How to write an interview paper: Strategies for successful writing

Students find it hard to cope with interview paper writing, as they are not frequently assigned this type of papers. Normally, some of the frequently given assignments are essays, reports, reviews, case studies, and research papers. Therefore, it is not surprising why many students keep asking, “How to write an interview paper?” When it comes to the very process of writing an interview paper, it should be admitted that it demands thorough preparation and thoughtful planning. The main goal of this paper is that it serves as a roadmap for the interview. As such, before conducting the very interview, you have to write an interview paper, where you will have to think of the topic, identify the main questions you will ask, organize them in a careful and logical manner, as well as gather the necessary and relevant information on the topic. You might as well prepare an outline that will help you see a clear picture of what you intend to discuss. One of the greatest difficulties of the process of interview paper writing and conducting an interview is that it is limited in time and should be delivered within the set (usually short deadline). If you find the process of interview paper writing tedious and time-consuming, be sure that you can order paper interview from our reliable and trustworthy writing service. 

Regardless of whether you study in a college or university, you will definitely be asked to provide an interview paper. You may immediately notice that the structure and the process of preparation to an interview essay differs much from the writing preparation to some other essay types. The very aim of assigning interview papers differ: normally, when students are given interview papers to write, they are expected to master asking questions, learning the difference between different types of questions, as well as be able to write these details clearly in a way that is comprehensible and understandable to the target audience. 


Without a doubt, to prepare the very interview questions, it is necessary to do some research in the subject. In this way, you will better understand about the context and will be more well versed in the subject. If this sounds too complicated for you, you may try your luck searching for interview questions samples online. Still, there is no guarantee that you will get properly written questions of superb quality. One of the best options, however, is to address a custom writing service for assistance and ask professional writers to provide an interview essay of impeccable quality. 

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Tips on how to write an interview paper

  1. Make sure you carefully read the paper prompt in order to understand it well. Afterwards, come up with a specific topic (it should be the topic you specialize in or that you are passionate about). It is a must that the topic is interesting to the reader. If you have been assigned a topic that you do not quite understand, make sure to do some preliminary research and gather more background information. 
  2. Make sure the interview has a specific focus. As such, make the questions logically related to each other. 
  3. Make sure you explore sources that are available on the topic. Make sure the sources are credible and trustworthy. 
  4. After you have gathered sufficient information on the topic and have understood the topic properly, be sure to develop meaningful questions. Make sure they are clear and not confusing to the interviewee. 
  5. When arranging the interview with the chosen person(s), make sure you agree on the specific time and place. 
  6. In the process of interview, be sure to take notes. It is even better to record the conversation with a digital voice recorder. 
  7. After you have conducted an interview and made notes, try to develop an interview essay based on the gathered information. 
  8. After you have written the paper, be sure to edit and proofread it carefully. 

If you have read these tips but still find it difficult to understand how to write an interview paper, be sure to ask our professional academic writers for writing help.

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How to write an interview paper format

An interview essay has a specific format or mode of organization. Therefore, if you want to succeed in interview paper writing, be sure to follow the required structure and formatting style. As any other essay type of writing, an interview paper should be formatted according to a single formatting style — whether it is APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard or some other. 

Moreover, to ensure proper structures and to avoid difficulties with paper organization in the process of writing, be sure to compose an outline. It will help you see a vivid picture of the paper. 

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An interview essay has the following constituents

  • Introduction

This is the opening paragraph that has the core purpose of attracting attention of the audience. Even when it comes to the very interview, before asking the questions, you should introduce yourself and the very purpose of the interview. As such, it is essential to make it interesting and appealing. The readers should be willing to know what you will write about and how the topic will develop. 

Just like in any other introduction, you need to finish it with a strong and clear thesis statement. It will convey the man idea of the essay and help your target audience understand what message you intend to communicate across.

  • The main body

This is the part, where you develop the body paragraphs. Normally, the structure varies from three to five body paragraphs depending on the paper requirements and paper length. When developing the body paragraphs, be sure that each paragraph should be devoted to a single idea and that it should also provide supporting information, facts, examples, illustrations, and other evidence. Moreover, it should be clear why you have chosen a specific person to be interviewed.

  • Conclusion

The ending should present a logical conclusion to the discussion. You need to summarize the main ideas and findings as well as to pinpoint why the interview was significant. You may also provide your own reflections on the very interviewing process with the chosen person.

Be sure that you can address our company for assistance with interview paper writing but if you have decided to work on the paper on your own, check out some of the sample questions that may help you come up with the topic for your interview:

  1. What do you think of the situation with the homeless people? How do you react when they ask for money?
  2. What does it mean to you to be “green” in the modern society?
  3. Who do you view as the most important people?
  4. Your greatest passion in life.
  5. The meaning of family and friendship in your life. 
  6. What is your most important accomplishment?
  7. Have you ever tried volunteering? How did you like the experience?
  8. What is the most important lesson you have derived in your life?
  9. What is more important: to have an innate talent for something and work less or to work hard usually?
  10. What is the most ambitious goal of your life?

Some of these questions may help you to construct an interview round a specific subject. Be sure that you can take these ideas and further enrich the interview with some other aspects. 

Make sure that it is not merely the interview questions that make the essence of the interview essay. You should also provide some information about the interviewee, the topics that you have discussed, and a detailed explanation why they are important. Moreover, be sure that you provide some direct quotes as well.

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