incapable of handing this task alone due to a wide range of reasons, our professional business memos writing experts will always assist them with pleasure.

Writing memos for business: Practical tips 

Before you commence writing your business memo, you should make up your mind on it type – persuasive or informative. The latter outlines some peculiar info or facts and then  requests that the readers should take some actions, whereas the former attracts the attention of the readers before a specific task or directive is indicated or provided.

  • The content of the memo should be very clear, brief, and informative.
  • The length of the memo should not exceed 1 or 1.5 page.
  • It is necessary to indicate such pieces of info as the date, the recipient(s), topic or subject, and then the main body of the business memo should be provided.
  • In the line – “Topic or Subject”, it is imperative to clearly indicate what the business memo will be devoted to.
  • There are supposed to headings and subheadings in the memo so that the reader could focus on the most important points. 
  • Consider that writing business memos implies that their bodies should be detailed, coherent, understandable, and complete.
  • The action or purpose statement is to be provided in 1 or 2 sentences each. 
  • The purpose statement is to focus on the main reason of the business memo preparation.
  • The action statement is supposed to inform the reader about what is required or required of him / her in response to the memo sent.
  • The main body is to deal with any necessary background, or descriptive or in-depth details and can consist of a few short paragraphs, headings, or bulleted lists.
  • A memo may also include supplement line (indicating in capital letters who has completed it as well as in lower case letters who has formatted it).

How to write an effective memo for business

An effective and efficient business memo should be brief, coherent, direct, and clear to understand. The following 5 writing strategies can assist readers in navigating business memos both quickly and quickly:

  • Present the key point(s). This may be the most important guideline on the content and structure of the business memo. The reader should quickly comprehend the content as well as significance of the business memo. If the reader has a problem or a question, he / she wants to know a clear answer or an effective solution immediately, he/ she can keep reading. Consider that supporting details are to follow the key point or the conclusion and not precede it.
  • Follow a professional style. The writing style should be aimed at the reader, for instance, the director, manager, coworkers, or all of them. Thus, the style of writing should be straightforward, professional, cordial, and coherent. To achieve this goal, apply short sentences in the active voice. Avoid utilizing jargon and colloquial phrases and words. In abbreviations are used, their full forms should always be provided
  • Create a very understandable and brief subject line in order to give the reader a clear point of the subject / purpose of the business memo. The subject line is supposed to direct the reader to the purpose or subject of the business memo and provide a clear reference for a quick and clear review. 
  • Provide an overview or summary of the most significant points, if the business memo comprises more than 1 page. The first paragraph of a long business memo or message, frequently referred to as an executive summary, serves the following functions:
  1. to present specific requests, recommendations, or conclusions;
  2. to summarize and then preview the most significant arguments / counterarguments, facts, or piece of evidence;
  3. to predict the order, as well as structure of the information presented in the  business memo reminder;
  4. Like the subject line, an executive summary should be aimed at providing a quick and clear overview of the content and goal of the business memo. Consider that the reader will utilize it to guide a first quick reading as well as subsequent rapid reviews.
  • Apply format features, including headings and subheadings so as to signal the business memo’s structure, as well as guide the reader in searching for the information  he /she may be in need of. Headings and subheadings should provide a clear outline of the business memo, thus enabling the reader to easily observe what the essential points or topics are and where to quickly find them in the document. It is recommended to make the headings and subheadings parallel with one another and as concrete as only possible. There are also other format characteristics that show the structure and are capable of guiding the reader. They are as follows: short paragraphs or coherent blocks of text, the lists set off by the indentations, bullets or numbers, or the frequent utilization of white space aimed at guiding the reader’s eye.

We expect that our thorough and detailed guide on writing business memos will help you in handling all your essential business issues. In case there are problematic points, feel free to contact our sophisticated business memo professionals and they will be glad to assist you. 

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