How to write a grant proposal step by step

If you are torched by the idea how to write a grant proposal step by step, do not worry, as our academic writing service and our professionals are always at your disposal. Take into account that a grant proposal is referred to a project with a specific deliverable or final result for the money needed or sought. The following project should show evident results, otherwise certain funding would not be provided. A successful and strong grant proposal is supposed to be carefully completed, planned, and presented.

What is a grant proposal?

In simple words, a grand proposal is a specific and detailed request for financial investments in different for-profit / non-profit projects.

At first sight, grant proposals are aimed at bearing benefits to a specific person or a company that is in need of some money. It is not always the case. For a Grantee, who is an individual or a company giving the money), it is not an investment aimed at positive changes. Therefore, they are capable of having a huge effect on the issues that could concern morals, culture, or values of the company.


Difference between a grant letter and a grant proposal: Key essentials

It is very easy to make a confusion of a grant letter with a grant proposal. Both papers have different formats but they have the same aim— to raise necessary funds for a certain project.

In the majority of cases, grant proposals are referred to as standard grant proposals that comprise all the below indicated elements: a cover letter, a summary of the projects, the statement of the problem, etc.

It is recommended to keep to the structure established and provide all necessary details. Thus, this type of proposal is a bit lengthy and may comprise about 25-30 pages. Refer to one of the numerous  templates on grant proposals to have sound ideas of how they are to look like. However, some investors or organizations consider this paper too long and give their preference to a grant letter. The length of a grant letter should be 3-5 pages and has to follow the same structure.

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How to write a grant proposal: Essential information

Before you take up your grant proposal preparation, you should be well aware of many details. It is worthwhile stressing that if it concerns how to prepare grant proposals for non-profit organizations, these papers should be only a minute part of the generalized fundraising plan. Firstly, it is necessary to clearly define the aim and objectives of fundraising, estimate all possible costs, develop the schedule of the future project, and search for prospective and reliable grants.

Almost the same idea is utilized to the “how to write a winning grant proposal” process. It is necessary to submit a brief grant letter before preparing a grant proposal to save time and efforts. If a Grantee approves a grant letter and sends his / her request for a grant proposal, it is necessary to proceed with completing a detailed  response to such a prospective and reliable investor.

In order to save some extra time, it is recommended to utilize document management software to help with difficult tasks preparation. Now, it is high time to dwell on the structure of an average grant proposal that should be adhered to.

Components of a grant proposal

Useful practical pieces of advice how to complete a successful grant proposal

Useful practical pieces of advice how to complete a successful grant proposal or grant proposal outline

  • Summary of a proposal

It should be composed of 2-3 paragraphs that summarize the essential objectives or points of the future project. There should be sufficient details indicated and specifics provided. Avoid utilizing generalizations, always stick to the point, and be as clear as possible. This section can be the last to be completes as it is a clear and coherent synopsis of the whole proposal.

  • Introduction of an organization or business

It is of great significance to include the info about key employees, business track record (preferably success stories), goals, philosophy, culture, etc; specifically why this very project should be selected by a Grantee. Clients’ recommendations, feedback from the customers, as well as the community, and letters of thanks, should be provided before writing in a successful grant proposal. Do not forget to include all valid certifications, such as Quality Certifications or ISO), licenses, patents, insurance info and details, etc.

It is of great importance to prove that a company has all the capacities and abilities to meet all the deliverables in terms of safety, quality, environmental and legal obligations. It could be required to provide a few solvency statements in order to prove that a company is capable of meeting both financial obligations and commitments to the contractors and employees.

  • Statement of the problem or needs assessment / analysis

It is the very purpose of each grant proposal. It is recommended that clear explanations concerning all the benefits or possible solutions that will be implements should be provided. It is of great significance to carry out extensive and thorough research on the history of the problem under analysis, previously applied solutions, as well as potentially failed ones, and why the solution suggested in the current proposal should make any difference.

  • Objectives of the project

Details of the expected outcomes should be clearly indicated and the ways how future success will be possible to be measured. The following section is aimed at providing info on the benefits and merits that a Grantee, government, community, client or organization will be capable of seeing for future investments.

Essential Indicators of Performance should be provided and explicated in detail. Furthermore, peculiar measurements and when they will occur (dates), how they will be measured, as well as against what baselines the future results will be taken.

  • Design of the project

Skills and experiences needed for future success, additional or extra facilities, support and transport services required to deliver the future project are supposed to be explicated in a clear way. 

  • Evaluation

It is necessary to include both process and product evaluation. Moreover, the timeframe or schedule should be indicated for further evaluation. Furthermore, a person or organization, will conduct the evaluation of each phase or stage of the project should be explicated in detail.

As evaluation may turn out quite complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, both entry and exit key criteria and activities should be provided. 

  • Future funding

The following sub-section of a grant proposal comprises funding requirements, which go beyond the future project, total ownership cost comprising business, ongoing maintenance, as well as operational support. The expected ongoing costs should be indicated for at least five years.

A scrupulous, accurate and clear cost model, which comprises such factors as inflation, employees’ skills, potential future development, ongoing training, expenses when the product or the project reaches its life-end of life, etc. should be explicated in this sub-section.

  • Budget of the project

Complete and clear justifications for all the expenses, including the table of all services / products (or service / product catalog) should be specified and explicated accordingly and precisely.

Keep in mind that the section devoted to the budget of the project is the most significant aspect of the whole grant proposal. If you overcharge or undercharge your subject, there are high chances that you could lose your investors or fail the project. According to statistical data, the majority of organizations prefer to underquote or undercharge their budgets in order to find their investors and then search for additional funds at the later stages of the project. The following step is very risky as it could have negative effects or consequences for the brand and image of the company, community where it operates, etc. 

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Useful practical pieces of advice how to complete a successful grant proposal Useful practical pieces of advice how to complete a successful grant proposal or grant proposal outline

How to ask for a grant in various industries or industries

Even though the grant proposal structure is unchanged, it does matter in which industry or field of science an individual or company functions. We have prepared a few recommendations for those interested parties that come from those spheres where fundraising projects are widely applied.

How to complete a grant proposal in the field of science?

Here specific emphasis should be made on the importance of the project, as well as its contributions to science if performed successfully. It is essential to provide relevant data and statistics, corroborative scientific background, and research-related data. It is important to utilize simple and understandable terms that a Grantee will understand all the info accordingly. Moreover, provide clear explanations why you are the only one who will be capable of coping with this project.

How to prepare a grant proposal for the field of art?

It is evident that sometimes the inspiration and desire cannot be forced; any project in the field of should have clear timetable. Indicate the beginning and end dates of your project. Otherwise, a prospective grantee will not take it in a serious way. Keep in mind: true art is does not commence at this very stage. The key idea is that you should clearly convey your goals to a Grantee, even if he / she does not know a lot about the kind or genre of art you are working. Be as realistic and clear as only possible.

We hope this article on how to write a grant proposal step by step will assist you in writing grant proposals successfully and accordingly. You can also be interested in how to complete other types of grant proposals or want to buy grant proposal from us. Please refer to our experts for further consultations.

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