Excel expert tips and tricks that will boost your performance

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program allowing the user to complete both basic and sophisticated calculations, as well as organize data sets with the help of different formulas. This program significantly facilitates the office routine work and helps find more optimized solutions. Therefore, MS Excel is widely used by managers, entrepreneurs, and other specialists. No doubt, the student pursuing a business-related degree should be aware of all excel expert tips and tricks as well. 

In the contemporary dynamic marketplace, the ability to use Excel is one of the key techniques as this program can be applied in many working processes. That is why the professors of the business-related disciplines often ask their students to do various tasks in Excel. So, why some experienced Excel users can cope with these tasks without any problems whereas others find it difficult to do the Excel calculations? If you do not know how to use the sophisticated toolbar options and other efficient Excel functions, do not fall into despair. Yes, this scenario is pretty unpleasant, but we are here to improve your skills and boost your academic performance. We will either provide you with the effective excel expert tips and tricks or will give you a fantastic opportunity to purchase a great Excel paper at EssaysService.com at a very affordable cost.

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Excel expert tips and tricks

  • Prepare a good spreadsheet.

The first stage of completing any Excel assignment is preparing the spreadsheet. As such, we recommend you to stick with this spreadsheet as long as you are using it. A final Excel standard should be available for all users who will be working with the spreadsheet. In particular, a shared Excel standard aims to improve communication and economize the user`s time. A standard organization of the spreadsheet may include general layout, color scheme, cell formatting, and other important features.

  • Keep your timeline consistent.

Even if your timeline leads to empty rows, try to keep it consistent. We assure you that consistent timelines greatly contribute to reaching the clarity of the spreadsheet and reducing the risk of using wrong formulas. For instance, shortening four months into one worksheet can provide a researcher with a clearer design in terms of presentation, however, at the same time, it also increases the risk of incorrect results. The easiest way to avoid this tendency implies inserting a single timeline per worksheet in a frozen header row.

  • Consider the order of worksheets thoroughly. 

Your worksheets will include different kinds of data. For instance, you may use the first several worksheets for input information, the next several worksheets for calculations, whereas the last worksheets will be used for presenting your graphs and outcomes. To fulfill your goal, limit the number of tables to one per one worksheet. You should realize that multiple worksheets may cause many problems in terms of inserting, sorting, or formatting your cells. Also, you may demonstrate to other users how the spreadsheet should be used with the help of explanatory worksheets. Finally, an explanatory worksheet with the table of contents should be added whenever you are creating a large number of worksheets.

  • Keep all your formulas readable.

Clarity and coherence are very important aspects when it comes to completing an Excel assignment. For this purpose, you may split up your calculations into multiple smaller calculations. This technique will help you make your formulas more readable, as well as use the correct spacing. Too many various references, as well as too many operations, can make your formula simply unreadable. Consequently, everyone, apart from the author, will find it difficult to understand the calculations. After all, you need to keep in mind that your primary goal is to make your results clear to your reader. Thus, all the data you present in your spreadsheet should be easily accessible. You will never reach the expected result being the only user, who will use your spreadsheet.

  • Label your columns and rows.

Being an author, you will find it easy to read your spreadsheet. However, as it was mentioned above, you need to take care of the needs of other users as well. For instance, it may be rather challenging to read your columns without clear and consistent names. Therefore, we recommend you to label them with simple names. The same rule applies to horizontal tables as well.

  • Avoid repetitions of your formulas.

If your formula is wrong, its repetition will even worsen the situation. No doubt, a duplicate of a wrong formula increases the risk of errors. You should know that the changes you make in the initial formula are not always applied to the duplicate one. Very often, wrong duplicate formulas are overlooked, which may lead to failure. As such, we recommend you to refer back to the initial formula every time you need it, but not duplicate it. 

  • Do not merge your cells. 

The researchers are usually merging cells to improve the aesthetics of the spreadsheet, but we assure you that it is rarely a good practice. Usually, it only leads to increased risks of various problems with references and calculations. At the same time, the biggest mistake is to make references to merged cells because in most cases, they won`t be accurate. Such ambiguity will lead to multiple errors within the spreadsheet that will compromise the overall quality of your work.

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  • Try to avoid fixed numbers.

If you want to avoid fixed numbers in your formulas, you need to utilize a separate cell for fixed values and use valid references. When dealing with large worksheets, this technique is particularly important. However, being used incorrectly, it is the easiest way to commit mistakes.

  • Save styling for the end.

There are various options of Excel formatting. Some of them allow fine-tuning of cell appearance whereas others offer multiple options for borders, colors, sizes, and additional features. Undoubtedly, the style of your spreadsheet can make it more understandable. Therefore, we recommend you to work on the format of your spreadsheet at the end to reduce the risk of errors. We assure you that proficiency comes with practice. The more time you dedicate to working with Excel, the better result you will get.

  • Avoid hiding data.

It is never a good idea to hide rows, columns, and whole worksheets from other users. Such a practice only increases your chances of committing mistakes and will undermine the quality of your Excel spreadsheet. Hiding the items mentioned above, you will probably overlook something important. You can only use this technique when it is necessary to hide the information that should be used in a different spreadsheet.

  • Keep your style consistent.

If you want to get the expected outcome and demonstrate a professional approach, you need to keep the style of your worksheet consistent. Such a technique will help your reader understand your calculations and evaluate your findings. 

  • Be clear on the units you use.

The other users should be able to trace the unis you used in your spreadsheet without any problems. You can do it either by setting the units in the relevant cell properties or by mentioning them in a column label. 

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