How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay | Easy Explanation of a Tricky Task

How to write a literary analysis essay? This question is most often asked by first-year college students. This assignment is popular with college and university teachers as it develops students’ analytical skills and attention to detail. If you already know how to cope with this kind of task, it will save your time and nerves.  

Still, if you have no idea what such a paper should look like, or if you know everything and understand that this kind of writing is not your cup of tea, do not despair. In addition to providing great tips and strategies to develop a good literary analysis essay, our professional writers can craft the one for you. You just need to pass us your specific instructions and an individually written paper will be created and passed to you in time. You will be the happy author of a great piece. Read on to find out more.

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Literary analysis essay definition

A literary analysis essay is a document in which an author analyzes a piece of writing, such as a poem, book, play, article, etc. In particular, a writer focuses on such aspects as the sequence of events, characters, tone, the author’s style, and techniques he/she utilizes to tell the story. When writing such essays, students learn to read literature more attentively and ask themselves the following questions: how exactly was this piece written? Which tools did the author use and why? How could this novel have been written more effectively? In other words, this essay type enables students to become not only better writers but also better readers.


Now that you know the purpose of the assignment, you should also learn what kind of info should be presented in a literary analysis essay. There is no universal form and number of paragraphs that must be included. The content is determined by the type of written work being analyzed, its genre, length, and so on. For example, when analyzing prose, you will probably focus on the plot but in poetry analysis, formal elements will be more important. However, you will have to carefully read the professor’s guidelines and take them into consideration.

Typical elements that constitute a literary analysis essay are

Some papers will also include a detailed discussion of imagery, in case this info is crucial to understanding the message the author intended.

How to write a literary analysis essay step by step

From the information presented above, it becomes clear that a literary analysis essay requires thorough preparation and pre-writing work. However, a suitable yet simple scheme can make the whole process of creating your masterpiece much easier. In fact, with adequate preparation, the writing process will bring you pleasure. Check out the steps our professional writers follow when working on literary analysis essays and who knows, maybe this essay type will become your favorite.

  1. Read the prompt and stay focused on the topic

One of the most common mistakes students make when writing literary analysis essays is deviating from the topic and filling their papers with collateral information. To avoid this, study the prompt meticulously and make sure you understand it well. Then, keep the prompt in front of your eyes as you read the assigned text. In addition, ask yourself the following questions from time to time:

  • What are the most vivid and memorable passages in the manuscript?
  • Which literary devices were the most successful and what the author was hoping to achieve with them?
  • How do characters develop?
  1. Collect evidence as you read

You were asked to read the prompt before reading the text because this will help you keep track of evidence that will allow you to answer the prompt better. Highlight interesting facts, dialogues, and other material that will help you establish credibility as you analyze the readings. Another piece of advice is to read about the author before you start reading his/her work. This way, you will be in a better position to understand his/her aims and thoughts.

  1. Create an outline

The entire process will be much easier if you follow a previously created outline. Many students tend to ignore this stage, but having a detailed outline helps you stay focused and have a better understanding of where you are heading and what you will say in your last paragraph. If you do not skip this step, you will not forget to include some important ideas.

  1. Develop a strong thesis statement

Creating an outline and writing a thesis statement are connected steps because, without them, a writer will not be able to clearly shape their arguments and highlight their significance. In your central statement, clearly express your main idea regarding the reading in relation to the essay prompt and list arguments that you will be explaining to support that idea.

  1. Write, revise, and proofread

Having completed the steps above you are now ready to start crafting your written masterpiece. Once your literary analysis is ready, do not rush to submit it. Take a short break and then proofread the essay and make the necessary corrections. Submit your paper only after it has been polished. At this stage, some students prefer to hire a professional editor to make sure the paper is perfect in every way. Today, reputable online writing companies offer such services as professional proofreading, editing, and formatting.

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The basic components of a literary analysis essay

When students do not have a clear answer to the question, “What is literary analysis essay?” they are prone to make one mistake – to practice free writing. Yet, this type of essay does not tolerate the inclusion of rando?

Stick to the topic that you have formulated in accordance with the essay prompt. Create a clear and succinct thesis. This sentence, too, has to have a direct connection to your topic and the prompt you received from your professor. Divide your essay into basic structural elements – introduction, the body section, and a concluding section – and include your ideas in corresponding paragraphs. A typical five-paragraph paper layout will do but if you think more paragraphs are necessary, write more.

Literary Analysis Essay Help From a Professional Writer

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The Structure of a Literary Analysis Paper

As a rule, a literary analysis essay includes:

  1. An introduction, where the writer expresses the purpose of writing and overviews the discussion that follows. Usually, the last sentence of this section is a thesis statement. Still, sometimes this central claim may appear in the middle or at the beginning of the paragraph.
  2. Body paragraphs. Each one should support and discuss your thesis statement in greater detail. Each one should contain one idea that supports your central statement. Claims should be supported with ample evidence to justify your point of view.
  3. Conclusion. This is the last part of the essay. Here, you show the connection between all the above-mentioned elements and explain how they contribute to your thesis statement. Do not include new information in this paragraph.

Congratulations! Now you know how to write a literary analysis essay. However, you probably realize that this essay type is not the easiest one. Of course, college students are not expected to become professional literary critics at once but you should try to do the best you can.

If you are still not confident about your ability to cope with this task by the deadline, seek the help of a professional writer. Experienced writers will quickly provide you with a high-quality literary analysis on any topic.

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