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The tradition to have particular clothes for schools and universities goes as far back as the 13th century. Although it is not possible now to determine what the first school uniform was and how the first students looked like, the tradition to dress accordingly in a particular college or university is still kept in numerous countries of the world. Dress code is a guidance given to the members of a certain organization or participants of a certain event, while wearing uniforms has different rules and standards. Having a uniform means that everyone has to put on the same clothing. It is common to write a school uniforms essay as an assignment to get to know the opinion of a student about the benefits and negative effects of wearing a school uniform. The students mostly mention that the uniform helps to resolve the issues related to the gap in status and financial situation of different students. Besides, they point out the practicality of having comfortable and simple clothes that can be taken in the morning without thinking what will be good to wear. Nevertheless, there are some problems related to wearing uniforms, and the students always note them. Lack of self-identity and impossible expression of one’s creativity and bright nature through clothes are among the negative consequences of being dressed in the same manner with numerous other people. The students often analyze the concept of individualism in their argumentative essays. To make the essay outstanding, it is important to create an individual outline, compose a good introduction, add the paragraphs of the main body, and conclude with a summarizing paragraph. 


Should students wear school uniforms essay: How to write it

There is no unanimous opinion on any topic, and it is natural that the topic of wearing uniforms also brings debates and discussions. Some people are for having the same clothes, while others are against the idea of similarity. There is no definite answer about the good and bad things that is why it is interesting to read the students’ essays and get to know their individual ideas on the topic. 

The essay devoted to the benefits and drawbacks of school uniforms is supposed to give a review of the key arguments from the ‘for’ and ‘against’ sides. It is important to prepare sufficient evidence to make sure that the paper is well-grounded and it has a logical flow of ideas. The aim of the paper is to see whether the student can give a clear answer to the question and support his or her opinion with good evidence. 

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Essay on school uniforms: Introduction 

Writing a school uniforms essay, you will start with the analysis of the positive factors and only after that, you will go on to the negative aspects. Getting the negative information at the very beginning, the readers will most probably find the essay not very appealing. Otherwise, if there are positive arguments before the negative ones, it is possible for the readers to form their own unbiased opinion on the topic. 

Positive arguments:
  1. Introducing of the school uniforms ensures the enhancement of the teamwork and discipline. For instance, the athletes and soldiers always wear the uniforms. Have you ever thought why it is needed? 
  2. You can assume that wearing a uniform can facilitate differentiating between the parties. The opponents will look differently, that is right. However, the truth is a bit more profound. It will be easier to achieve the set goals if one belongs to the team. Psychologists say that cooperation and united work result in victories, so the uniforms facilitate collective work and thinking together. 
  3. The soldiers on the battlefield and the football players on the sports ground have the same idea. They are the team players and they have to be the best not to let the others down. 
  4. Besides, having a uniform makes one feel like a constituent part of something big. One will feel proud to belong to an organization that has its clothes and its achievements. You are among those people who make a difference. 

Still, nothing is always good. In a school uniforms essay, the students always mention that the uniforms do not let individuals show their self-worth. Being dressed exactly the same as all the people around, you will find it complicated to feel that you are outstanding or unique.

So, being a part of a team, you will focus not on your personality, but on your contribution to the teamwork. Finishing the career, athletes and military frequently struggle with a serious crisis as they no longer belong anywhere. Thus, they are at a loss what to do next. Besides, individuality is ruined by uniforms which promote conformity instead.  

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For and against school uniforms essay: What is the verdict?

It can be complicated to make a conclusion about the school uniforms. On the positive side, they facilitate discipline and promote teamwork, but on the negative side, they restrict individuality and limit creativity. Thus, one of the solutions can be the availability of schools that demand wearing uniforms and those which accept free style of clothing.

People do not have a common opinion about the reasonability of uniforms at schools. If you have to write a persuasive essay devoted to this theme, you should try to imagine yourself in the shoes of a student from the college where wearing uniforms is a must and from the college where students are free in their choice of clothes. Besides, you should take into account possible points of view that the parents may have. Working on a persuasive essay related to uniforms at school, we recommend taking into account the following ideas:

  • Benefits of school uniforms

One of the advantages of uniforms is that they make the environment at school more equal for the students from different backgrounds. It is also one of the methods used by the teachers to ensure strict discipline and formality of relationships at school. 

  • Negative effects of uniforms 

Some students may feel uncomfortable in the uniforms hat are the same for everyone. As a result, their learning outcomes can get worse.

  • Effect of plain clothing on the students’ lives

Students may feel excessively free if they are allowed to wear any clothing they want. Simultaneously, parents may not accept the ideas of free style in school clothes.  

  • Why parents would like to make their children wear uniforms

Parents want their children to wear uniforms as they make it evident when a child is out of school for no valid reason.

  • Independent thinking and decisions of the students 

As the question is related to the obligation of the young people to wear special kinds of clothing, it seems reasonable to allow them to tell what they think on the topic. 

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Possible topics for the essays about school uniforms 

  1. What is the possible impact of the school uniforms on the efficiency of learning?
  2. School uniforms: historical background.
  3. Who likes school uniforms?
  4. What is the impact of school uniforms on the scope of school bullying?
  5. Is the idea of a school uniform effective nowadays?
  6. What is a perfect school uniform?
  7. Creativity and school uniforms: are they mutually exclusive?
  8. Is it reasonable to insist on wearing obligatory school uniforms?
  9. If you had your own children, would you like them to wear a school uniform?

The topic still has no definite decision, so there can be numerous options for the answer.

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