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Privacy Policy

Winston Churchill once said, “Responsibility is the price of greatness.” loves this quote, because we believe that our consistent commitment to responsibility has been the reason for our success.  We provide top quality assistance to the students, whatever their level of study and whatever their academic need. We base our work on the integrity and honest relationship with our customers.  We provide academic assistance in its truest form – to help students learn and grow by using our services, in order to become better students and writers in the future.  When students, from high school through Ph.D., come to us, they receive written papers that will be the model(s) for their own future academic work and writing.  Using our services, students will see how solid research is conducted and synthesized, how research is translated into original and creative writing, how introductions and conclusions are devised, and how truly non-plagiarized, high quality works can be developed.

Ethics and Academic Integrity – Let’s talk about plagiarism!

Every student has heard the warning of teachers and professors.  If you plagiarize, you are being unethical and you have violated the fundamental principles of academic integrity.

Academic integrity means that a student does not present someone else’s style, ideas, theories, or concepts as his or her own.  For example, a student reads an article on a unique and new computer software application.  The student, then, incorporates that application into a written work and presents it as his or her own idea.  This constitutes lack of academic integrity and is totally unacceptable within the academic community.  It is intellectual theft! 

Outright plagiarism occurs when a student uses the actual words of other person and passes them off as his or her own in an academic work that is then submitted for a grade.  This is intellectual and actual theft!  Students tend to plagiarize when they lack confidence in their own ability to translate the thoughts of others into their own words or they lack the time to produce a piece of writing by the deadline given by the instructor. is committed to teaching students to be academically honest.  When students use our services, we show them, by example, how research is conducted and how that research is then translated into an academic piece that gives credit to the work of others and rephrases the thoughts of others into one’s own words. 

Whether a student needs a complete work, part of a work, or editing and proofreading of the work, is here to help.  Our professionals will teach by example how quality essays, research papers, theses and dissertations are written, using a formal style, appropriate and current research, and the honest use of the work of others in the creation of the academic piece.

If you need any type of assistance, be it research, writing, or editing, is here to help.  We can answer any questions, provide any type of assistance, and complete any kind of writing work for you, so that you understand exactly how a specific type of assignment is to be completed. 


Everyone’s privacy is crucial in today’s world.  You vote in private; your personal financial records are private; you have the right to privacy in your personal dealings with others if you want them to remain private.  In an age when privacy is constantly under attack, we, at, value yours and take all necessary steps to ensure that no one ever knows of your use of our services unless you choose to disclose this.  For example, when you request assistance from us, we give you a “user name” which is used throughout the process.  No writer working with us ever knows your true name.  Nor do we reveal the names of our clients to any third party, ever – guaranteed!  You have complete privacy with!

As Bill Clinton once said, “We must protect … privacy -- the bulwark of personal liberty, the safeguard of individual creativity.”  We do our part to protect yours!