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Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

A refund can be applied by a customer within 14 days after the expiration of the deadline. There are no timeframes when the customer asks for a refund due to the plagiarism issues. But in such case, the customer should provide us with a valid plagiarism report which proves the fault of the writer.

*Such websites as Turnitin, WriteCheck, and  iThenticate are considered as reliable plagiarism detection search programs. Table of contents, direct quotes, references, and some parts of assignments (such as questions) that are properly formatted cannot be regarded as plagiarism. Pay attention that is not a reliable source as direct quotes and references are highlighted as plagiarism in its reports. Handwritten comments cannot be considered as a proof.

  1. The company does not bear any responsibility for plagiarism found in continuation orders. We analyze for authenticity only parts of the paper written by our writers.
  2. If the customer is dissatisfied with the paper, our professional Refund Department will check the issue and provide a report on the case. The company will provide the customer with a partial or a full refund if his/her claims are justified. The customer will be informed about the decision within 3-4 labor days. 


  1. A free revision can be provided to the customer within 2 days (48 hours) after the order is completed. After that period, the customer should place a compensation order if he wants to get the revised paper. If the writer agrees to make a revision for free, the customer cannot be provided with further refunds.
  2. In case of long papers (20+ pages), a free revision can be requested within 30 days after the deadline expiration.
  3. If customers change their initial instructions, they cannot apply for free revisions. In case the customer adds some essential materials that should be used after the order is ready or in the process of writing, he/she should make an additional order to provide compensation to the writer.
  4. In case the customer wants to get a free revision, he/she has to provide a new deadline as well as give all needed revision comments. Sometimes, it may take 24 hours to provide you with a revised version due to the complexity of order requirements or inability to make a reassignment. However, our company will put forth an effort to provide the revised order within the set time frame.
  5. Customers should always check their personal accounts and emails as the administration as the writer may send some messages. Unfortunately, there are a lot of instances when customers did not attach vital order materials while placing it. Customers are responsible for providing all important details and attachments while making the order or if the writer needs some clarification.
  6. New option of “Extended Revision” gives an opportunity to our clients to extend revision period from 2 days to 14 days for only 30% of the total order price. Remember that revision can be requested in case paper does not meet initial requirements. Money paid for “Extended Revision” service is not compensated if customer does not require order revision.


A Full Refund

  1. A 100% refund is guaranteed in case the customer made an identical or duplicate order mistakenly or was double charged. In such a situation, the customer should immediately get in touch with our Customer Support representatives and ask them to cancel order.
  2. A full refund is given to the customer if we failed to assign a writer.
  3. When customers get a 100% refund, they cannot use any materials obtained with the help of our custom writing service. 

A Partial Refund

  1. A customer can ask for a partial refund in case he/she specified wrong page numbers when making an order. Our company will refund the sum of unnecessary pages.
  2. In case the customer chose incorrect level of writing (for example, High School or College instead of University or Master’s), an amount of refund percentage can be decreased by our Refund Department.
  3. In case the customer gave contradicting comments or instructions (for example, customer’s attached materials contradict to their messages or order description), we will recalculate the refund percentage.
  4. If order is cancelled with assigned writer:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

*A customer cannot revoke an order if the writer was assigned to the order and 30% of the initial deadline passed. Moreover, the order cannot be cancelled if a complete paper has been already uploaded by the writer.

All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order. 

Late Verification

  1. In case of late verification of the order (if the customer did not answer the questions of our Financial Department when they needed some additional info to verify customer’s identity to avoid cases of online fraud), the deadline begins from the moment the clarifications are received. The customer should extend the deadline due to late verification or make an additional payment to compensate writer’s work on a hot offer. 

Word Count Issues

  1. Our company follows a 300 words per page rule. We do not count pages visually. However, in case of technical orders, the word count rule may not be applied. Our Writing Department will generate the price for the order based on the complexity of the instructions.
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. We do not provide Speaker notes for free; it is a paid service. Therefore, customers should choose this option while placing an order. Each slide will have 100-150 words of speaker notes.
  3. A number of pages for online tests is calculated in accordance with the number of questions (we offer 5 questions per 1 page). We use the same rule when it comes to “multiple choice” questions. For instance, if the customer has a 15 question test, he/she will need to order 3 pages. 


  1. The customer should compensate early delivery. If the customer wants to get his/her paper before the initial deadline, he will have to make a compensation order. If the writer delivers the paper earlier per customer’s request without any additional payment, the customer cannot apply for a refund in the future.
  2. In case the deadline was extended without customer’s approval, he/she can get at least a partial refund. The refund percentage will be calculated in accordance with the pricing page on our website. 

Order Type

  1. Customers should choose the right type of the order when using our custom writing services (e.g. a customer chose an “Online Test” instead of “Research Paper”). We cannot give a refund without receiving a corresponding payment for the services requested.
  2. When customer places a “Rewriting” order, the writer will paraphrase/reword the client’s text. In case customer wants to add some new paper sections and change sources, or asks for some additional research, he/she should place a compensation order.
  3. Our company encourages every client to always check a personal account and email for any possible messages from our Customer Support Team. We always appreciate timely communication from client’s side, especially when the customer needs to approve the topic.