What is art essay writing?

Most of the students think that writing an art essay is a complicated process. They typically stop on a "what is art essay" question. To compose a truly worthy paper you have to get closer to the plan, you will have to choose the right theme and summarize it in a correct way. That is why it is important to follow the guide!


Definition of an art essay

In the beginning, you have to understand what art essay is. Overall, an art essay is not similar at all to any other kind of written works. Art is a quite challenging subject and contains plenty of themes you can select for your essay. Art essay is an essay that discloses the reader the art theme and provides him full explanation regarding all concerning issues. 

Kinds of art essays

An art analysis essay has two main kinds: comparative and formal. A comparative art essays strive for comparing two or more pieces of art with the goal of determining the similarities and distinctions among them. Formal art essays are aimed to analyze an art form, determining it the brightest characteristics. Comparative analysis of an art form is grounded on the formal analysis. When you are making a comparative analysis of a work, you have to firstly analyze it according to the principles of the formal approach, and after to compare and match against each other. In this case, there are 2 possible strategies. The first one “lumping”, where you can analyze all details of item A and then of item B. The next strategy is “splitting” when all details of item A and item B are analyzed at the same time.

The formal analysis of work infers that the form is the central object of scrutiny. Such factors as color, shape, size are analyzed in the first place. When analyzing a work from a formal standpoint, check to disclose such questions:

  • The name of the author.
  • The time frames when this piece of art was composed
  • The historic background behind the analyzed piece of art. 
  • Background of the author.
  • What is the physical state of the piece of art?
  • Is it typical for that time?
  • Mind all the elements (lights, colors, technique, etc.). Looks harmonious?

Depending on the item of art you want to describe, you may apply various approaches in creating your art paper. For instance, if you are planning to write about a piece of architecture, then you have to say about materials, form, format, function. If you are going to write about the picture, then mention colors, lines, symbols, size, light.

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Art essay structure to follow

Beginning art essay writing

Beginning any new writing work is always an issue. You have to create an introduction to the theme you have selected. Shortly explain why this theme is significant and its meaning to the art in general. After your reader will understand the theme you stated in your work, you can provide him information that you discovered. Each fact (it is not important what type) has to be quoted with evidence at the end of an art essay.

The body of an art essay

To make your work much more attractive, you can involve counter-arguments and samples. Besides it, there are some other details that you have to control, like the applying of good language. We mean avoid grammatical mistakes, do not use the same words seldom, avoid adding unnecessary expressions, and definitely go about using brief sentences. It is smart to write brief sentences, it becomes simpler for the reader to realize the meaning of your essay.

Concluding an art essay

Finally, an art essay is not full without a correct conclusion. This is a quite significant section of the work; you should conclude the essay at the right moment. Here is a list of useful tools to make it simpler:

  • Link it.

You should connect your conclusion part with the first one to answer the issue, and a good idea is to repeat your first sentence to put an ending point. 

  • Do not apply these words in your work

"In conclusion," "in summary" and similar. When you have a simple conversation with people, it is fine to say that to pay their attention to it, but for the writing, it will just bother because the reader can identify when the paper will finish.

  • Open discussion

The whole essay is a comparison of various people's statements. You introduce all the facts and then make a conclusion. If you composing about the picture, it may be something that the writer said about it, for instance. This way you are closing the discussion without closing it off.

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  36. Create a Screenplay Concerning the Work of Your Favorite Author
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  40. Conduct a Research about Specific Period in the Life of One Writer
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  42. Write about an Artist or Manner You Aren't Familiar With
  43. Research the Historical Meaning of a Museum
  44. Research the Specific Artist's Manner 
  45. Explore Aspects of Ancient Greek Figurines With Their Effect on the Science of Figurines.
  46. Differences and Similarities between Egyptian Plus Mesoamerican Pyramids
  47. Explore the Main Reasons for the Changes in Roman Artistic Technique during The 6th Century
  48. Research Some Popular Artworks from Egypt
  49. Explore the Building Process of the Great Wall of China
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  52. Reasons Why TV Shows Are Not That Popular Anymore
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  54. Why the Pop Culture Deserves Serious Attention
  55. Musical Training: Reasons Why It Will Make You Happier
  56. Cautious Stereotypes Concerning Reality TV Shows
  57. Reasons for Not Allowing Sports Betting Everywhere.
  58. Photos: Reasons Why They Cause Some Doubts Concerning Your Appearance
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  62. How Does Art Influence Our Daily Routine?
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  65. Has Theatre A Power To Change Culture?
  66. Can Banksy Be Accepted As an Artist or A Vandal?
  67. Is It A Good Idea To Invest In Art?
  68. Reasons What Art Is Not Enough Valued
  69. When Paris Became A World Center Of Art?
  70. Minimalist Method of Graphic Design Research
  71. Exploration with Decorations Design Concerning Minimalism Art
  72. Influence on Minimalist Art on the Making on the Artistic Conception of Interior Landscape
  73. Minimalism Art in Italy.
  74. An Exploration of Construction Techniques of Minimalist Sculpture
  75. Minimalism Art with Contemporary Environmental Art
  76. Relation between Minimalism Art and Furniture Design
  77. Exploration of the Rudimentary Minimalism Methods
  78. A Detailed Exploration of Contemporary Minimalism Sculpture
  79. Study of Minimalism Art when it comes to East Sculpture
  80. What Are Some Of The Biblical Hints in The Early Pictures of Leonardo Da Vinci?
  81. Reasons For The Use Of Christian Topics And Signs Concerning Renaissance Art.
  82. Strangeness of Raphael’s Pictures
  83. Women’s Clothes and Appearance Standards in The Renaissance Period
  84. Description of Humanistic Notions When It Comes To Renaissance Art
  85. Impact of science on Ancient Greek architecture
  86. Define the central reasons for the shift in Roman artistic style in the 6th century.
  87. The Great Wall of China and its building process.
  88. Women and Politics in Ancient Athens.
  89. Female participation in Ancient Art.
  90. Art and sculpture in Ancient Times
  91. The story behind the art and sculpture of Ancient Athens
  92. Depict the Ancient Rome literature and music.
  93. Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles.
  94. Correlation between Nazi and Soviet art.
  95. Can abstract art be decrypted?
  96. The art of hideous.
  97. Bauhaus direction.
  98. Surrealist direction.
  99. Photo as modern art.
  100. Pablo Picasso is an establisher of cubism.

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