White paper topic ideas

Need white paper topic ideas? Cannot cope with composing your white paper of supreme quality? Then you should definitely read carefully this article devoted to white paper writing. 

A white paper is referred to a very authoritative document that provides the future readers with comprehensive and clear info that they should be aware of in terms of the problematic issue, as well as its possible solutions. Typically composed for marketing and aimed at improving the company’s performance, it should be informative, persuasive and clear, as well as include reputable and reliable sources. Such papers are completed in narrative form; although they should contain a formal style and tone, as well as comprise a great deal of facts, data, and statistics. If your teacher has assigned you a white paper to complete, but you are unsure how to commence it, you could always hire professional experts specializing in white paper writer writing. Before our academic writing company will be capable of providing you with all the details concerning our white paper writing services, take into consideration a few tips on how to compose a white paper of supreme quality.

Organizations and other business entities prepare white papers when they decide to market their services or products, as well as gather as much info as they are able about a specific issue related to their future business. Well, would you like to find out what a white paper is or how to get white paper topic ideas, then read this article till the very end?


What is a white paper?

A white paper is a detailed, in-depth and informative guide or report on a certain topic and issues related to it. The key purpose is to educate future readers and assist them in understanding and solving the issue under analysis. 

In the marketing and business world, white papers are long-form pieces of content, which are very similar to those of eBooks. The difference between the above-mentioned papers is that the former are more technical and detailed. The opinions and facts indicated in the white papers are usually backed by authentic research or statistical data that the publishers have aggregated from the reliable and related sources. While papers may include graphs, tables, charts, and other ways of data. 

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White paper purpose

A white paper is calculated on for potential or future customers. As a consequently, they should be highly persuasive and informative. On the other hand, they are not supposed to be subjective sales pitches; rather, they should rely on data, info or statistics provided or released by profound specialists in the field.

Whenever completing a white paper, it is significant that the users get rid of the feeling as if they are well informed about the chosen topic. Consequently, it should comprise far more details than an ordinal article. The majority of the white papers do address a certain problem, provide explanations why it exists and the difficulties or weaknesses it highlights. Moreover, the paper should discuss potential or possible solutions to the problematic issue and explain to future users why a specific organization is best fitted to address or solve them. The length of a white paper can vary depending on preferences or requirements of the professors or directors. Some could be 5-7 pages minimum, whereas others could comprise be 3-5 pages based on how many details your professor needs.

How to find white paper topic ideas

If you would like many users to read your white paper, it is essential that you should choose an important and relevant topic. Here are a few factors that should be considered when settling on your topic for your white paper:

Future readers or osers

It is evident that whenever you are to prepare different business papers, the users are the key priority. Maybe, you wish to refer to those customers who have been buying your services or products for many years. Well, on the other hand, your targets should be your potential future customers that are unfamiliar with the industry you are working in. Think of the problems relevant to the needs of your customers. Make sure that you have chosen the topic that needs updates or for which there is a significant gap in the conducted researches.


Each white paper should emphasize on the expertise which your company possesses. In order to do this, it is essential that a while paper comprise comprehensive research utilizing different both internal and external sources, data, and statistics. 

Solution(s)-focused and problem(s)-based

A white paper is aimed at examining and finding effective solutions to specific problems that are relevant and up-to-date in the industry of your operation. For example, you could decide to discuss certain dilemmas common to the field of your company’s functioning or even novel trends, strategies, methods, designs, or make comparison of companies within the industry. Furthermore, you are to provide effective solutions grounded on the research conducted. To achieve the above-mentioned goal, it is reasonable to include graphics, tables, or charts.

Useful tips for writing white papers

Composing a white paper is a complicated task, but it could assist you in standing out as a sophisticated specialist in a certain field. Please consider a few tips that could help you in preparing your white paper of superb quality.

  • Choose a topic that future readers would like to pay attention to. This seems evident, but choosing the right topic could turn out the most complicated thing. Firstly, establish who your future readers will be. Secondly, choose a specific issue or problem which could interest them a lot. It could be a common problematic issue they have experienced recently, or a case study of profitable corporations in the industry you are currently operating.
  • Be professional, descriptive, clear, and original. Preparing a white paper is a serious and scrupulous piece of writing. A business writing style should be followed. Probably, you will end up composing at least 7-10 pages to present your considerations in a comprehensible way.
  • Focus on the introduction section.  You should draw the attention of your readers with the first lines. Get them interested in your piece of writing, and then clearly inform them about what they will be able to accomplish or realize by having read the white paper of yours. This implies writing a while paper summary and providing a well-structures list of the topics under discussion.
  • Make emphasis on the value that you will be capable of creating. Take into account that a white paper is not an ordinary billboard for the future business of yours—it is a splendid chance to create the image of expertise, as well as insights that could assist your future readers. As a consequence, they could purchase from you in the future. Firstly, although, you should give your future readers something of value. Consider that you will be able to do this by indicating useful recommendations, tips, info, or solutions in your while paper.
  • Structure a draft accordingly. Firstly, come up with a coherent and understandable outline, and then commence writing your white paper. Ensure the flow of the white paper correlates with the goals set by your. Do your best to draw attention of your future readers, deliver key values, and make them take some actions in the future.
  • Writing and editing processes. Once you have managed to put your outline in one well-thought-out piece, write down all your considerations on paper as quickly as possible in order not to forget them. Just commence your writing process. Don not get worried about editing your paper until you have been done with your draft. You should avoid repeating the same things for several times. Try to be reasonable and predictive in everything you are doing.
  • Proofread and edit. Refer to your draft and clearly evaluate what should be done to make it look much better. You could ask other people to read it and provide their considerations, because they can come across different mistakes overlooked by you. It is also recommended to read your paper out loud so as to ensure that there are no incorrect sentences, bizarre phrases, or colloquial words.

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