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With the help of the discussion board tips provided in the article below, you will be able to boost your academic achievements. Moreover, you will greatly improve your process of online studying and make it more interactive and enjoyable. Normally, discussion board tips are essential to students who try their efforts in online studying programs. Many of them, especially those who try online courses for the first time, are afraid of missing out on communication and interaction in class. However, if you are taking an online course, it does not mean that you will be devoid of precious communication with your professor or heated discussions with classmates – online courses offer you a marvelous opportunity to participate in online discussion boards, where students and teachers of the course exchange their thoughts, opinions, and share knowledge. 

With the help of discussion board writing, students taking online courses can publish original posts, commence their own discussions, as well as reply to other peer students in their discussion threads. Even though the overall process of taking part in a discussion board sounds simple, there is specific discussion board etiquette, which should be carefully followed by all members of online courses. Usually, adhering to norms and rules of discussion board post writing is also decisive for the grades that students get. Therefore, be attentive when reading the discussion board tips presented below by our company’s professionals.

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The fundamental rule of discussion board post writing is to follow the topic of a discussion thread and be involved in what the other group members are talking about. A discussion board post is a perfect opportunity for a student to leave a remark, a feedback, a personal opinion, etc., and thus interact with the other students and find out who they are. 

It is also crucial to remember that, even if the online course is a type of an online platform, it is strongly recommended to follow the rules of proper formal communication. Apart from initiating your own discussion thread and suggesting the topic, you should also be active in participating in others’ discussions.

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Tips for writing great discussion board posts

  • Just as students in the traditional classroom has specific rules to follow, online students should also be aware of the main standards and regulations. Appropriate and polite behavior is one of the fundamentals of successful interaction online. 
  • When engaging in the process of posting discussion boards, get acquainted with each other. Normally, each studying course predetermines some “getting familiar” phase where students write a few words about who they are, where they live, what they study, what their interests are, etc. 
  • When posting the discussions or feedback online, use simple formatting without using some illegible fonts of different sizes, types, and colors. The text should be clear and easy to read. It will thus be easier to perceive the information you intend to convey.
  • Always re-read your discussions before posting them and make sure they are clear for understanding. As such, part from impeccable content and sense in what you write, you should pay attention to the sentence and vocabulary structures you use. Moreover, you should definitely check the test for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, as well as typos (because the latter happen really frequently).
  • Avoid irrelevant humor, jokes, irony, and sarcasm. When communicating online, many people tend to use irony and sarcasm. A sad thing about it is that some people may not understand it and may thus get offended. Moreover, it may lead to confusion in the meaning of what you intend to write. Therefore, try to express yourself clearly and concisely. 

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What rules to follow when replying to your friend/ peer?

  • When you do not agree with his/ her opinion, be respectful in expressing your own argument. Even disagreement can be a moderate one if to find the appropriate words. If there is at least the slightest point in your peer’s answer with which you agree, please mention it first and only then move on to outlining the aspects you disagree with.
  • Be polite towards others. Usually, when communicating with one another, students can forget about the basic manners and start offending in case something goes wrong. Remember than online class setting is a formal one, so mind your tone and vocabulary choice. 
  • Make sure your replies are meaningful. Do not simply start your feedback or response with “I do love your post” or “I really liked your post,” etc. Be specific from the very first sentence about what you liked or disliked about your peer student’s statement. 
  • Always provide evidence and proofs when giving argumentation to your opinions and claims. You frequently need to back up what you claim with some expert opinion. So, make sure you prepare well for the discussions. Sometimes, you may even need to provide references. 
  • When you have a specific discussion board post assignment with a numbered list of prompts or tasks, be sure to respond to them first and foremost. You need to address the professor’s assignment t first and then when you have time and when the word count limit allows you, you can add some other relevant details or examples.

If the abovementioned tips have not helped you a lot with your discussion board assignment, make sure you ask for online discussion board help provided by our company’s professionals. Do not hesitate and contact us at any time you need assistance. 

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