Effective leadership refers to one that focuses on achieving the goals and targets set while at the same time ensuring a good working environment. An effective leader is a good listener and can at the same time motivate the ones he is leading through speech and actions. One should listen carefully before jumping to conclusions. Effective leadership requires that one be a good judge because in most instances, leaders make very vital decisions to the survival of the organization.  For leadership to be effective, the leaders should show dedication and commitment. They should lead by example by working hard and going the extra mile in the execution of their duties. Through their show of commitment, they are able to motivate even those working under them. The leader should always put the member before his own personal interests (Yukl, 2008).


Effective leadership entails that the leader be well informed before they take any actions it should be clear to the leader what the possible effects would be for any action they take prior to taking it to avoid being caught off guard. Effective leaders should embrace the virtues of honesty and ethical behaviour to be able to conduct their businesses effectively. Without this, it is hard to survive in business or otherwise. Lastly, a good and effective leader has to be confident and ready to provide solutions to problems arising.  He should know what to do at all time and be ready to make even the most difficult decisions wisely yet effectively (Yukl, 2008).

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