How to Overcome Difficulties in Writing a Thesis Proposal

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Hint #1: Analyzing the gathered material

The first step to writing a thesis proposal is determining the scope of research. It is an essential planning stage of the process, as it ensures a proper structure of your work. If you make a detailed plan, i.e. clearly divide your thesis into fundamental components, you will be able to use it when undertaking research.

Keep in mind that when reading your thesis proposal, your professor expects to see that you do know how to explore the issue. That is why you should remember that it is required to browse reliable databases. In order to make the research process efficient, you need to know what main structural elements of a thesis are.


Hint#2: Creating a structure

The common sections of a thesis proposal are:

  • Abstract
  • Introductory section
  • Literature review
  • Thesis statement
  • Methods
  • Possible results
  • Contribution to a specific research area
  • Suggested paper units

In order to understand how a good thesis proposal should be constructed, you are welcome to check the examples of theses presented in our samples section.

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Hint#3: Planning stage

If you want to submit a logically constructed academic work, you should make its clear plan before starting the writing procedure. Under no circumstances should you skip this step, as it ensures a successful outcome. It is necessary to admit that many students have failed their projects being unable to build them properly. You do not want to be among the number of those students, don’t you? Thus, do your best to prepare a good plan and stick to it while creating your work.

 Usually, the process of writing a thesis proposal consists of several steps such as:

  • Producing an outline
  • Compiling tables, devising charts, and other illustrative material
  • Describing the employed research methods
  • Interpreting information
  • Making concluding statements after analyzing the material
  • Writing an introductory section
  • Creating an abstract
  • Organizing references

Do you consider the above steps presented in reversed order? Remember that the sequence of writing the sections of a thesis proposal differs from its structure. Just imagine, how can you prepare a worthy abstract if you are unaware of the research results? Therefore, in order to write a good introductory paragraph and an abstract, you need to produce the rest of the paper first.

Hint#4: Writing process

As soon as your plan is completed, you may begin the very writing.

A thesis proposal differs from other kinds of proposals, as it is written in a formal language. Nevertheless, regardless of the formal style of writing, your academic work has to be coherent, objective, and easy to follow.

When creating your thesis proposal, you should not use such personal pronouns as “I” and “we.” Being objective is of immense importance. As to the thesis statement, it can be written in the first person. Note that the best way to compose a solid statement is to ask your professor to properly explain its peculiarities.

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Hint#5: Proofreading stage

Bear in mind that a thesis proposal has to be flawless. It should not contain any errors.

In order to make sure your work if free from any mistakes, you may ask your friends to scrutinize it and indicate obvious flaws. However, even after such a check, you will need to revise a paper on your own.

Pay attention to the following recommendations to understand how to proofread a thesis proposal appropriately:

  • Read your text aloud. Thus, you will easily identify grammar or any other type of mistakes.
  • Have some rest after writing your paper. Only then start proofreading it. In this way, it will be easier for you to discover mistakes.
  • Ask several friends conversant with your subject to proofread your piece of writing.
  • Use a few spell checkers (Word applications and those that can be found on the Internet) to ensure the text is impeccable.

Do not forget that your academic future greatly depends on the way your thesis proposal is written in. Therefore, ensure your piece of writing does not include any mistakes.

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