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When you start the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, you have to realize that an IB extended essay will be one of the key requirements. Your grade should be rather high if you want to be successful. The program sets high standards, and you will probably need the assistance of a good IB extended essay writing service to show excellent results. When you submit your IB extended essay, you will see that the assessment will be done on the basis of strict criteria related to the program of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

So, you are ready start working on the paper. However, mind that an IB extended essay implies conducting profound independent research and the topic will depend on your individual choice. According to the criteria of assessment, you are free in the choice of the topic, but the research should be conducted at the highest level and your knowledge should be extensive. It is a common problem among the students that the research takes too much time, and they fail to submit the paper timely. Another possible problem can be that tight deadlines do not let the students spend enough time on the paper, and it is not done properly. It is a challenge to work on a challenging essay and also have approximately 150 hour of activities provided for by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.


It may happen that the students even feel intimidated and doubt that they can cope with the task. They look through the tips writing IB extended essay, but they do not believe that they can earn at least ‘B’. 

Sometimes, they cannot find the suitable sources to cover the needed content although at first it seemed easy. It can be a really hard time when you have to do your IB extended essay of about 4000 words and also work on other assignments. Stop worrying! We can assist you.

Exciting topics for IB extended essays 

  1. Efficiency of common methods of begonia propagation (Biology)\
  2. Contrasting the values, beliefs, and religious practices of Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks (Classic Latin and Greek)
  3. Consequences of using laundry detergents, chemicals, and enzymes for the environment. (Chemistry)
  4. The role of improvisation in dance choreography (Dance)
  5. The influence of the Internet on the communication within medical community (Technology)
  6. Insurance company policies for diabetics: changes required (Economics)
  7. Pathos in the media: present-day overuse (English)
  8. Expressionism and Tim Burton: the ideas of distortion, use of color, and emotions in the movies (Film)
  9. Position of women in the 19th and 20th century Europe: development and changes (History)
  10. Stalin's rule: effects on Russian art (Art)
  11. Different perception of The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck during the years of the world war II (Literature)
  12. Lyrics in terms of different elements of poetry (Music)
  13. Medical research versus ethics (Philosophy)
  14. History of experiments in the physics of elementary particles (Physics)
  15. Is language socially adapted or innate in children? (Psychology)
  16. The role of women in the USA of the 20th century though Disney’s princesses (Cultural Anthropology)
  17. Matriarchal society in the plays of Shakespeare (Theatre)
  18. Seeing the concept of success in the Peoples Temple Cult (World Religion)
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